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Therefore Resolved, that so much and such part of the said Resolve of November the 12th 1782 as directs the said Committee to purchase the said Vessel, & also so much & such other part of the said Resolve as empowers the said Committee to receive the said fifteen Hundred pounds, be & the same hereby are repealed & rendered null & void. And it is further Resolved that the said Fifteen Hundred pounds be paid to Richard Devens Esq" Commissary General who is hereby directed to appropriate so much of the same, as may be necessary, to the refitting the sloop Winthrop & the Purchase and Equipment of the aforementioned Vessel & Boat; the Residue to be applied, as Occasion may require, to the purchasing & transporting Provisions Stores or other Necessaries for the Supply of the aforementioned Five Hundred Men —

Provided Nevertheless, that in Case any Intelligence or Event shall happen in the Recess of the General Court, which in the Judgment of the Governor & Council, shall render the foregoing Provision for the Defence of the Eastern Parts of this Common Wealth unnecessary, the Governor be, and he is hereby empowered & requested to suspend the carrying the aforesaid Resolves into Execution.

Appointment Richard Codman et als Appraisers

Waldo Estate.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

To Richard Codman and Ephraim Jones Esqrs and Mr. Benjamin Titcomb Gentleman all of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland, and sufficient Freeholders ---Greeting

The General Court of said Commonwealth having by their Resolve of the fourth of February last impowered us the Subscribers, a Committee for selling Absentees Estates in said County of Cumberland, to cause such parts or parcels of the Estate of Francis Waldo late of Falmouth in said County Esq. an Absentee as should by us be judged most advantageous to said Commonwealth to be appraised by three good and sufficient Freeholders on Oath as should be sufficient to satisfy the demands of the Creditors Estate

We do hereby nominate and appoint you to apprize upon Oath the following Lots of Land late belonging to the said Francis Waldo viz

Two thirds of three fifths of a Lot of Land in said Falmouth late the Homestead of Brigadier Samuel Waldo Deceased bounded on Middle Street and beginning at the Southeasterly Corner of Enoch Freeman Esq"s Lot

A Lot or Piece of Land at Stroutwater containing about an Acro an three quarters of an Acre lately improv'd by Mr George Tate


A Small Lot which said Waldo bought of Mr Timothy Cutler situated in King Street & containing four hundred square feet —

Together with such other Land belonging to said Waldo Estate as shall be shewn to you by us — And make return of your doings to us, as soon as may be, that we may be able to carry into Execution the Resolve aforesaid —

Dated at Falmouth aforesaid the Nine-teenth day of March A. D. 1783 N. B. The amount of the Debts is £254 .. 17.. 8

John Lewis, Sam' Small, Sam' Freeman Cumberland Ss, March 19th 1783 —

The above named Richard Codman Ephraim Jones and Benjamin Titcomb, appeared and made oath that in performing the Service assigned them by the foregoing Commission, they would act faithfully & impartially according to their best Skill & Judgment

Coram John Lewis Just' Paces


Cumberland Ss Falmouth March 27, 1783

We the Subscribers being appointed by the foregoing Commission to appraise several pieces of Land therein mentioned, have agreeably thereto upon oath appraised the same as follows viz

The two thirds of three fifth of the Home Stead of the late Brigadier Samuel Waldo being the Lot of Land first mentioned at the Sum of Two hundred and eight pounds lawful money.

The Lot of Land at Stroutwater being the second described piece of Land containing about one Acre & three quarters of an Acre, at the Sum of Seventy five Pounds —

The small Lot in King street, being the third mentioned Lot in said Commission Containing about four hundred square feet at the Sum of Thirty Pounds — Witness our hands

Richard Codman, Eph" Jones, Benja Titcomb

Certificate in Favor John Bane.

Number four March 19th 1783 These may Certifie to whom it may Concern that the sub scriber was Appointed Commanding Officer of a party Continantil and Militia Troops at Frenchmans Bay By Order of Colo John Allan in October 1780 and am Well knowing that the following articles viz' thirty Hundred & twenty two pounds of Beef Sixty Seven & 21/2 Bushel of Corn Seventy five & 1/2 Bushels Potatoes one Buo pease ten pounds of fish was advanca By M' John Bane. Appointed Acting Commissary and other Inhabitants of Frenchman's bay for the use of Said Troops under my Command and that M' Bane Received my orders for the Dellivery of the Greater part of the said Provision to Said Troops, all which orders from myself and other Commanding officers for the time being. I have No Doubt Was Burned in M' Beans house the winter after which puts it out of M' Banes Power to Settle the matter as he other wise would Do

A. V. Campbell

Colo Militia M' Bane informs me that the Common Wealth has paid him for 1600 16 Beef and 83 Bu® Corn Computing Corn and Potatoes Together

A C.

Memorial and Petition John Hovey.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
To the Hon' the Senate & House of Representatives in Gen-

eral Court Assembled — the Memorial and Petition of John Hovey of Arundel in yo County of York, Humbly Sheweth that your memorialst on y® 220 Day of June Last, Lost a Pocket Book with Several Notes or Government Securities to the Vallue of Ninety-two Pound thirteen Shillings which Pocket Book I have never been able to obtain since.— Wherefore your Petitioner Prays that he may be allow the Consilidated Vallue of said Notes as your Petitioner Can Produce the minutes of the Several Sums and Dates of said Notes, and Your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall Ever Pray.

John Hovey

The Deposition or Representation of John Hovey of Arundel in ye County of York, Testifieth and Saith that in y® Month of June Last he y® Deponent was Possessed of a number of State Notes of ye following Denomination® Viz one of 10£ one years Interest Paid Dated Jan' first 1777 one Do Jan’y 24 1777 10£ one Do Jany 2d 1777 10£ Jany 15th one Do of 10£ four pound ten Shillings Indors' on ye back one Do December 1, 1777 of 24£ 13/ Payable to John Hovey one Do Jany ye 15th 1778 10£ one Do Jany ye 1 1777 10£, one Do Jany 1st 1777 of 12£ 10/ Payable to Charles Huff. All Which Notes he Lost With his Pocket Book on ye 220 Day of said Month and hath Never found neither his Pocketbook nor his notes. The Manner in which ga Notes were Lost is as follow Viz on y® 22d of June Last ye Deponant was Coming to Boston by Water they were Pursued by an Enemy & out of hopes of Escapeing in the Vessel Bundeled up their Cloathing & Beading in a hurry & threw them into their Boat & Endeavero to make their Escape in her & ye De ponent Puting his Pocket in a bundle Loosely not haveing time to Secure his things well. and ye Enemy Pursuing them in ye Boat brought them to and ordered y® Deponent on board to take in his things which he Did and Missing his Pocket Book Made Enquiry of his own People whither they had seen it, and yo man that handed in the bundle said that it Dropt out & fell in y® Boat and he took it up and Laid it upon the Chain-wale of ye Brig and thought that I had taken it. Upon Which I made it known to ye Master of ye Brig not knowing but some of his People might have taken it and he was so kind as to make Diligent Enquiry of all his hands Whither any of them had got it or had seen it Which they said they had not Upon Which your Deponent Concluded that it fell overboard.

Jno Hovey Boston March ye 24th 1783

the above Named John Hovey Personaly appeared and made oath to the truth of ye above Representation by him

Subscribed Before me

Jabez Fisher Just Peace

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