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the County of Plimouth, Joseph Nye Esq' for the County of Barnstable, Samuel Fales Esq' for the County of Bristol, Jonathan Chesley Chadbourn Esq' for the County of York, M" Caleb Ammidown for the County of Worcester, Joseph North Esq" for the County of Lincoln, Cap' William Bacon for the County of Berkshire

Ordered, that the Secretary be and he hereby is directed forthwith to notify the aforenamed Gentlemen of their Elections, and request their Answers respectively Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid In the House of Representatives February 11th 1783. Read and concurred

Tristram Dalton Spk" Approv'd John Hancock

Resolve in re Allowance of Collectors.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The committee of Both Houses appointed to take into Consideration the proper allowance to be made to the Collectors cf Excise in this Commonwealth have considered that Matter: and report the Following Resolve —

Aaron Wood p’ Order Resolved, that the following allowance be made to the Several Colectors of Excise for the present year which shall be in full for their Respective Services and Necessary assistance. Viz— To the Collectors for the Counties of Suffolk & Essex Two p’ cent on the sums they shall respectively Collect.

To the Collector for the County of Middlesex three p cent. on the sum he shall Collect

To the Collectors for the Counties of York Cumberland Lincoln & Berkshier, Five p' Cent and to the Collectors of the other counties in this Commonwealth Four p' Cent In Senate Feb' 10th 1782 Read & accepted Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid't In the House of Representatives Feb» 11th 1783

Read and concurred with amendment at A Viz at A insert "Nantucket Dukes Conty Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk" In Senate Feb 11th, 1783 Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid Approv'd John Hancock.

John Sewall Jr. to Governor.

York Feb 11th 1783 Your Excellency

Having been pleased with the advice of Council in the year 1781 to nominate and appoint me Register of Probate for the County of York — I would beg leave to observe, that, the fees and perquisites thereof are too inconsiderable to enable me to give that attention to it that such an office requires — As I am meditating a remove to a distant part of the County, where it will be inconvenient to have the office kept; I ask leave to resign; and, that your Excellency would be pleased to nominate some other person to that office in my stead.

I am respectfully your Excellency's most obedient humble servant

Jno Sewall jun" Daniel Sewall of York

Resolve directing the Justices of the Supreme Judicial Court to proceed to regulate the Principal & Interest on Depreciation Rates from the returns made in the Secretaries Office

returns made

Lieut Aaron Skinner —

Resolve Relating to Indians.

ernors m



Common Welth of Massachusetts

in Senate February 13 1783 the Committee of both Houses appointed to consider the governors message of the 7 February instant have attended that service & ask Leave to Report the following Resolve

Jedidiah Preble p' order Whereas there are now in this Town two Indians of the Penobscot Tribe, Capt Neptune & a young Indian Lad and whereas the situation of our Publick affairs in the Eastern parts of this Common welth makes it necessary to keep up a Friendly intercorse with Said Tribe

Therefore Resolved that the Commissary general be and he hereby is directed forth with to procure one uniform Coat, Two Hats, two Shirts, two Pare of Indian Stockins one Blanket & two pare of Shoes & two pares of Breeches & deliver the Same to Said Indians & Charge the Same to this Common welth Read & Accepted

Sent down for Concurrence S Adams Presid In the House of Representatives Feb" 14th 1783

Read and concurred Tristram Dalton Spk" Approv'd John Hancock

A Two Hundred Powder one Hundred & Fifty of Balls B three Hundred Shọt Two Hundred Flints Knives Şixty

Hatchets fifty Tin Kittles Twenty Thred Twenty Large Needles one Thousand wormers sixty Steels to strike Fire sixty one Hundredth of Tobacco Ten small Arms Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Resolves in re Abatement and Assessments of Taxes.

In the House of Representatives Feb13th 1783. Resolved that the selectmen & assessors of the several Towns & districts within this Commonwealth, shall meet together at some place within their respective Towns or districts, on the day of next, of which meeting they shall give previous notice seven days at least before the said time of meeting, by posting the same up in two or more public places, within their respective towns or districts, at which meeting they shall abate and discharge one fifteenth part of the quota, of their said towns or districts of the second moiety of the continental Tax, granted in the last session of the general court, & that the said abatement shall be credited and allowed on the taxes of those persons who in the Judgment of said selectmen & assessors, would be most distressed by the Collection thereof. And the said Selectmen shall forthwith make out fair & legible duplicate lists of the names of the persons whose Taxes they may abate as aforesaid & the sums to be to them respectively credited in the said Tax, one whereof they shall deliver to the constable or Collector in whose hands the assignments of the said Tax are & the other to the town Clerk where any such officer is, and where there is not, shall be retained in the hands of the said selectmen or assessors, –

And it is further resolved that the Treasurer of this Commonwealth be & he hereby is directed to credit to the several Towns, who now stand charged their respective Quota, of

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the tax aforesaid, one fifteenth part of their said Quotas and that he likewise give the same proportion of credit to the constables & collectors to whom the said Tax hath been committed.

And whereas there will be a deficiency occationed by means of the said Abatement prescribed & directed by this resolution,

It is further resolved that the said Deficiency occationed by means of the premises shall be allowed & granted in the next continental Tax.

And it is further resolved that the said selectmen & assessors before they enter on the Execution of the trust hereby committed unto them shall take an oath before some Justice of the peace or the Town Clerk of their respective Towns or districts, (who are impowered to administer the same) faithfully & impartially to execute the business hereby committed unto them. And if any Selectman or assessor shall neglect or refuse to do & perform the duty hereby devolved on him or them he or they so neglecting shall severally forfeit & pay the sum of — pounds to be recovered by action of debt, by any person who will sue for the same before the court of common pleas in the county where the said forfeitures shall be incurred & the said selectmen & assessors shall be intitled to receive from their respective towns the sum of — shillings by the day for their service in the performance of their Trusts herein (if they shall demand the same) · And it is further resolved that the Constables & Collectors of the several Towns & Districts in this Commonwealth to whom the assessments of the said tax hath been or may be committed shall by the selectmen & assessors of the towns to which they severally belong be notified to attend & shall accordingly attend the ga meetings of the Selectmen & assessors & if any Constable or Collector shall neglect or refuse to attend as aforesaid, being duly certified thereof, the Constable or collector so neglecting or refusing shall forfeit & pay the

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