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Hanbury, Miss Harriet, an Ode to,
i, 113

Hanbury, Miss Harriet, a Song to,
i, 116

Hanbury, Capel, Esq. iii, 98
Hanbury, Mr., reconciled to Sir
Charles, iii, 91, 96, 102, 109
Hanbury, Mrs., iii, 92, 103
Handel, iii, 4

Hannibal, iii, xxv

Hardwicke, Philip, Earl of, i, 178
Hardwicke, Countess of, i, 178
Hardwicke, Earl of, ii, 134
Harrington, William Stanhope, First
Earl of, his Character, i, 5
Harrington, First Earl of, i, 82
Harrington, Earl of, i, 241
Harrington, First Earl of, iii, 35
Harrington, Caroline, Countess of,
ii, 143

Harris, Mr. Henry, an account of,
ii, 77

Harris, Henry, Esq. ii, 81
Harrison, Edward, Esq. i, 78
Hawkins, Mr., i, 232

Hayter, Bishop, ii, 134

Hedwigis, Daughter of the Duke of
Glogau, iii, Ixii

Hedwigis, Daughter of Lewis, King
of Poland, iii, xlvii
Heinnech, Monsieur, ii, 229

Henry the First, King of Poland, iii,

Henry the Second, King of Poland,
iii, xxxvii

Henry the Fourth, Emperor, iii, xxxi
Henry the Fifth, Emperor, iii,

Henry the Eighth, iii, lxviii

Hervey, Lord, i, 40

Hervey, Lord, i, 88

Hervey, Lord, i, 204

Hervey, Lord, i, 241

[blocks in formation]

Hervey, Lord, anecdotes of, ii, 48,


Hervey, Lord, ii, 129

Hervey, Lord, iii, 35, 43

Hester, the Jewish Mistress of Casi.
mir, iii, lxx

Hill, Rev. Samuel, ii, 57
Hillsborough, Lord, ii, 156
Hobart, Mr., i, 185

Howe, Miss Sophia, i, 88

Holsendorf, Countess of, iii, 63
Holsendorf, House of, iii, 67
Holland, First Lord, i, 43

Holland, First Lord, i, 90

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Limerick, Lord, ii, 87
Limerick, Lord, iii, 36

Linard, Count, ii, 227
Lincoln, Earl of, i, 180

Lincoln, Earl of, an Ode to, ii, 33
Lincoln, Earl of, ii, 79
Lonsdale, Viscount, i, 88

Lonsdale, Viscount, an Ode to, with
his Character, ii, 47
Loudon, Earl of, ii, 6
Louis Fourteenth, i, 141
Lovat, his Tragedy finished by a
little Farce of the Duke of New-
castle and his man Stone, ii, 1
Lovell, Lord, Son to the Earl of
Leicester, i, 85

Lowther, Antony, i, 88

Louis, Monsieur, ii, 201

Lyddel, R. Esq.. i, 119
Lyster, Dr., i, 124

Lyttleton, George, Lord, i, 61
Lyttleton, Mr. G., i, 234
Lyttleton, Sir G., ii, 156
Lyttleton, ii, 162, 169
Lyttleton, Sir Thomas, i, 61

Luccardis, Queen of Poland, iii,

Lumley, Colonel, i, 80

Machault, iii, 121

Malmsbury, Earl of, i, 155

Manchester, Second Duke of, i,

Manchester, Isabella, Duchess of, i,


Manchester, Duchess of, her Cha-
racter, i, 72

Manchester, Duchess, of i, 90
Manchester, Duchess of, i, 167
Mansfield, Lord, i, 53

Margus's India Warehouse, an ac-
count of, i, 79
Marlborough, Duke of, i, 41

[blocks in formation]

Marlborough, the Second Duchess,
exposes herself by erecting a Mo-
nument and silly Epitaph on Mr.
Congreve, i, 41

Mary, daughter of Lewis, King of
Poland, Marries William of Aus-
tria, iii, lxxv

Mary, Daughter to the King of
Hungary, Marries the Marquis of
Brandenburgh, iii, lxxiii

Maslas, a Pole, seizes Massovia, iii,

Matthews, Major, iii, 98, 104
Mead, Dr., i, 232

Meinungen, Prince, iii, 61

Meinungen, Princess, Dowager of,
iii, 63

Mersburgh, Bishop of, a German
Historian, iii, xviii
Meredith, Colonel, i, 80

Mestuinus, King of Poland, iii,

Miescislaus, King of Poland, born
blind, recovers his sight and em-
braces Christianity, iii, xvii
Miescislaus the Third, King of
Poland, iii, xxxvii

Miescislaus dies, iii, xix

Middlesex, Lady, i, 241

Middlesex, Charles, Earl of, iii, 79

[blocks in formation]

Montagu, Sir Edward, ii, 43
Moore, Mr., i, 125
Monson, Lady, i, 230
Monson, Third Lord, i, 230
Morgan, Family, iii, 97
Morgan, Wm., Esq., iii, 98
Morris, Mr., iii, 98
Murphy, ii, 191
Murray, iii, 37
Musgrave, i, 198

