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Consolidated note to the Value of the aforesaid Notes he first Entering into Bonds to the Treas" aforesaid that he will Repay the notes afores' or Either of them if they Should be offered for Consolidation.

Petition of John Bakman.

To the Honorable the Senate, and the House of Representa

tives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General

Court assembled
Humbly shews
John Bateman of Cape

in the County of Lincoln — that in the Month of August, Anno Domini 1779, he was possessed of a large real and personal estate at the said Cape— that on the fourteenth day of the same month, he was driven from his estate by the British Soldiers, and American Refugees, that they are still in possession of the land, and have disposed his personal Estate among themselves inhabiting at the said Cape, and refuse to deliver any part thereof or the possession of his real estate to your petitioner — whereby he, with a numerous family of Children are entirely deprived of the means of subsistance, and for want of money he is unable to commence the legal process requisite in the ordinary Course of Law for the recovery of his property aforesaid.

Wherefore he prays your Honors to take his Case into your wise Consideration and grant him such relief as may be agreeable to equity and Justice and consistent with the Law of this Commonwealth And he will ever pray

John Bakman July 29 1783

Report on Petition of Wm M Cobb and Action Thereon.

The Committee of both Houses, appointed to consider the Petition of William MoCobb, ask leave to report the following —

Charles Turner Pr Order Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate July 2 1783 On the Petition of William McCobb, praying that three certain Awards made against him, on behalf of Ebenezer Fullerton, Thomas McGuyer, and Patrick McGuire, might be Set aside. A

Resolved, for the reasons Set forth in the Same Petition, and Supported by evidence, B that the Award made by John Stenson, Nathaniel Thwing, and Edward Young, dated the thirtieth Day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and eighty two, and in the Seventh year of the American Independence, wherein they awarded that the said McCobb should pay Patrick McGuyer Ten Pounds one Shilling, and one other Sum of four Pounds two Shillings — and also one other award made by the said Nathaniel John and Edward, on the thirtieth Day of August, in the year last above mentioned, wherein they awarded, that the said MoCobb Should pay Ebenezer Fullerton, fourteen Pounds three Shil lings — and one other Award made the twenty ninth Day of August last above mentioned, by the same Arbitrators, wherein they awarded, that the Said William Should pay Thomas McGuyer the Sum of thirty Seven Pounds thirteen Shillings and Seven pence, be, and they hereby are Set aside, and declared null and void; and that no action Shall be had or maintained, in any manner whatever, for the non performance of the same awards, or either of them; and that an Action brought by the said Thomas McGuyer, against the said McCobb, and pending by appeal at the Supreem Judicial Court, held at Falmouth in the County of Cumberland, and for the Counties of Cumberland and Lincoln in July 1782, be and hereby is revived, and either Party shall have the same right to prosecute, and proceed on the Same Action, at the Supreem Judicial Court to be holden at Falmouth in the County of Cumberland, and for the Counties of Cumberland and Lincoln, on the Tuesday next after the fourth Tuesday in June, in the year one thousand Seven Hundred and eighty four, as they would have had regularly continued to that Term; and the Court aforesaid shall take Cognizance of the same accordingly. Read and Accepted with Amendment at A Sent down for Concurrence

S. Adams Presid At A dele from A to B. and insert "Whereas the County of Lincoln at the time of making the said Awards were under peculiar Circumstances by reason of the Establishment of a British Garrison in that County, and it appears to this Court, that the Arbitrators as well Inhabitants in General of the said County were in a great degree under the Influence of the Enemy and their Adherents — Therefore Resolved.” In the House of Represenjatives July 2d 1783 Read & Non-concurred

Tristram Dalton Speaker

Address of General Court to George Washington.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Boston July 10th 1783 Sir,

The Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court Assembled, take this Opportunity of congratulating you, on the happy Return of Peace

Your Excellency, we are assured, will join with us, in the Warmest Expressions of Gratitude to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, under whose Influence & Direction the Struggles of a virtuous and free People have terminated in a Revolution which excites the Admiration of the World

Guided by His alwise Providence, your Country early fix'd her Eyes upon you! And confiding in those eminent Qualities which you possess’d, appointed you to the Command of her Armies.

The Wisdom of your Conduct in the Discharge of that important Trust, has given a compleat Sanction to the Appointment, and crown'd the most heightend Expectations.

In every Stage of the arduous Conflict, what trying Scenes have you not passed through! What Hardships have you not endured! What Dangers have you not encountered ! May Heaven reward your unremitted Exertions! May you long live, beloved by a grateful Country, & partaking largely in the Enjoyment of those inestimable Blessings, which you have been so eminently instrumental in securing for us! While Patriots shall not cease to applaud, that sacred Attachment which you have constantly manifested to the Rights of Citizens — too often violated by Men in Arms, your Military Virtues and Achievements will be deeply recorded in the Breasts of your Countrymen & their Posterity, and make the brightest Pages in the History of Mankind”

We are with every sentiment of respect & Esteem, in the Name & Behalf of the General Court

Yr Excellency's most Obedient & very hble Servis His Exc Gen? Washington

Receipt from William Howard.

Hallowell ye 25 of July 1783 Sir

I have Received of Co' Josiah Brewar fourteen moose skins ten beaver skins w 1412 lb thirty two sable skins three minks one otter one fishar three musquoshs the above skins I have Shiped on board Sloop hope Tobias Oakman mastar which he will Deliver to you on his arrival in Boston Sir the above mentioned Skins with what I sent to you in the Spring by my brother Sam' Howard is all that I have Received of Co? Brewar from your Verey Humble Sarvant

William Howard Richard Devens Esq?

State of the Several Accounts of Thomas Child Esq.

State of the several Accounts of Thomas Child Esq. Agent to the Estate of Francis Waldo late of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland Esq' an Absentee viz

First Account Paid for the Board of an old lame offensive Negro Man named Scipio, from ye 16th April 1779 to October 21, 1780—79 Weeks at 12/

£47.. 8.. Do Previous to the 12 Febr1779

4.16 Sundry Articles of Cloathing for the said Negro - at different Times

7.. 16 .. 6 Expences attending ye Sale of Good — Postage of Letters Commissioners & Appraisers Accounts

5— 8 Paid for Extracts for the County Records 3— Probate Fees in divers Instances

2— Allowance for Time Trouble & Expence Horse Hire — venduing Goods &c

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1 20

£91 . 8. 6

Deduct ye Personal Estate £16.16.31
Cash Reca of Geo Tate 4.15

21 .11 . 3

Ballance due to T Child

£69 . 17. 3

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