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The Governor to General Court.

Gentlemen of the Senate & Gentlemen of the House of

Representatives Upon the arival of the armed Sloop Winthrop in this Port from her Cruize, I gave early directions to the Commissary General to fit as Quick as possible the said Sloop for the Sea, that she might be employed for the protection of the Eastern Coast; By a Letter I have this day received from the Commissary General, which I have directed the Secretary to lay before you, I find the Commissary is not able to Compleat the Business without further means, I am therefore under the necesity of Requesting the attention of the General Court to the situation of the Sloop, as with their aid the Sloop may be at Sea in a Very few Days,

John Hancock
Council Chamber Boston March 24th 1783
In Senate March 24th 1783
Read & sent down

S Adams Presid

Letter Enclosed.

His Excellency John Hancock Esq" Governor & Commander

in Chief of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts May it please y' Excellency

Being sensible of the Importance of the Sloop Winthrop being ready for the protection of the Eastern Coast as soon as possible, I have lost no time since I receiv'd your Excellency's order of the 14th Instant, and she is now in such forwardness that she may be ready for sea in two or three days, to proceed so far as I have; I have borrow'd money and contracted debts for Immediate pay. Supposing that by the Resolve of Octob" 21st 1782 I should receive the money brought by Cap' Little but Cap' Little informs me the money is Otherwise disposed off: I must therefore beg your Excellency to relieve me in some other way or it will be Impossible for me to compleat the business. I am y' Excellencys most Obedient Humle Serve

Richa Devens Com' Gen

Receipts and Reports in re Absentees' Estates. To the Honorable Senate and the Honorable House of Rep

resentatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts — May it please your Honors

In Pursuance of your Honors Resolve of the fourth of February last for satisfying the demands of the Creditors of Francis Waldo an absentee out of his Real Estate. We the Committee for selling absentees Estates in the County of Cumberland, have caused Two Lots or Parsels of said Waldo” Real Estate, which, after consideration & enquiry, we judged most advantageous to the Commonwealth, to be appraized by three good and sufficient Freeholders on Oath viz A Lot of Land on Falmouth Neck in said County being two thirds of three fifths of the Homestead of the late Brigadier Samuel Waldo Deceased which was appraized at £208 — and a Lot of Land at a place called Stroutwater in said Falmouth appraized at £75 as by the Return of said Appraisers accompanying this Report will appear

The Demand of one of the Creditors viz Thomas Child Esq. was £197..9.. — The amount of the other Demands was £57..8..8. as from a Certificate of the Hon William Gorham Esq', Judge of Probate of Wills &c for said County of Cumberland appeared —

Your Committee judged it would be injurious to the Commonwealth to divide the last mentioned Lot, as the Sum it was appraised at, is as much, in all probability, as it would ever fetch — We have therefore given the Creditors whose Demands amounted to £57..8..8 as above mentioned, a Deed of the whole, and received of them sécurity for the Ballance being £17.11.4— We have likewise conveyed to M* Child, the whole of the Lot first mentioned—as the value of it according to said appraizement, was so near the Sum due to him, and have taken his security to pay the Ballance being £10..11.. — on demand for which Ballances your Committee will be accountable

We hope our doings will meet with your Honors Approbation — and that in confirmation of the Sales above mentioned, your Honors will be pleased to accept of this Reportwhich with all due deference & respect is humbly submitted by Your Honors most obedient hum' Servants

John Lewis Sam' Small Sam' Freeman The Receipts of the Creditors in satisfaction of their Demands upon the Estate above mentioned, accompany this Receipt — Falmouth March 28 1783

Falmouth March 28 1783 Received of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by Deed from the Committee for selling Absentees Estates in the County of Cumberland, a Lot of Land in said Falmouth being two thirds of three fifths of the Homestead of the late Brigadier Samuel Waldo Deceased in full satisfaction of all my Demands upon the Estate of Francis Waldo an Absentee as already settled with the Judge of Probate of Wills &c for the County aforesaid.— Said Demands being One hundred & ninety seven Pounds nine shillings

Tho Child

Falmouth March 28. 1783 Received of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by Deed from the Committee for selling Absentees Estates in the County of Cumberland, A Lot of Land, at a place called Stroudwater in said Falmouth, containing One Acre and three quarters of an acre, late belonging to the Estate of Francis Waldo Esq. an Absentee, in full satisfaction of ourrespective Demands upon said Estate — Being the Sums severally set against our names. viz

Enoch Freeman { Twenty five Pounds ten shillings & eight pence

Benja Bayley { Twelve Pounds ten shillings and six pence
Thos Browne { Ten Pounds
Jabez Jones { Nine Pounds seven shillings & six pence

Petition Jono Bean et al, Little Falls.

The Honble Sennate & house of Representatives in General

Court Assembled The Petition of the Plantation of Little falls Humbly Sheweth that we are Cappitally agrieved in our apportion of the public taxes assigned us this three Years past from time to time, The Ground of our Confidence in this Ascertion, is founded on the following Particulars. As we are not establish'd by Law in any particular Boundaries, nor Ascertained what Particular Courses & Distances Comprehends any Certain Body, or tract of Lands, the three Adjacent towns to us have taken the Advantage of the Same and Renewa their Bounds about the time of the Last General Valuations taking place, and have taken off near one third part of the polls and estates that we Included in our Valuation of which we stand Charg'd with and taxed for, of which the said Adjacents proceed to Recover taxes of each Particular so taken. Another Particular Instance May Serve to Remove all Doubts of this ascertion. The town of Cox Hall (adjacent to us)

have upwards of one hundred Rateable Polls, when we have but fifty two and full one third more extensive in Lands than we are, and are Assess' but the Same with us, even to a Penny, Many Simeler Instances might be Innumerated, but this may Suffise to Discover an absolute uneaquality, as well as establish our Confidence —

Your Petitioners further Sheweth that we stand fined for the Delinquency of a three Year Soldier when at the Same time (Admitting our valuation to be Eaqual) our Apportion According to the Schedule for that purpose Stands but two thirds of the Same, this Instance though Small, in effect, serves to augment our Distresses, and Whereas our Circumstances are such Considerable to bear up under the burden, to Particularize the many Instances would be Impractable, therefore we willingly Submit our Cause to the Consideration of the Honble Court Relying on the Virtue & Righteousness of the event which we in duty bound shall ever pray

In behalf of the Plantation of Littlefalls
Plantation of Littlefalls April 7th 1783

Jona Bean
Edward Smith Committee

John Allan to Governor.


I Do myself the Honour of Acquanting your Excellency of my Arrival in this Town last Evening — The Present Peaceable State of the Indian Eastern Department; The Publick business I have to Settle, with an Indisposition, I have been for sometime Afflicted with, I flatter myself will so far Justify me in Coming at this time as not to meet with your Excellencys Disapprobation —

The Hurry of business which I presume, your Excellency is daily Troubled with, Occations the Liberty I now take in

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