Moyenska, Countess of, ii, 224

Newcastle, Duke of, his Character,
i, 1

Newcastle, Duke of, unbounded in
flattery to those about him, highly
gratified with the most gross adula.
tion to himself, i, 1
Newcastle, Duke of, quarrels with
the Sheriff about holding up Lovat's
head on the Scaffold, the Sheriff
would not comply with the Duke's
wishes, i, 2

Newcastle, Duke of, i, 37
Newcastle, Duke of, i, 162
Newcastle, Duke of, i, 185, 193
Newcastle, Duke of, i, 243
Newcastle, Duke of, ii, 1
Newcastle, Duke of, various anec-

dotes respecting him, ii, 42 &c.
Newcastle, Duke of, ii, 140, 141,

Newcastle, Duke of, ii, 168
Newcastle, Duke of, ii, 186
Newcastle, Duke of, ii, 209
Newcastle, Duke of, iii, 80, 106
Needham, Mrs., a famous courtezan,
ii, 27

Newport, Mr., natural Son of Lord

Bradford. an account of him, i, 56
Newton, Sir I., i, 125

Nivernois, Duchess, is the Duke of

Newcastle properly placed, i, 2
Norfolk, Eleventh Duke of, i, 95

[blocks in formation]

Orford, ii, 188

Orford, ii, 258

Orford, ii, 197

Orford, Second Earl of, i, 180
Orford, Margaret Rolle, Second
Countess of, i, 96

Orford, Robert, Earl of, his remark
on Argyle's quick digestion, i, 15
Oxford, Lord, í, 53

Oxford, Lord Treasurer, ii, 88

Palmerston, the First Viscount, i,

Palmerston, ii, 265, 267
Palmerston, Lord, iii, 36
Palmer, General Francis, i, 80
Paxton, ii, 258

Pearce, Mr., i, 230

Peircefield, described, iii, 105
Pelham, the Right Honourable
Henry, his Character, i, 9
Pelham, Mr., i, 101

Pelham, Right Honourable Henry,
his Character, i, 185
Pelham, Mr., i, 198, 221
Pelham, Mr., ii, 35

Pelham, Right Honourable Henry,
an Ode to, ii, 71
Pelham, Mr., ii, 78

Pelham, Mr., ii, 119, 127
Pelham, Mr., ii, 139, 142, 145

Pelham, Right Honourable Henry,
ii, 198

Pelham, Mr., iii, 27
Philips, Sir John, iii, 26

Piast, King of Poland, iii, v

Pierce, Mr., Doddington threatens
to turn him out of Parliament, i, 21
Pitt, Mr., ii, 43

Pitt, Right Hon. William, ii, 152 &c.
Pitt, Mr., ii, 156

Pitt, William, Esq., ii, 161

Pitt, Mr., his conversation with the
Duke of Newcastle, ii, 168
Pitt, Mr. W., ii, 178

Pitt, Mr., ii, 241

Pitt, Mr., iii, 27

Pitt, Lady Esther, Wife of Mr. Pitt,
ii, 152

Pitt, Governor, ii, 2

Poland, King of, ii, 208, 210

Poland, King of, ii, 211

Poland, Queen of, ii, 215

Poland, Diet of, iii, 82

Poland, an account of its Govern-
ment, iii, i

Poland erected into a Kingdom by
Otho the Third, Emperor of Ger-
many, iii, xx

[blocks in formation]

Powis, Lady Harriet, i, 95

Pretender, the, i, 51, 52

Pretender, the, i, 166

Pretender, the, i, 179

Pretender, ii, 70

Prior, Thomas, Esq., ii, 22

Prior, T. S., Esq., ii, 21, 28

Prior, Matthew, i, 79

Probyns, Family of, iii, 74, 89
Prussia, King of, ii, 209, 215
Prussia, Frederick, king of, beats the
flower of the Austrian Army, iii,
Przemislaus, King of Poland, iii,
xxxvii ; his assassination, iii,

Pultney, Mr., i, 40, 50

Pultney, William, Earl of Bath, i, 60
Pultney, Character of him, i, 193
Pultney, William, Esq., an Epitaph
on, i, 216

Pultney, Mr., ii, 48, 80

Pultney, Mr., ii, 87, 108, 126

Pultney, ii, 172

Pultney, Mrs., ii, 177

Pultney, Mr., ii, 186

Pultney, Earl of Bath, iii, 38, 40, 45
Pym, John, i, 173

Pytts, Mr., i, 61

Quin, Mr., various anecdotes of him,
ii, 268

Queen of Hungary, an Epigram on,
ii, 272

Ralph, James, an account of, ii, 261

Ralph, Mr. J., ii, 261, 267
Ranby, Mr., i, 232

Raymond, Mr., Member for Wey-
mouth, i, 20

Reed, Isaac, i, 33
Reed, Isaac, i, 230

Reeve, Sir Thomas, i, 47

Remigius, St. iii, xiii

Richmond, Duke of, ii, 80
Rigby, Mr., ii, 43

Rigby, Mr., iii, 78

Rischa, Daughter of Przemislaus
King of Poland, iii, xxxviii
Rixa, neice of Emperor Otho, iii,

xx, xxi

Robinson, Sir Thomas, ii, 1

[blocks in formation]

