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ABERCORN, Sixth Earl of, i, 130
Abergavenny, Thirteenth Lord, i,

Abergavenny, Fourteenth Lord, i,

Abergavenny, Lady, on her death,
i, 119

Abergavenny, on her death, by the
Duke of Dorset, i, 122
Adelbertus, St. iii, xx
Adelaide, Queen, iii, lix
Albert, Prince, ii, 220
Albemarle, Duke of, i, 124
Albemarle, Lady, ii, 253

Albemarle, Second Earl of, ii,

Anglesea, Marquis of, i, 76
Anhalt-Dessau, Prince of, ii, 232
Ann, Queen, i, 15
Ann, Queen, i, 41

Bateman, Lord Viscount, i, 72
Bateman, Richard, Esq., i, 72
Bateman, Lady Ann, i, 42, 43
Bateman, Mr. R. i, 92

Bath, Pultney, Earl of, i, 53, 55
Bath, Earl of, his conduct to Mrs.
Smith, i, 57

Bath, Earl of, i, 132

Bath, Earl of, i, 135, 138

Bath, Earl of, an Ode, i, 146

Bath, Earl of, i, 150, 157

Bath, Earl of, an Ode, i, 153

Bath, Earl of, i, 174

Bath, Earl of, i, 176

Eath, Earl of, i, 177

Bath, Earl of, i, 183, 186, 203, 215,

Bath, Earl of, i, 190

Bath, Earl of, i, 194

Bath, Earl of, i, 198

Ann, Queen, i, 125

Bath, Earl of, i, 201

Ann, Queen, i, 140

Bath, Earl of, i, 203

Anna, Queen of Casimir the Great,

Bath, Earl of, i, 209

iii, xliii, xlviii

Bath, Earl of, i, 217

Anson, Lord, ii, 168

Bath, Earl of, i, 221

Anson, Lord, ii, 271

Anson, Lady, ii, 271

Anspach, Margrave of, ii, 208
Anstis, Mr., ii, 208
Anstruther, Colonel, i, 164
Argyle, Duke of, an Ode to, i, 14
Argyle, Duke of, i, 15
Argyle, Duke of, his quick digestion
of two Regiments, i, 15
Argyle, John, Second Duke of, his
decampment, and character, i, 17
Argyle, John, Duke of, i, 29, 30, 35
Argyle, Duke of, i, 85

Argyle, Duke of, i, 135

Argyle, Duke of, i, 144

Argyle, Duke of, ii, 68

Argyle, Duke of, ii, 207

Ashuerus, King of Persia, iii, Ixi
Austria, William, Prince of, iii,



Bath, Earl of, ii, 14

Bath, Earl of, ii, 50, 60, 65

Bath, Earl of, ii, 100, 107, 117,

Bath, Earl of, ii, 142, 145
Bath, Earl of, ii, 196, 198
Bath, Countess of, i, 134

Bath, Countess of, i, 148, 151, 153
Bathurst, Earl, i, 97
Bathurst, Earl, i, 98
Bathurst, Earl, i, 142

Bathurst, Allen, First Earl of, ii,

Bathurst, Allen, First Earl, ii,

Bathurst, Earl, iii, 35

Bavaria, Electress of, ii, 213
Beauclerc, Lord Sidney, Father to
Mr. Topham Beauclerc, who
married Lady Bolingbroke, i, 46

Beauclerc, Lord Sidney, iii, 37
Beard, a Singer, i, 95
Beaufort, Duchess of, i, 94
Beaufort, Third Duke of, i, 95

Beaulieu, Edward Hussey, Earl of,
i, 72

Bedford, Duchess of, i, 42
Bedford, Duchess of, i, 162

Bedford, John Russell, Fourth Duke

of, his Character, i, 7

Bedford, Duke of, i, 161
Bedford, Duke of, ii, 41, 43

Bedford, Duke of, iii, 24

Bellassis, Lady, i, 51

Benedict, the Twelfth Pope, iii,


[blocks in formation]

