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of March, 1855, and it shall be the duty of the County Judge to give Notice of within the respective townships of said county at least five days' notice election.

of the time and places of holding said election, and to appoint inspectors Inspectors and Judges.

and judges to conduct the same and make returns thereof, in accordance with the Act to regulate elections.

Sec. 3. The persons chosen at said election to constitute the Board of Supervisors in and for said county of Alameda, immediately after having qualified, and as soon as the second Monday after the election, shall meet at the Clerk's office in said county for organization and for

the purpose of transacting the business of said county. They shall also First meeting. meet at the county seat of said county on the first Mondays of April,

July, October and January, and likewise on the second Monday after Regular meeting each general election, and oftener, if in their judgment the affairs of the

county require it, and their proceedings shall be public.

Sec. 4. They shall elect one of their number Chairman of the

Board, and the County Clerk of said county shall be ex-officio Clerk of Keep record. said Board, who shall keep a full and complete record of all its pro.

ceedings in a journal which shall be duly signed by the Chairman of

said Board. Compensation

Sec. 5. The clerk shall receive a reasonable compensation for his services, to be fixed by the Board, in no case to exceed three hundred



of Clerk.

dollars a year.

Audit accounts.

Examine accounts.

Judges of election


Sec. 6. The books, records and accounts of the Board shall be where kept.

kept in the office of the County Clerk, and shall at all times be open,

and free of charge, to inspection. County property. Sec. 7. The Board of Supervisors shall have power, with the con

sent of a majority of all its members, to make such orders concerning the property of the county as they may deem expedient, and to sell and otherwise dispose of the same, appropriating the proceeds thereof to the use of the county ; to audit the accounts of all officers having the management, collection or disbursement of any county funds; to examine,

settle and allow all accounts by law chargeable against the county; to Roads, high- have the management and control of all public roads, highways, bridges ways, bridges and the opening of new roads, and to make all necessary orders con. Townships and cerning the same; to establish townships and election precincts, and to precincts.

change or modify the same ; to appoint Judges and Inspectors of elections; to act as a Board of Canvassers and declare all election returns in and for said county; provided, however, that the returns for the

election of Supervisors therein, shall be canvassed and declared by the for Supervisors. County Judge, County Clerk and Sheriff acting as a Board ; to pur

chase and receive any property necessary for the use of the county ; to Court House,

erect, purchase or lease a Coart House, Jailand such other public buildings jail.

and improvements as may be necessary for the use of the county; to To levy tax. levy and determine the rate of taxation pursuant to law; to ascertain Ascertain value and determine with a jury, or by consent of parties without a jury, the of privato property. just compensation to be made to the owners of private property taken

for public use; to sue and defend on the part of the county, and to perform all such acts as may be necessary to the discharge of the duties imposed upon them by law; but said Board shall not allow any claim against the county except such as are definitely specified by law; and in any and all cases where an allowance may be made by them between

a higher and lower sum, they shall always allow the claim at the lowest Compensation sum named by law; they may allow each officer or clerk of any election of Clerk.

the sum of five dollars for his services.

SEC. 8. The Board shall require from the County Treasurer and

Canvass votes

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other officers charged with the collection of any revenue or moneys of Treasurer. the county, a quarterly report of all

collections and disbursements made Report. by them. They shall see that the County Treasurer and other officers oficers' duties. as aforesaid, faithfully perform all their duties in regard to the revenue, money and property of the county, and shall have power to prosecute Delinquencies. them for any and all delinquencies or neglect of the discharge of their dnties while in office, and shall, from time to time, when acting as such Board, examine the books and vouchers of the County Treasurer, Examino books, Sheriff

, Assessor and all other officers engaged in the collection or dis-vouchers, &c. bursement of the moneys of the County.

Sec. 9. The Board shall have no power to contract any debt against Debt. the county, but shall only order the appropriation of money actually on hand at the time the order may be made. They shall set apart in a fund by itself sufficient to pay all salaried officers of the county, adding Salary, thereto what they may estimate as sufficient for the payment of other officers' fees and expenses, and only the county revenue above the amount so set apart, shall be subject to be appropriated by them to public purposes. Sec. 10. The Board of Supervisors shall constitute & Board of Board of

Appeals. Appeals, for the equalization of taxes, and for that purpose they shall meet as the law may direct, and continue in session for such Powors. time as they may deem necessary to transact the business of the county.

