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being Truck master aney longer by Reason as this Indian sayes Brewer Cheats the Indians. —

if I may be alowed to Speak my sentiments on the matter, I think it may do well to send the above articles in a Scanty manner to see if they can purchis the whole or part of them by which the State Can Judge whether to send aney more or not, — the above Indian earnestly solicites that the general Court would please to bestow som necessaryes for him selfe his Father and famiely, in Consideration of his being a Stanch Friend to the Cause of the united States of America, -I hope your Excelency will excuse me for trubling you with this Letter as it is Wrote at the Ernest Request of yo IndianI Remain your Excelencyes humble Serve

William Lithgow Jan 25, 1783.

Petition Elizabeth Wildridge.

To the Honorable Senate and the Honorable House of Repre

sentatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled — The Petition of Elizabeth Wildridge of Falmouth in the County of Cumberland in said Commonwealth — Widow of James Wildridge late of said Falmouth mariner. Deceased. humbly shews

That at the last Court of Common Pleas for the County aforesaid which was begun & holden at Falmouth in said County on the last Tuesday of October last. A small Lot of Land about twenty square Rods with a Dwelling House thereon, belonging to the said Deceased, was declared forfeited to the Use of the Commonwealth aforesaid — as your Petitioner has since been informed — She apprehends the confiscation of said House and Land is grounded upon some misinformation made to the authority of this Commonwealth — & therefore ought not in justice to take effect — That your Petitioners Husband did not withdraw from this Government to join the Enemy. and that he did not voluntarily put himself under their protection or in manner aid and assist them against the United States or any of them she humbly thinks she can make your Honors fully satisfied —

In May A. D. 1777 he sailed from this place in a Sloop commanded by Capt Thomas Ross, laden with Lumber and bound to the West Indies — Upon their Passage thither they were taken by the Enemy who orderd the Sloop to Hallifax and carried your Petitioners Husband a Prisoner to New York — After he had been a few weeks in Captivity, he died, and left your Petitioner with seven young Children to support — From what cause it was that he was considered as an Absentee — your Petitioner is not able to determine — But whatever it might be she is conscious that no Act of the Deceased could ever justly incur the forfeiture of his Estate, and thereby involve his Family in deep Distress

Some False Report, or some unhappy mistake must have produced the Charge which placed him in the List of the proscribed — but your Petitioner humbly hopes that although he is numbered with them. your Honors will not suffer such an Error to be confirmed — but in the exercise of Justice order the proceedings against the said Estate to be annulled

Your Petitioner did not know this matter was pending in the Court abovementioned & if she had she does not suppose she could there obtain relief - She considers this Honorable Court the only power to which she can appeal, and without moving your Honors tender feelings toward a Widow with a numerous family under her care — she relies on the Equity of her Case & therefore humbly prays that the small Estate aforesaid may be restored to her and their Use — whereby their place of habitation will be continued to them — and themselves saved from that distress which must otherwise attend them — And as in duty bound will ever pray

Elizabeth Willdrage Falmouth 27, 1783.

This may Certify that I believe the facts set forth in the petition are Strictly true and that if the Estate referd to in the Petition is taken from the Petitioner she with her Children will become a Charge to the Town or Publick

Joseph Noyes one of the Selectmen of the Town of Falmouth

Certificate in Favor Adam Babcock.

This Certifies

That the Sum of Eighty three pounds, four shillings in Specie, became due to Adam Babcock Esq the first Instant, for Interest omitted on former Certificate 4th June 1782 on his One sixteenth part of the Arm’d Ship General Putnam, lost on the Penobscot Expedition, which when paid will be in full for the same

Comte for Auditing Thomas Ivers, Peter Roe Dalton the a/cts of the late

| Board of War.

His Excellency the Governor & the Honble the Council of the

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Boston July 18, 1782

In Council January 28th 1783 Rd & Advised That a Wt be drawn on the Treas' in full of the above Certificate

John Avery Sec

Resolve in Favor James Hunter.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives 28th 1783 on the representation of James Hunter setting forth that he Served Two months & 21 days in the capacity of Major of the Reg of Militia under the Command of Colo Sam' M°Cobb, in the Expedition against the British Garrison at Penobscut in the year 1779 and that his pay (which is now due to him) for sd Service & Nations amounting to one Hundred & Sixty six pounds 9/ at the rate at which money then passed on being Liquidated by the Scale of depreciation amounteth to but £9.. 6 4, being a sum much less than he would be intitled unto by the Continental Establishment in specie

Resolved that there be allowed & paid out of the publick Treasury of this Com Wealth the sum of Forty Eight pounds unto James Hunter in full for his Services & Rations as Major of a Regiment on the Expedition against Penobscut in the year 1779 any resolve to the Contrary notwithstanding.

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Memorial Caleb Davis and Action Thereon.

Boston January 30 — 1783 The Hon'ble Senate & the Hon'ble House of Representatives

Caleb Davis (late Agent for the Common Wealth) begs leave to represent to Your Honors, that his Agency expired the 1st Ins' & that he is very desirous to have his Accounts closed as soon as possible; but no person being authorized to receive from him the Articles he has on hand belonging to the Common Wealth, prevents his laying his Accounts before Your Honors for examination & final adjustment—he therefore prays Your Honors direction what disposition he shall make of said Articles & as in duty bound shall ever pray.

Caleb Davis

Common Wealth Massachusetts

In Senate Jan' 31 1783 On the Representation of the Hon ble Caleb Davis Esq" late Agent of the Common Wealth praying for direction Respecting the Stores in his possession belonging to this Common Wealth —

Resolved that Richard Devens Esq' Commissary General be & he is hereby Authorized and directed to Receive from the said Caleb Davis Esq' all such Stores as he has on hand belonging to this Common Wealth and give the said Davis Duplicate Receipts Therefor One of which to be returnd to the Committee for stating and methodizing Accounts for their Use and by them to be lodged in the Secretaries office Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives Jan' 31st 1783 Read & concurred

Tristram Dalton Spk" Approv'd John Hancock

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Representation of Inhabts of Falmouth.

To the Honorable Senate and the Honorable House of Repre

sentatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts — in General Court assembled The Subscribers in the name & behalf of a Convention of Selectmen & Committees from most of the Principal Towns in the County of Cumberland in said Commonwealth beg leave to represent

That from undoubted Intelligence lately received from Baggaduce We understand the Enemy there are strongly re inforced — They have not only an accession of Strength by the arrival of Regular Forces, but with a view no doubt to

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