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scot, and the dangerous situation of the Eastern frontiers of the Commonwealth together with some proposals for the de fence or entire liberation thereof from danger

Ever disposed to give the utmost succour to every part of the United States which the means intrusted to my care will enable me to do when invaded or menaced by the Enemy I can never fail to pay a due consideration to the calls of a State, whose exertions have been so great & meritorious as those of Massachusetts — There are however two things in expectation which do at this time prevent my giving any positive Answer to the proposition, and which may, in case either of them should take place eventually supersede the necessity of taking any further measures on the subject; the first is | the most desireable of all events a general Pacification — the second | should the first mentioned event not happen, is a project for attacking the garrison of New York with an intention to reduce or exterminate the Enemy by a single decisive Effort; should this be resolved on as the most elligible measure after the maturest deliberation, it will doubtless be conceded on all hands that while our resources ought to be opend for the attainment of this object every subordinate consideration must of course give place to one of almost infinitely greater Magnitude

But as these matters are now before Congress to whom I have had the honor of submitting them, and whose decision respecting offensive or defensive operations. I shall await for the government of my future conduct; I can only add that altho I do not conceive how a serious Expedition could with any prospect of success be attempted against the Enemy at Penobscot without a Naval co-operation on account of the heavy expence and consequent impractability of land transportation for the Artillery, Stores, &c; I beg it may nevertheless be understood I shall always be ready to give my concurrence to any judicious plans which will contribute to the




security of the exposed extremities of your Commonwealth whenever the circumstances will admit & whenever an object of confessedly higher consideration & importance shall not occur to prevent it - In the mean time should the War be protracted and only defensive measures adopted, the protection & safety of the eastern frontiers of your State (a Territory whose Utility is very deeply impressed upon me) will claim & receive my particular attention With perfect respect I have the Honor to be Gentlemen Your most humble and Most Obedient Servant

Go Washington The Honorable Sam' Adams Esq President of the Senate —

and Tristram Dalton Esq' Speaker of the House of

In Senate March 6th 1783
Read & Sent down

S Adams Presid'
In the House of Representatives March 6th 1783
Read and sent up-

Tristram Dalton Spk"

Petition James Hunter.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts To the Hon. Senate & the

House of Representatives in General Court assembled. The Petition of James Hunter humbly Sheweth That in the year 1779 your Petitioner served 2 Months & 21 days as a Major in Colo Sam' MoCobbs Regiment of Militia which was employ'd against the British Garison at Penobscut as may appear by sa Colo MoCobb's Roll, now in the Office of the Committee for liquidating accounts; but by the establishment made for said Regiment & others employ'd on that expedition, your Petitioner's pay & Rations does not amount to more than one third part of what he would have been intitled to receive according to the continental Establishment, which, as your Petitioner conceives, is evidently unjust & unequal & he there fore humbly prays that your Honors will be pleased to take the matter into consideration & grant that he may be allowed continental pay Rations during his being in Service as aforesaid & your Petitioner will pray &c

James Hunter Boston Feby 24th 1783

Notice to Selectmen Town of Windham. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

House of Representatives Feb” 25th 1783 On the petition of the Selectmen of the Town of Windham, in the County of Cumberland setting forth that the legality of a meeting held in said Town on the 25th of March 1773 is called in Question for reasons set forth in said petition therefore Ordered that the petitioners notify all persons concerned by publishing the prayer of their petition with the order thereon three weeks successively in Willis's Independant Cronicle twenty days at least before the second wednesday of the next sitting of this Gen' Court where they are hereby ordered to appear and shew cause (if any they have) why the prayer of said petition should not be granted

Representation of Selectmen Accompanying Above. To the Honorable Senate and the Honorable House of Repre

sentatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in

General Court Assembled — Humbly shew The Selectmen of the Town of Windham in the County of Cumberland in said Commonwealth

That agreeably to an Act of the General Court pass'd A D 1773 the hundred Acre Lots in said Windham described in said Act were assessed one penny half pr Acre by the Assessors chosen at a Meeting of the Inhabitants of said Town held on the 25th March the same year — That the Owners of several of said Lots neglected to pay the said Tax - and thereupon so much of their sa Lands were sold as was sufficient to pay the same —

That the purchasers received Deed of the said Assessors & some of them have improved and disposed of the Lands they so purchased —

That the legality of the said March Meeting hath lately been called in question on pretence that some of the Inhabitants were not Voters — That although some Disputes arose when the said Assessors were chosen, it was determined by the Moderator of s' Meeting that they were fairly chosen — and a Record was made at the Time thereof — That much confusion would arise in said Town -- and great Injury accrue to the Purchasers of Said Lands if the assessments & Sales aforesaid should be judged illegal —

Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray your Honors to pass some Act whereby the Record aforesaid should be established, and adjudged in Law sufficient evidence of the legality of the Choice of Assessors as aforesaid, notwithstanding any disputes that may arise with respect to the qualifications of Voters at said March Meeting And your Petitioners as in duty bound will pray

Edward Anderson

David Bowker

Windham Windham Sep 12 1782

David Sewall to Tristram Dalton Esg.

Boston Feb 28 1783


On Casting my Eye over Willis Cronicle Yesterday I found an Advertisement Respecting the Unimproved Lands in the Plantation called Littlefalls, in York County; of Lady Mary Pepperrell's being assessed at £14.. 19 .. 7 and the last Monday in March next, fixed for the Sale of so much of them as would pay it-I am so much Acquainted With the Real Estate of Lady Pepperrell, that I am fully persuaded She has none there, but such as were given her in the Will of Sir W” Pepperrell, and those were during her Life only and after her Decease, Were devised over to his Grandson William Pepperrell Sparhawk the late Mandamus Counceller Now Known by the Name of Sir William Pepperrell — As Lady Pepperrell has only her Life in these Lands tis very unlikely she will pay the Taxes — and they may be sold for a 1/10 or perhaps 1/20 of their Value — As all the Interest Sir William Deceased Claimed under William or Bridget Philips, (Which by the by was Considerale) I take it was devised to his Lady and Daughter during their lives only, and, after their Decease to his Grandson aforesaid — Now if Government expect to be Benefitted hereafter by these Lands as accrueing to them by the confiscation of Sir William Pepperrell's Estate — Would it not be adviseable to take Some order to prevent the Sale of any part of them for the Non paiment of Taxes and as all the Landed Interest the deca Sir William left in the County of York may be devised to the Lady Pepperrell & her Daughter Mrs. Sparhawk in the same Manner Query if Some Person might not be authorized to Confer with them on the Subject of their Interest in the Unimproved Lands, and to make some agreement or Composition with them about these Unimproved Lands I find that the general Court in the last Sessions, appointed Benja Chadbourn Esq' Nathan Wells Esq" & myself to make Partition on the part of the Commonwealth, With the Heirs & assigns of Will" Philips - This appointment has Induced me amid the Hurry of other Business, in View of the Advertisement aforesaid to Suggest these Hints as they may be

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