Rushout, Sir J., ii, 83, 114

Rushout, ii, 140

Rushout, Sir J., ii, 176
Russia, Empress of, ii, 209
Rzepica, iii, vii

Sackville, Lord G., i, 46
Sagan, Duke of, iii, liii
Sandys, S., Esq., i, 132
Sandys, i, 147, 151
Sandys, Lord, i, 175

Sandys, Samuel, Esq., i, 196

Sandys, ii, 59, 65, 76

Sandys, S., ii, 82, 107, 119, 121, 128

Sandys, Samuel, an Epigram on, ii,

[blocks in formation]

Saul, Mr., ii, 229

Saxe Gotha, Duke of, invades Mei-
nungen, iii, 68 •

Sbigneus, Son of Uladislaus, iii,

Scottish Boroughs, their Corruption,
i, 28

Scrope, Mr., ii, 56
Scroop, Mr., ii, 188
Scudamore, Miss, i, 94

Secker, Archbishop, an account of,
ii, 133

Selwyn, Mr. G., ii, 43
Shadwell, ii, 16
Shakspeare, ii, 16

Sherlock, Bishop, an account of, ii,

Shirley, Lady F., i, 71
Shirley, Lady Francis, i, 86
Sigismond, Marquis of Brandenburg,
iii, lxxix

Simovitus, Duke of Massovia, iii,

Simovitus, King of Poland, iii,

Sloane, Sir Hans, an Ode to, i, 124
Small, Alexander, i, 55

Smith, Mrs., Mistress of Lord Brad-
ford curious anecdotes respecting
her, i, 55

Smith, Mrs., i, 147

Smollett, i, 95

Somers, Lord, i, 3

Somerset, Duke of, ii, 41

Spencer, John, an account of, i, 42

Spencer, Lady Diana, i, 42
Spencer, Earl of, i, 100
Spenser, ii, 16

Stanislaus, Bishop of Cracow, iii,
XXV, xxix

St. Albans, Duke of, i, 46

Stair, Earl of, i, 29

Stair, John, second Earl of, his
Character, i, 140
Stair, Earl, ii, 205, 207
Stair, Lord, iii, 37

Stanhope, Mr. Charles, some ac-
count of, i, 82

Stanhope, Charles, i, 88, 89
Stanhope, i, 246

Stanhope, Charles, an Ode to him,
ii, 25

Stanhope, ii, 166

Stanhope, Philip, Esq., i, 107
Stanhope, Sir W., i, 228
Steele, Sir R., ii, 171, 172

Stephens, Mr., ii, 239

Stepney, Mr., i, 80

Stetin, Duke, iii, lxix

Steward, Mr., Member for Wey.
mouth, i, 20

Stone, i, 2

Stone, Jackal, to the Duke of New-
castle, described, i, 8
Stone, Mr., iii, 83

Strafford, Right Honourable Charles
James Fox's account of him, i,

Strafford, Thomas, Earl of, i, 173
Sudbrook, John, Duke of Argyle's
Villa, near Richmond, i, 31
Sulkowsky, Monsieur, ii, 223
Sunderland, the young Earl of, his
Character, i, 42

Sunderland, Lady, i, 42

Sundon, Lord, a Commissioner of
the Treasury, remarkable for his
stupidity, i, 22

Sundon, Lady, receives a pair of
Diamond Earrings as a bribe to
obtain a considerable post in Queen
Caroline's Family, i, 44
Sutton, ii, 84

Swatoslaus, Duke, invades Greece,
iii, xix

Swentopelk, Prince of Bohemia, iii,

Swift, Dr. J., i, 46

Sydenham, i, 124

Sydenham, ii, 167

[blocks in formation]

Tatton, General, i, 119

Temple, Sir Richard, i, 140

Thomson, Mr., i, 241

Tillotson, Archbishop, iii, xxxiv

Topham, Mr., of Windsor, i, 47
Torrington, i, 130

Townsend, Charles, the second
Viscount, his Character, i, 3
Townsend, Lord, i, 5

Townsend, Lady, Wife of the third
Viscount, i, 78

Townsend, Countess of, i, 196
Townsend, George, Marquis of, i,78
Townsend, Charles, i, 78
Townsend, Lady, ii, 77
Tournefort, i, 124
Trevor, Lord, i, 43

Tracy, Lord, a bitter Enemy to the
first Duke of Marlborough, i, 43
Tucker, Mr., Member for Weymouth,
i, 20

Tweedale, Marquis of, i, 29
Tweedale, Marquis of, i, 142
Tweedale, Marquis of, ii, 69
Tycho, Brahe, i, 155

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