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Writing. Shall be ready to Give my attendence & obey, at any time your Excellency thinks Proper to Call for me, or may otherways Order I have the Honour to Be with the most profound Respect Your Excellencys Most Ob' & most Hb' Serve

J. Allan Boston April 12th 1783.

Superscribed: His Excellency John Hancock Esq' Gov' in & Over the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

John Allan to Governor.

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Necessity compells me to trouble your Excellency at this Juncture —

My whole time during my continuing in the Service has been devoted to the Business consiquently destitute of every Other mean of Support then what arises from any Public Imploy, Necessity has obliged me to come here at this time — I have a Famely in the Wilderness with the Indians, who are & has been for sometime in the Greatest want for the Common Support of Life — having Not Received from the Public two Months Rations since last Aug I am Unacquainted in these parts, destitute of Money or Friends — Must therefore Implore the favour that if there is any power Invested in your Excellency to Supply the Department - you woud so far Indulge me as to order some Little provisions —

I presume your Excellency is Informd by the Commis' at Machias of the State of the Stores, woud Only Observe that there has been but Sixteen Barrils of Beef Sent for the Use of the Whole Business since last Augt - the Officers who have been duly faithfull in their Attention, has greatly suffered

The Happy & Important News of Peace which has Arrived will no doupt direct your Excellency to give such further directions, as may be Most proper for the Public Service at the Post of Machias

I have the Honour to Be with Great Respect Your Excellency, Most Obd' & most Hble Sve

J Allan
Boston April 16th 1783
His Excellency John Hancock Esq"

John Allan to Governor.


I have Honour of laying before your Excellency and the Honble Council, a State of the persons, now in the service of the Indian Eastern Department, having discharged Every other person, as it Appeared needless, and an Unnecessary Expence to keep any more then what is in the Return.

I have allso laid before your Excellency and the Honble Council, as Accurate a State of the provisions as possible, have put down to the full the Quantity of Beef last sent down; which have been Delive the Troops — By this may be seen the situation of the Department, it will lye with your Excellency, what further may be done in respect of military matters. In the Affairs of the Indians I shall have a further Occation of the men, in Order to settle some Assential matters with them

I woud Humbly request, that I may receive an Order on the Commiss' for some supplys, the difficulty & distress, I have Already Communicated to your Excellency, with the addition of the want for the Publick use — Urges me in being so Anxious & Troublesome —

I woud take the Liberty further to request. That Your Excellency woud not Grant any Order for supplys &c for the use of the Depart' without my having an Opp' for Examination, as I find Considerable sums have been Advanced unbe known to me

By the meeting of the Gen' Court will have Every matter of the Depart' properly Arranged for Examination.

I Submit the whole to you Excellency & the Honble Councils
With the Greatest respect yr Excellencys Most Hble Serv

J Allan
Boston April 17th 1783
His Excellency John Hancock Esq.

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John Allan to Governor.

May it please Your Excellency

Upon Consulting the Commissary (Agreeable to your De sire) Find that there can be procured in a short time, with what at present Can be spared 2000 w Flower Fifeteen Barrells and Two Barrells Pork, which I would pray an Order for — With Respect, Your Excellencys Most Hble Sve

J Allan
Boston April 17th 1783
His Excellency John Hancock Esq"

List of Persons in the Indian Eastern Department
Colo John Allan

Capto John Preble — Absent from the Department since 23rd Augt Last —

Lieu' FredDelesdernier
Lieu William Albee
Jos B. Phillips Assistant

Jonath" Ingersoll.
Luther Homer
Josiah Flagg Courier
Sam' Runnels Sirg?
Doctor Edwards
S Davis Briant
John Briant
Jonath" Niles
John Bohanon
John Camblenson

By Calculations there is due since the 1st Ap' 1782 to the 15th Apl 1783 — being 380 days }

7976 Rations Reca in July last 1500 Rations / Do Jan' in Beef 900


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Advice of Governor Respecting John Allan.

In Council April 18th 1783 Advised — that the Commissary General be directed to deliver Colo John Allen for the Use of the Indian Eastern De partment ten Barrels of Flour fifteen Barrels of Beef and two Barrels of Pork — the said Comissary to charge the same to the Account of the United States —

Attest John Avery Sect Superscribed: His Excellency John Hancock Esq Gov' of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

John Allan to Governor.

May it please Your Excellency

The Accounts which I mentioned to be settled, when I Had the Honour of being before the Honble Council; were

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those which immediately Came thro my Own hands — As the War is Brot to a Conclusion a Generell Settlement may be necessary - The Commissary which has acted under this Commonwealth, has received His Stores By different ways tho under my direction as Commanding Officer. I imagine he Views himself not Answerable to me; for Settlement

As I wish & it is my Design to my utmost Endeavours to give Satisfaction to Government respecting their Property Expended, I Woud humbly request — for fear of a refusal | should I demand | & that no time should be lost — to have an order from your Excellency to Call upon every person who have Conceivd for a settlement. With Every Posible Respect Your Excellency Most Hble Sve

J. Allan. Boston April 25th 1783

Petition of Daniel Small et als.

To the Honorable Senate and the Honorable House of Repre

sentatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in General Court assembled — The Subscribers Settlers upon a Tract of Land Situated between the Rivers of Great Ossipee & Little Ossipee, in the County of York — humbly shew

That some Years before the War, the Heirs of Daniel Small, who supposed they had a just Title to a considerable part of said Tract of Land, laid out a Township thereupon adjoining to Saco River — That your Petitioners have at different times since settled within the bounds of said Township and made considerable Improvements therein — That from the best Information they have since obtained, they find the said Tract of Land belongs to this Commonwealth — But the same is now claimed by the Heirs of Samuel Small, who have lately

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