Berkeley, Bishop, ii, 25

Berkshire, Countess of, i, 51
Besborough, Countess of, i, 100

Blackbourn, Archbishop, an account
of ii, 134

Bindon, Mrs., ii, 16

Bindon, Mrs., ii, 18

Bingley, Lady, i, 248

Birt, Rev. Mr., i, 116
Birt, Mrs., iii, 100

Birt, Rev. Mr., Letters to, iii, 73,
85, 91, 96, 102

Bland, Dr., ii, 133
Bludworth, Mr., i, 130

Bohemia, John, King of, claims the
Duchy of Silesia, iii, 1

Bohemia, John, King of, defeated
by Casimir, iii, liii`
Bolingbroke, St. John, Lord, i, 67
Bolingbroke, Lord, i, 132

Boleslaus, Prince of Bohemia, iii,

Boleslaus, Second King of Poland,
iii, xxiv, xxxvi

Boleslaus, Fourth King of Poland,
iii, xxxvii

Boleslaus, Fifth King of Poland, iii,

Boleslaus, Prince of Russia, iii,

Bolton, Charles, Fourth Duke of, i,

Bond, Kit, of Dorsetshire, iii, 74,

Boothby, Mrs., Mother to Prince
Boothby, i, 89

Bootle, Mr., i, 155
Bootle, Mr., i, 185

Bootle, Sir Thomas, ii, 83

[blocks in formation]

himself a Vassal to the Kingdom

of Poland, iii, lvii
Chambre, Major, iii, 97, 103, 109
Charles, King of Hungary, iii, xlii,

Charles, Sixth Emperor, iii, 63
Charles, Seventh King of Poland,
iii, 64

Charles, Seventh, is enamoured with
the Wife of a Secretary of a Secre-
tary of the Empress Queen, iii,
Charles, Seventh, gives the rank of
precedence to his new mistress
above, and before any one of his
subjects, iii, 62

Charles, Prince, ii, 220, 232
Charles, King of Sweden, ii, 75
Charles, Prince of Lorraine, i, 244
Charles, Fourth Emperor dies, iii,

Charles, Prince, ii, 170
Chartres, Colonel, ii, 145
Chatham, Lord, ii, 2
Chaucer, ii, 16

Chesterfield, Philip, Fourth Earl of,
his Character, i, 6
Chesterfield, Earl of, i, 86, 88
Chesterfield, Earl of, i, 107
Chesterfield, Philip, Earl of, i, 144
Chesterfield, Earl of, i, 169
Chesterfield, Earl of, i, 228
Chesterfield, Philip, Earl of, ii, 21
Chesterfield, Earl of, ii, 30
Chesterfield, Earl of, ii, 114

Chesterfield, Earl of, ii, 178

Chesterfield, Earl of, ii, 239

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Cobham, Lord Viscount, i, 75
Cobham, Lord, i, 140
Cobham, Lord, iii, 37

Cocoa Tree,in 1740, [now the auction
room of Mr. James Christie], i,

Collyer, Sir David, i, 51

Compton, Mr., i, 97

Compton, Mr., Nephew to Lord
Wilmington, i, 139

Congreve, William, Esq. i, 41
Congreve, ii, 3

Conway, Hon. H. S. ii, 272

Cope, Sir John, i, 179

Cornbury, Lord, i, 91

Cornbury, i, 172

Cornwall, Velters, Esq. i, 172

Cornwall, notorious for its bad
Political morals, i, 28

Cotton, Sir John, an account of, ii,


Cotton, Sir John Hinde, ii, 98
Cotton, Sir John Hinde, ii, 178
Cotton, Sir John Hinde, iii, 25
Courland, Duchess of, ii, 217
Coventry, Dowager, Countess of, i,

Coventry, Earl of, i, 61

Crachus, King of Poland, iii, iv
Cracow, Bishop of, orders the King
of Poland to refrain from women,
iii, lv

Crowle, iii, 44, 48

Cumberland, William, Duke of, i,

Cumberland, Duke of, ii, 41, 43
Cumberland, Duke of, ii, 156

Cumberland, Duke of, ii, 203,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Doddington, ii, 261

