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general, but more especially in several Towns in the eastern part of it situated on the Sea Coast which have been deprived of the Profits of Navigation for several Years past in a very considerable Degree. The Scarcity of Provisions by the Obstruction of Navigation and the Loss of our Vessells on one Side and the Severity of the Drought last Summer on the other have made it so extremely difficult to procure them by any Means that many of our Poor People have been reduced to very grievous Straits, and have suffered very much for the Want of them, not having wherewith to pay their Proportion of the public Taxes and provide the Necessaries of Life for their Families.

The very considerable Numbers of Men at various Times gone from us into various Parts of the World some of which have perished at Sea, others in the public Service on the Land have died and left Families in the Depth of Wretchedness in continual Want of the Necessaries of Life and unable to procure any of them; many more have been and are yet in Captivity; besides those who are already in the continental Army, by which Means our Men who are able to go into the Army are reduced to a very small Number scarcely sufficient for our own defence from the Ravages of the Enemy to which we have been and are continually exposed; so that it is extremely Difficult to procure Men among us at any Rate; and impossible without hiring them at a very extravagant Price.

These are some of the many Difficulties and Distresses the Inhabitants of this County and we in this Town in particular have labored under for some time past, and are yet heavy upon us. And for these Reasons we have been deficient in procuring our Quota of the three Months Men for the Service of the Army, and not for Want of a zealous Attachment to the Interests of our Country.

Wherefore we the Selectmen of the Town of Arundel in behalf of said Town do humbly and earnestly intreat the General Assembly to take our Situation with the grievous Burdens and Distresses we labor under into consideration, and lay not upon us the Penalty we are liable to by not sending our Proportion of the three months Men when it has not been in our Power to raise them by hiring or any other Way, while sinking under so many grievous Burdens.

That the General Assembly may be directed into the most wise and Salutary Measures is the earnest Wish of your Petitioners.

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts
To the honorable the Senate & the honorable the House of

Representatives in General Court assembled at Boston

Feb' 1783 —
Simeon Mayo most respectfully sheweth

That in the Year 1774 being indebted on Bond to Francis Waldo late of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland, now an Absentee, in the Sum of One thousand Pounds L. M. as a collateral Security for the Payment of that Sum, he by Deed, mortgaged to said Waldo half an Acre of Land with a dwelling House, two Stores & a large Distill House thereon, of the Value of twenty five hundred Pounds, That said Waldo on with drawing himself within the Enemies Lines carried with him said Bond & Mortgage, which still remain with him undischarged & uncancelled : That in the Year 1775 in the Conflagration of that unfortunate Town, all the Buildings without Exception mortgaged as aforesaid were totally destroyed, &

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the Estate thereby reduced to the inconsiderable Value of three hundred Pounds at the highest computation: That a Libel in behalf of the Government was filed against the Premisses at the Inferior Court at Falmouth in March 1782 & from that Court continued untill the next Court in October last at which Time Judgment was given on said Libel by Default; That your Petitioner had engaged Council to appear in his behalf & claim said Estate, but the Gentleman he had requested to attend in his behalf was disappointed in not being at said Court, & thereby the Default was suffered: Your Petitioner therefore prays the honorable Court, under the singularly difficult Circumstances of your Petitioners Case, to direct that the Default aforesaid be taken off & your Petitioner be admitted to defend his Claim to said Estate; or that your Honors would direct a Reversal of the Judgment aforesaid & a Dismission of said Libel, as the Commonwealth cannot eventually be benefited by the Sale of said half Acre of Land while the Bond & Mortgage remain undischarged in the hands of said Waldo or his Heirs, And your Petitioner as in Duty bound shall ever pray

Simeon Mayo Boston 8th Feb 1783

The committee to whom this petition was committed ask leave to report the annexed resolve

E H Robbins p order —

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the house of representatives February 11th 1783 On the petition of Simeon Mayo praying that the default suffered at the court of Common pleas last holden at Falmouth within and for the County of Cumberland upon a libel filed against a certain Estate as the property of Francis Waldo an absentee mentioned in the said petition may be taken off and the said Mayo admitted to defend the same — Resolved that the justices of the court of Common pleas within and for the County of Cumberland be and they hereby are empowered and directed to take off the default mentioned in the said petition, and that such trial of the said libel upon the merits thereof may be had before the same court at any future Term of its setting as if the same had been regularly continued from the last term of the said courts setting to the next and the default aforementioned had never happened — Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk" In Senate February 12th 1783 Read & Nonconcurred,

S Adams Presid'

In Senate March 5th 1783
Reconsidered & Concurred

S. Adams Presid'
Approv'd John Hancock

Resolve on Petition Timothy Hodgdon.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives February 10th 1783 On the Petition of Timothy Hodgdon, setting forth, “That in the year 1774 he did bargain with John Sparhawk Esq Agent to Sir William Pepperrell for 21 2/3 Acres of Land lying in Arundel in the County of York and paid for the game, but never had a Deed of it, and that it is now out of his power to obtain one — therefore —

Resolved that the Committee on the Sale of confiscated Estates for the said County of York (or any one of them) be, and they are hereby impowered and directed, in behalf of this Commonwealth to make and execute a Deed of Release to the said Timothy Hodgdon of the beforementioned twenty one Acres and two thirds of an Acre of Land — Sent up for concurrence

Tristram Dalton Spk" In Senate Feb" 1783 Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid' Approv'd John Hancock

Wells Oct 10th 1782 These may Certify whom it doth concern, that in the year 1774 I the Subscriber having full power from Sir William Pepperrell then of Roxbury in this Commonwealth (but now an Absentee) did bargain with & Sell to M' Timothy Hodgdon of Arundel 21 2/3 Acres of Land or thereabouts lying in said Arundel at 12/ p' Acre for a considerable part of which said Hodgdon actually paid in his labor before the present War began. Witness my hand —

John Sparhawk Mr Hodgdon's Acco' of Labour which he says he is ready to make Oath to Amounts to —— Lawf' Money £11.. 8.. Also paid Abiel Mirrell the Rates for the place in 1767 — £2 .. 12 Total £14:0

John Sparhawk

Order Relating to Collectors of Excise.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate Feb" 11th 1783 Whereas this Court have made Choice of Samuel Henshaw Esq' to be Collector of Excise for the County of Suffolk Samuel Ward Esg" for the County of Essex, Elijah Hunt Esq' for the County of Hampshire, William Drew Esq' for

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