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now too late for me to be sent to Warsaw; if I go to Turin, I suppose I shall be sent for to Hanover to be instructed; though if I was to go to a more difficult court, I had rather feel out my way, than take it from most people's descriptions. I will draw upon you for what you owe me, when I know what the telescopes cost, and whether the duchess of Richmond keeps either of the watches.

I have nothing more to add, but that I am to yourself, Lady Caroline, &c.

A most devoted Servant,




Dresden, 29th Sept. N. S. 1748.

You receive by this post some more Polish History, which though I abridge it as much as possible will swell to a larger work than I at first imagined. Do not imagine from hence that I grow tired, I am much more afraid of your being so, but as you receive it by small parcels once a week, I flatter myself that you'll bear it better than if I had sent it all at once. The reign of Casimir the Great, begins to bring you out of the dark ages, and I hope to mend upon your hands every week. My daughters write me word that they have (by my order) been to wait upon Lady Caroline, and I hope to hear a good account of them from you. Thank God! Charlotte is better; As the Diet of Poland meets to morrow, it is impossible to send me there now, for the Diet will soon dis

solve itself, and the king of Poland will be at Dresden in six or seven weeks. The duke of Newcastle has not written me one word since he has been at Hanover; the duchess has never been out of her house, or received one visit from any body since she has been at Hanover.

The season here begins to be very cold, it freezes every night, and I hope, I shall not be obliged to undergo much more of the severe season. Sure what I ask is not a great deal (for I have not yet asked for the character of Plenipotentiary, nor will I till I know my fate about Turin), it amounts to a change of climate. They have given Mr. Keith a great deal more; but, if I am not removed, or at least have not leave to quit this place, my health requires that I should ask for my letters of re


I shall this day write to Mr. Stone, to beg him to send me word, what he guesses will become of me: these thoughts put me into

low spirits, and end your letter sooner than

it would end otherwise.

Yours entirely,


My best services attend Lady Caroline, &c. let the inclosed letter be put in the penny post.



Dresden, June 22nd, N. S. 1749.

Since you complain of my absence from Coldbrook, I am naturally to judge that you wish for my presence there; and as I shall always be glad to contribute to your obtaining whatever you desire, know that I shall be in Monmouthshire in the beginning of August; and that my present resolution is, to call at Newland, to seize upon your person, and force you away from your wife, family, friends, and churches, to detain you prisoner (with the Florilegious Harris for your keeper) at Coldbrook, during the whole time of my residence there.

That enlivening spirit, that once made Coldbrook gay, shall again make my friends laugh, for my whole view in coming there is, to unbend

* The New Style was not adopted in England till 1752.

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