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sum of - pounds, to be recovered by action of Debt in the Court of common pleas in the County where said delinquent Constable or collector lives, by any person who will sue & prosecute for the same. —

Resolve on Petition of Samuel Cobb.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate Feb' 17 1783 On the petition of Samuel Cobb

Resolved that Samuel Cobb be and he hereby is Impowered to receive from the Treasurer of this Commonwealth a Silver Tankard and a large Silver Cup belonging to the Estate of William Tyng an Absentee giving his receipt therefor – and it is further Resolved that the Said Samuel Cobb be Impowered to make Sale of A so much of the Real Estate of the Said William Tyngs as B will be sufficient with the said Tankard and Cup D to pay the Creditors of the said Williams and to reimburse the said Cobb the Charges of his Agency, he to be accountable for the same Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid
In the House of Representatives Feb" 17th 1783
Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk" Read and concurred wth amendments from A to C

at A insert “the gd Tankard & cup & at B insert “with the proceeds of the sd Tankard & cup at C dele from C to D. In Senate Feb" 21st 1783 Read & concurred

S Adams Presid' Approv'd John Hancock

Resolve Relating to Trespassers.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate Feb 15 1783 Whereas there is a Tract of Land adjoining the Town of Sanford & between the Town of Lebanon and the lands lately Confirmed to the Proprietors — claiming under Nicholas Shapleigh, containing about Two thousand Acres, without the bounds of any Incorporated Town the Property of this Common Wealth, upon which Land there are many Valuable masts, and as it is said that some Persons have made Strip and Waste thereon and are preparing to Carry off the Mast Trees aforesaid by cutting them into Loggs and for other uses —

Therefore to prevent any further destruction of the said Timber, and also that such as have heretofore trespassed on the said Land may be called upon to make speedy satisfaction therefor.

It is Resolved that Dominicus Goodwine Esq" and William Frost Jun" Gent. both of Berwick in the County of York, Be & hereby are appointed Agents to Commence and prosecute to final Judgment and Execution, in the name and behalf of this Commonwealth any Person or Persons, that hath or have Committed any Trespass on the said Land since the 25th day of October one thousand seven hundred and Eighty; or that hereafter may Commit Trespass thereon, And the said Agents may Submit to reference any Action or suit, or supposed Cause of Action, in the same way and manner they can Submit their private Suits, and to Account with the Judge of Probate for the County of York for all Sums of money that may recover and Receive in Consequence of this Resolve, and to pay into the Treasury of this Commonwealth, Such Sum or Sums as may on their acc' so examined and allowed appear to be due to the State, and the Treasurers Receipt shall be a full discharge, for all such Sums as they may pay. And to prevent any Alteration respecting the manner of bringing Actions; The State shall be, “To Answer to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, who sue by Dominicus Goodwine Esq' and William Frost Jun" Gent. both of Berwick in the County of York, Agents in that behalf specially appointed.” and the personal appearance of either of the said Agents in Court or such Council learned in the Law as they may Appoint shall be sufficient to sustain any action — Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid'

In the House of Representatives Febr' 18th 1783
Read and concurred

Tristram Dalton Spk"


John Hancock.

Resolve in re Incorporation of Pearsontown.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

House Representatives Feb 19th 1783 Whereas it has been Represented to this Court that the Plantation called Pearsontown in the County of Cumberland is every way sufficiently qualified to be incorporated into a Town but neglect to Apply for Incorporation only to avoid paying Taxes —

Therefore Resolv'd that the Inhabitants of the said Plantation be notified to appear on the first Wednesday of June next to shew cause (if any they have) why they should not be incorporated & that A M' Stephen Longfellow Esq" be directed to notify the said Inhabitants by leaving B a Copy of this Resolve with one of the principal Inhabitants of this Plantation Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk" In Senate March 25, 1783

Sent down for concurrence
Read & concurred with amendments at A & B-

at A dele Stephen Longfellow & insert Simon Frye Esq" at B dele a & insert an attested

S Adams Presid" In the House of Representatives March 26, 1783 Read & concurred

Tristram Dalton Spk" Approv'd John Hancock

Affidavit in Rittal Case.

We Mathew Chase and Robert Cochran both of lawful Age testify & say that we were present with Mr. Hugh Mclellan at the dwelling house of M' Francis Rittal in Pownalborough, this twenty first day of February A. D. 1783, when the said Hugh Mclelan read a Copy of a Petition from Cap' Joseph Mclelan to the General Court relating to an Action commenced by said Rittal against the said Joseph Mclelan together with the order of the General Court thereon, which Copy was attested by the Jury, and after the said Hugh had read the Petition & order to the said Rittal he delivered the same into his hands & left it with him—

Robert Cochran Mathew Chase Lincoln Ss. February 21. 1783

Then the said Robert & Mathew made oath to the Truth of the aforewritten Deposition by them subscribed

Before Jona Bowman Just Peace

Resolve on Petition Elizabeth Wildridge.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate Feb. 20th 1783 On the Petition of Elizabeth Wildridge of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland, praying (for Reasons set forth in said Petition) that a small Real Estate, lately belonging to James Wildridge late of said Falmouth deco which Estate agreeable to the Laws of this Commonwealth hath been confiscated to the Use of the said Commonwealth, may be restored to her the said Elizabeth and her Children,

Resolved, That the Committee for making Sale of the Estates of Absentees in the County of Cumberland be and hereby are directed not to proceed to sell the Estate above mentioned, nor to disturb the said Elizabeth in the quiet Possession of the same, till the further Order of the General Court Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives Febry 22d 1783 Read and concurred

Tristram Dalton Spk" Approv'd John Hancock

George Washington to General Court.

Head Quarters Newburgh 220 Feb 1783 Gentlemen

I have been honord by the hands of Maj. General Lincoln and M' Higginson with the joint address of the Honorable the Senate, and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts dated the gth day of this Month, containing a representation respecting the British Post at Penob

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