SEC 11. Each member of the Board shall be entitled to receive compensation. for bis services for each day's necessary attendance on the business of his county, the sum of three dollars per day, and twenty-five cents per mile for travel in going from his residence to the place of sitting once only during each session, and no member shall be interested in Contracts. any contract for the county.

Sec. 12. The Board of Supervisors shall have no power or au-Ofico rent. thority to allow any account for office rent or Clerk hire, for any Justice of the Peace or any town, county or State officer, unless specially directed so to do by law.

Sec. 13. It shall be the duty of the Board of Supervisors to ex- Bonds. amine and approve the bonds of all county officers, and upon giving ten days' notice in writing to require all county officers intrusted with Notice. the collection, safe keeping or disbursement of county money to give additional security whenever in their judgment it shall be necessary, Security. and upon his failure to give such additional security, to declare the office vacant and to notify the County Judge of the same.

Omice vacant. Sec. 14. This Act shall commence and be in force from and after the passage thereof.

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To provide for the Erection of a County Jail and certain Bridges in

the County of Sonoma.

[Approved March 9, 1855.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows:

Levy tax.

Section 1. That the Board of Supervisors of Sonoma county be and they are hereby authorized to levy and collect, in addition to the taxes otherwise authorized by law, a special tax not exceeding twenty-five cents on each one hundred dollars of taxable property in said county, for the purpose of erecting a County Jail and such bridges within the county of Sonoma, as said Board may deem necessary.

Jail, etc.



Fixing the time of holding the several Courts authorized to be held

by the County Judges in the Counties of Shasta, Santa Clara and


[Approved March 9, 1855.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows:

Time of holding

Length of term.

Section 1. The Courts authorized to be held by the County Judges in and for the counties of Shasta, Santa Clara and Monterey shall hereafter be held all at the same time, viz.: On the first Monday of February, April, June, August, October and December of each year, and shall continue from day to day until a disposition is made of the business.

Sec. 2. At said terms, the business pertaining to the Court of Sessions shall first be disposed of, and after that the business of the County Court and Probate Court in such order as the Judge may determine.

Sec. 3. The records of each of said Courts shall be kept separately, as required by law.

Order of business.

Separate records.

Sec. 4. The County Judges of said counties may call and hold Special terins. special terms of the Probate Court and Court of Sessions whenever the public interest may require it. Sec. 5. An Act entitled an Act concerning the Courts of Justice

Repeal. of this State and Judicial Officers," passed May 19th, 1853, so far as the same conflicts or is inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, are hereby repealed.



To authorize the Funding Commissioners of Contra Costa County

to audit certain Claims against the County.

(Approved March 10, 1855.)

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows:

Contra Costa

SECTION 1. The Funding Commissioners of the county of Contra Claims against Costa are hereby authorized to audit all accounts and claims pro-County. perly chargeable against the county of Contra Costa for the erection and furnishing the Court House at Martinez, and when so audited, the County Auditor shall draw his warrants on the County Treasurer for the same.

Sec. 2. This Act to take effect from and after its passage, and to Take effect. continue in force until a Board of Supervisors shall be elected and

Expire. qualified in said county of Contra Costa, and no longer.



Supplementary to an Act passed May 15th, 1854, entitled " An Act

to Fund the Debt of the County of Mariposa, and provide for the Payment of the same."

(Approved Murch 14, 1855.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows:

Plate for bonds.

Old bonds.

SECTION 1. In order to carry out the provisions of the above described Act, the Treasurer and Auditor of Mariposa county are hereby authorized to procure a suitable plate, and have printed at the expense of said county, a suitable number of bonds with coupons for interest attached, to fund the debt of said county which accrued prior to the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four ; said bonds shall be in proper form to carry out the

provisions of the Act above referred to.

Sec. 2. Any person owing (owning] bonds issued under the provisions of the above recited Act, shall be entitled to exchange the same for the new bonds provided for in this Act at par value. Said new bonds to be in lieu of those issued under the Act above

described, and to bear the same date. Redemption. Sec. 3. The time for the redemption with bonds of the indebted

ness of said county, which accrued prior to June first, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four, is hereby extended to July first, one

thousand eight hundred and fifty-five. Bonds recorded

Sec. 4. The County Judge, Auditor and Treasurer of said county and destroyed. shall each keep a record of all bonds issued under the provisions of

this Act, and shall destroy all bonds which may be redeemed by the new bonds, as provided for under this Act. No compensation shall be allowed any county officer for services rendered in carrying out the provisions of this Act.

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