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Report and Resolve on Memorial James Bowdoin et als.

Report of y Comtee of both Houses upon the Mem' of James Bowdoin & others by way of Resolve Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Whereas a number of People have lately setled on a Tract of land adjoining to, and lying West of Bowdoinham, many of whom have removed from Harpswell, and have been and are taxable by Bowdoinham, therefore Resolved that Harpswell be abated five shillings in the Thousand of the last valuation; and that the same be added to Bowdoinham and it being reasonable that Bowdoinham Should have the benefit of the taxes on the Polls A of ye said Setlers until a new valuation Shall take place, therefore Resolved, that the Assessors of Bowdoinham or the major part of them, be and hereby are empowered to lay a tax from time to time on the Male Polls of the Setlers on the land aforesaid B in the same manner, at the same time C and for the same sum D and to collect the same, as they shall be from time to time authorized to do on the Polls E within the Town of Bowdoinham, by virtue of any Tax Act of the General Court, until a new Valuation shall take place, or until the further order of the said Court: and for that Purpose, and that there may be no doubt concerning the Bounds of the said land, it shall be, and hereby is bounded, Southerly by the Northerly line of Topsham, and by the same line continued to the Westerly line of the Kenebeck Purchase from the late Colony of New Plymouth; westerly by the said Westerly line of ye said Purchase; Northerly by a line running West North West from the North Easterly Corner of Bowdoinham to the aforesaid Westerly line; and Easterly by Bowdoinham aforesaid. Provided nevertheless, that in case any of the Setlers on the said described land are trespassers, this Resolve shall not be understood to encourage or support them in such trespass. And it is further Resolved, that the Resolve of this Court passed in the present Session thereof, for making an Abatement in the tax on Harpswell aforesaid shall be, and hereby is declared void: the present Resolve being substituted instead thereof. And the Secretary is hereby directed to send to the Assessors of Bowdoinham an attested Copy of this Resolve as soon as may be. In Senate Nov? 20 1782 Read & Accepted wth the Amendment at A B C & E Sent down for Concurrence

S Adams Presid In the House of Representatives Nov 24 1782.

Read and concurred at A insert and Estates at B insert & their Estates at C dele from C to D at E insert & Estates

Nath Gorham Speaker Approv'd John Hancock

George Little to Governor.

Penobscot Bay Nov? 3d 1782 I Would Inform your Excellency, On the thirty first October we run on Shore A Small privateer Commanded By Richard Pomeroy from Penobscot he had taken this Privateer A few days before From Cap Coburn of Salem Cap' Pomeroy Sunk The Schooner And made his Escape through the Woods, with Much Difficulty we Weighề the Schooner she Mounted four Swivels, Muskets &c and was going to Cruize on Our Coasts I Shall keep this Small thing, with me till I return to Boston

I have the honour to Be Your Excellency's Most humble Ser

George Little

Appointment Stephen Smith Naval Officer at Machias.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In Senate Nov 7th 1782 Ordered, that the Secretary be directed to notify Stephen Smith Esq' that he was chosen Naval Officer for the port of Machias, this day, by joint ballot of the Senate & House of Representatives

Sent down for Concurrence S Adams Presid' In the House of Representatives Nov 17th 1782 Read and concurred

Nath Gorham Speaker

Resolve in Favor John Avery. Commonwealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives Novi 11th 1782 Resolved That there be allowed & paid out of the Treasury of this Commonwealth to John Avery jun" Esq' the sum of Three hundred pounds in full of his Service as Secretary for One Year from June 1st 1781 to June 1st 1782 —

Sent up for concurrence Nath Gorham Speaker In Senate Nov? 11th 1782 Read & Concurred

S Adams Presid Approv'd John Hancock

W drawn 12th Nov 1782

Resolves Relating to Partition of Lands in York County. Common Wealth of Massachusetts

In the House of Representatives Nov 11th 1782 Whereas certain persons called Conspirators and absentees are A tenants in Common of certain undivided lands lying in the County of York, with certain other persons claiming the


re o

same under William Phillips and Bridget Phillips which sa lands by an act of this Commonwealth have been confirmed to the said Persons claiming under the sd W" & Bridget Phillips, saving to the s' Commonwealth their right and claim in & to said lands accruing by virtue of the forfeiture of the estates of the said Conspirators and Absentees, and Whereas the said Proprietors under W" & Bridget Phillips aforesaid are desirous that partition should be made of said lands (and to hold their respective proportions and parts of said land in severalty and seperate from that part of sa land that has or may be vested in this Commonwealth by virtue of the Claims of the so Conspirators and Absentees — Resolved that the Honble Benja Chadbourne B Honble David Sewall Esq" and Nathaniel Wells Esq' be and hereby are on the part of this commonwealth appointed a Committee to join with such Committee as are or may be appointed by the residue C of sProprietors on their part and duly authorized in making partition of the Lands confirmed by said Act and lying within the following limits viz begining at the North Corner of Sanford, which Corner may be ascertained by a line running South West & North East through a certain Small pond, called Beaver hill pond and from the said North Corner of Sanford thus ascertained to run North West about eight miles to little Ossipee River, then by said River including half of the same as the s' River runs to Saco River then by sa Saco River to the head line of Biddeford, then by the head line of the Townships of Biddeford and Arundel to the East Corner of go Sanford as it was originally laid out by the name of Phillipstown to the North Corner thereof being the boundary first mentioned and the said Commitee appointed on the part of the Common wealth are hereby impowered in conjunction with the said Commitee on the part of the D Residue of said Proprietors to set E off by Metes & Bounds their respective rights and shares in the premises to hold in severalty

And whereas in order to render the said partition compleat and effectual in Law it may be necessary to make and execute a deed or deeds of Partition, division, release or Quit claim

Therefore resolved that the said Committee on the part of the Commonwealth or any two of them be and hereby are fully impowered in the name and behalf of the said Commonwealth to join with the sa Committee on the part of the residue F of sa proprietors in making and duly executing according to Law a deed or deeds of Partition and division of the premises or in case the said Committee G should judge it most convenient to make partition of the premises by making and executing a deed or deeds of Release and Quit Claims then the said Committee on the part of this Commonwealth are hereby in the Name and behalf of this Commonwealth fully Authorized and impowered to make and duly execute according to Law a deed or deeds of release and Quit Claims to such part or parts of the premises as they shall agree to be set off to the said Residue H of said proprietors to hold in severalty and to receive singular 1 deeds from the said Committee of the said Proprietors, and it is further Resolved that all deeds of Partition division release or Quit claim which shall be inade and duly executed by virtue of this resolve and awarding to the true Intent and meaning thereof shall be considered as valid and effectual in law to all Intents and purposes as any deeds of Partition division release or quit claim made and duly executed according to Law by or between any parties whomsoever — And it is further resolved that the said Committee on the part of this Commonwealth be and hereby are directed to cause all deeds in favor thereof — relating to the premises to be recorded by the register of the County of York, with the records of said County and then filed in the Secretary's Office and the said Committee after having compleated the business of their Commission are hereby directed to lay

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