Annual Report of the Board of Commissioners of the Central Park, Band 12,Teile 1868-1870


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Seite 147 - This act shall take effect immediately. STATE OF NEW YORK, \ OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE, / I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom, and of the whole of said original law. Given under my hand and the seal of office of the Secretary of State...
Seite 26 - Niebuhr conversed on the affairs of the day, and when the last-mentioned spoke in no flattering terms of the political views and antecedents of Arago, who, it is well known, was a very advanced Republican of the Gallican School, an uncompromising French Democrat. Frederick William III. simply abominated republicanism, yet when Niebuhr had finished, Humboldt said, with a sweetness which I vividly remember: 'Still this monster is the dearest friend I have in France.
Seite 56 - District, do hereby approve the within certificate, and do consent that the same be filed, pursuant to the provisions of an Act of the Legislature of the State of New York, entitled, "An Act for the Incorporation of Benevolent, Charitable, Scientific and Missionary Societies," passed April 12, 1848, and the several acts extending and amending said act.
Seite 50 - There is scarcely a city of magnitude in this country that has not provided, or taken measures to provide, a Park for the pleasure of its citizens. Brooklyn, our neighbor, has one, that differing in its characteristics from our own, yet promises to be of great attractiveness. Baltimore has laid out and improved its Park under the enlightened action of its Commissioners. Philadelphia has already secured grounds of great extent; enlightened citizens throughout the country already perceive the desirability...
Seite 128 - ... arrangements. The provincial ' museum is too often huddled away ' almost out of sight, in a dark, crowded, ' dirty thoroughfare, where it pays dear " for ground- rent, rates, and taxes, and ' cannot be extended. Such localities ' are frequented by the townspeople only ' when on business, and when they con' sequently have no time for sight-seeing.
Seite 37 - An act for the laying out, opening and closing of streets, roads and avenues in the town of Morrisania, in the county of Westchester, passed May nineteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight Passed April 14, 1869; threefifths being present CHAP.
Seite 129 - Monday afternoons, when crowded by intelligent visitors, directing their children's attention to the ticketed objects in the cases. The Museum should be in an open grassed square or park, planted with trees, in the town, or its outskirts ; a main object being to secure cleanliness, a cheerful aspect, and space for extension. Now vegetation is the best interceptor of dust, which is injurious to the specimens as well as unsightly, whilst a cheerful aspect and grass and trees will attract visitors,...
Seite 146 - ... sea wall mentioned in the first section of this act, and piers which shall not exceed seventy feet in width respectively, with intervening water spaces of at least one hundred feet, nor shall it be lawful to extend such pier or piers beyond the exterior or pier line, nor beyond, or outside of the said sea wall.
Seite 25 - Humboldt show to every one who can " read between the lines" an endeavor to present nature in her totality unconnected with man, I cannot otherwise than state here that, on the contrary, it has ever appeared to me that this great man, studying nature in her details, and becoming what Bacon calls her interpreting priest, elevates himself to those heights whence he can take a comprehensive view of her in...
Seite 24 - Humboldt possessed that constituent of greatness ; if greatness means power and ingeniousness to concentrate the gifts and talents of many on one point, to inspire them with sympathy and enthusiasm for the same end, and to make them gladly contribute toward it, then he was great ; if it is great to see from earliest manhood the main end of one's individual life, and steadily to pursue it to the very end with the highest gifts of nature, then he was great; if it pertains to greatness to soar high...

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