Dodsley, Mr., i, 241

Dodsley, Letter to, ii, 102

Doneraile, Viscount, a Ballad to, ii,36
D'Ollone, General, ii, 233

Doneraile, Arthur, Viscount, iii, 79
Dorchester, Countess of, Mother of
the Duchess of Buckingham, by
James the Second, i, 51
Dorset, Lionel Sackville, Duke of,
i, 45

Dorset, Duke of, i, 46
Dorset, ii, 141

Dresden, account of Sir Charles's
Embassy to, ii, 208

Dryden, John, i, 66

Dryden, ii, 16

Dryden, ii, 101

Earle, Giles, anecdote of him, i, 22
Earle, Giles, i, 30
Earle, Giles, i, 32

[blocks in formation]

Fazakerly, Nicholas, Esq., an account
of, i, 243

Fazakerly, Nicholas, Esq. ii, 83

Fermor, Lady Charlotte, ii, 81

Fielding, i, 37

Fielding, Henry, ii, 190

Finch, Hon. William, i, 143

Finch, Hon. Edward, i, 143
Finch, Hon. Edward, ii, 196
Finch, Hon. W., ii, 81
Finch, Hon. W. ii, 196
Finch, Hatton Edward, ii, 196
Finch, Hon. William, iii, 37
Finch, Hon. Edward, iii, 37
Fitzwalter, Lady, ii, 271
Fitzroy, Charles, i, 95
Fleury, Cardinal, i, 49
Florianus, Bishop, iii. lxxix

Foley, Paul, an Ode from, to Ni-
cholas Fazakerly, i, 243
Folkes, Mr. Martin, i, 82
Foote, Mr., ii, 269

Fox, the Right Honourable Henry,
Dialogue between him and the
Duke of Newcastle, i, 8
Fox, the Right Honourable Henry,
his endeavours to convert the

[blocks in formation]

Gideon, Sampson, Anecdote of, ii,
Gidiminus, Duke of Lithuania, iii,

Glogau, Henry, Duke of, iii, xl
Glover, Mr., i, 241

Gnesna, Archbishop of, iii, xxxvii
Godfrey, Mrs., i, 51
Gordon, ii, 84

Godolphin, Lord Treasurer, i, 3
Gower, Countess of, i, 85
Gower, Earl, i, 97

Gower, John, Earl, i, 143

Gower, Earl, i, 166

Gower, Earl, his Character, i, 184

Gower, Earl, ii, 51

Gower, Earl, ii, 130

Gower, Earl, ii, 142

Gower, Earl, iii, 24, 35

Grafton, First Duke of, i, 95

Grafton, Duke of, i, 252

Grafton, Duke of, ii, 143

Graham, Mr., ii, 1

Graham, Colonel, 1, 51
Grammont, Count, i, 51

Grandby, Marquis, his Character, i,

Grantham, Dowager, Lady, i, 178
Granville, Earl of, his Character, i, 4
Granville, John Carteret, Earl of, i,


Granville, Earl, i, 239
Granville, Earl, ii, 121
Granville, Earl, ii, 142, 156

Granville, Earl, ii, 168

Grey, Lady Arabella, ii, 134
Grove, Colonel George, i, 80
Guerney, Mr., ii, 1

Guerini, Father, ii, 213, 224, 228

Gundry, Mr., iii, 37

Gumley, Miss, i, 97

Halifax, Earl of, i, 162

Hambden, Richard, Esq. his Cha-
racter, i, 48

Hambden, Richard, i, 49
Hambden, i, 131

Hambden draws a burlesque picture
of Pitt and Lyttleton, ii, 169
Hambden, ii, 168

Hambden, John, i, 173

Hamilton, Lord Archibald, i, 130

Hamilton, Sir William, i, 130

Hamilton, Lord William, i, 95

Hamilton, Lady Archibald, i, 241

Hamilton, Lady, i, 130

Hanbury, Sir Charles, the power of
his pen in destroying the popu-
larity of Pultney i, 133

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