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To repeal an Act entitled An Act to regulate Rodeas, passed April 30th,

1851, so far as the same relates to Tulare County.

(Approved April 27, 1855.)

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and As

sembly, do enact as follows:

Section 1. The Act entitled an Act to Regulate Rodeas, passed Repeal. April thirtieth, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, is hereby repealed, so far as the same relates to Tulare county.

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The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The Controller of State is hereby authorized to draw

Warrant. his warrant on the Treasurer of State in favor of Jesse Sawyer, for the sum of eight hundred and forty-five dollars and sixty cents for his services in transporting express matter for various departments of the State Government upon the requisition of the various departments while at Benicia; and the same is hereby appropriated out of any Appropriation. money in the General Fund not otherwise appropriated.

Sec. 2. This Act to take effect on and after its passage.

Take effect.



To change the Time of holding the County Court, and Court of Ses sions of the County of Calaveras, and to change the manner of Summoning a Jury for the County Court of said County.

(Approved April 27, 1855.)

Time changed.

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows : Section 1. The terms of the County Court and Court of Sessions of Calaveras county shall hereafter be held at the same time, on the second Mondays of January, March, May, July, September and November of each year, and shall continue until all the business of said Courts shall be disposed of.

Sec. 2. The trial jury summoned for the Court of Session of said county shall be the trial jury for the County Court therein.

Sec. 3. All statutes and parts of statutes conflicting with the provisions of this Act, shall be and the same is (are) hereby repealed.






To Separate the office of Collector of Taxes, from the office of Sheriff

in the County of Yuba.

[Approved April 27, 1855.)

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and

Assembly, do enact as follows :

Collector and Sheriff,

Election of

Section 1. From and after the first Monday of October next, the office of Collector of Taxes, in the County of Yuba, shall be separate from the office of Sheriff.

Sec. 2. At the next General Election, there shall be elected in said county, a Collector of Taxes, who shall enter upon the duties of his office, on the first Monday of October next, and shall hold snch office for two years, and until his successor shall have been elected and qualified.

SEC. 3. All duties and liabilities heretofore imposed upon the Sheriff of said county, as Collector of Taxes, shall attach to the

Term of office.

Liabilities of Sheriff.


office hereby created, and the Collector of Taxes elected under the Bond of provisions of this act, shall give such bond or bonds as now by law are required to be given by the Sheriff, as Collector of Taxes and Foreign Licenses, to be approved in the same manner.

Sec. 4. The Collector of Taxes elected under the provisions of Taxes. this Act, shall collect all State and County taxes, all Foreign License taxes, all kinds of public dues which under existing laws are now collected by the Sheriff and Treasurer, and shall receive for his services the same compensation which is now allowed to the Sheriff and Compensation. Treasurer.

Sec. 5. All Acts and parts of Acts inconsistent with the provis- Acts repealed. ions of this Act, so far as the same relates to the county of Yuba, are hereby repealed.



To provide for the Ascertainment of the Indebtedness of Calaveras

County, prior to the organization of Amador County; and to provide for the Payment of that portion due from Amador County to the County of Calaveras.

(Approved April 27, 1855.)


The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and
Assembly, do enact as follows:

Commissioners Section 1. Henry M. Sturgis and Alex. H. Putney, on the part appointed. of Calaveras County; and James F. Hubbard and Samuel Davis, on the part of Amador County, are hereby appointed Commissioners to ascertain the indebtedness of Calaveras County, at the time of the organization of Amador County, and to determine the amount of said indebtedness to be paid by Amador County to the County of Calaveras,

Registry of Sec. 2. All persons holding orders or warrants upon the Treasarer of Calaveras County, issued prior to the time of the organization of Amador County, or bonds of said Calaveras County, issued in pursuance of an Act, entitled “ An Act to fund the debt of Calaveras County, and provide for the payment thereof,” approved May third, A. D., eighteen hundred and fifty-two, shall present the same to the Auditor of Calaveras County for registry, on or before the first day of July, A. D., eighteen hundred and fifty-five ; and in case any such person or persons shall fail to present his or their claim, or evidence of indebtedness for registry, the person or persons so failing, shall forever thereafter be barred and precluded from enforcing the payment of any such order, warrant or bond, of which he or they may be the hol

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Time of


Warrants der or holders as aforesaid ; and all such bonds, warrants and orders cancelled.

shall be deemed cancelled.
Auditor to Sec. 3. The Auditor of Calaveras County upon the presentation

to him for registry, of any order, warrant or bond, contemplated in
the second section of this Act, shall make a fair and accurate regis-
try thereof in a book to be prepared and kept by him for that pur-
pose, showing the number, date and amount of said order, warrant
or bond ; to whom the same was issued, the name of the person or
persons holding the same at the time of such registry ; the amount
or amounts, if any there be, endorsed thereon as paid upon the same,
with the date of said endorsement ; and in case of an order or war-

rant, the date of its presentation to the County Treasurer for pay-
Proviso. ment ; provided, said date be endorsed thereon.
Auditor to

Sec. 4. Notice of the provisions of the second section of this publish. Act, shall be given by the Auditor of Calaveras County, by publica

tion of the same in the “Calaveras Chronicle," "Amador Sentinel,"
daily edition of the “Sacramento Union,” “ Placer Times and Trans-
cript," and "San Joaquin Republican," continuously from ten days

after the passage of this Act, until the time hereinafter appointed
publication. for the meeting of said Commissioners.
Meeting of Sec. 5. The Commissioners above named shall meet at the seat

of Justice of Calaveras County, on the first Monday of July, A. D.,

(1855) eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and enter upon the discharge Indebtedness. of their said duties, and shall first proceed to ascertain the indebted

ness of Calaveras County, prior to the organization of Amador chargeable. County ; and when the amount of indebtedness is so ascertained,

they shall determine the amount justly chargeable to Amador
County, by the assessment of taxable property made by the Assessor
of Calaveras County, and his deputies, for the year one thousand
eight hundred and fifty-four, (1854) prior to the organization

of Amador County. The amount to be paid by the said County Proportion. of Amador, to bear the same proportion to the whole of said estima

ted indebtedness of Calaveras County, which had accrued and was
unpaid at the time of the organization of Amador County, as the
assessment roll of the County of Amador for that year as aforesaid,
bears to the whole amount of assessment of both counties for the

same year. Vacancy.

Sec. 6. Should any vacancy occur in said Commission by death, resignation or otherwise, the Board of Supervisors of the county in whose representation such vacancy shall occur, shall have power to fill such vacancy by appointment.

Sec. 7. Said Commissioners shall have power to review the reg-
of claims.

istry of claims against said county of Calaveras prepared and kept by
the Auditor thereof, as hereinbefore provided ; and to determine the
correctness of the same ; and shall have the further power to ascer-
tain the existence and value of any moneys, property, real or person-
al, belonging to Calaveras County, at the time of the meeting of the
Commissioners appointed under the law passed May eleventh, eigh-
teen hundred and fifty-four, providing for the organization of Amador
County, and shall take the same into consideration, and the value
thereof into account in apportioning said property between said coun-

ties, and determining the amount justly chargeable to Amador County. Further power of

Sec. 8. Power is hereby conferred upon said Commissioners to Commissioners. compel the attendance of such witnesses, and the production of such

books and papers before them, as they may require, in the exercise of



Sinking Fund.

Time to collect.

General Fund.

either and any of the powers conferred upon them in the seventh section of this Act. And it shall be the duty of the Sheriffs of Calave-Sheriff's duty. ras and Amador Counties to execute the same in their respective counties when so ordered, and shall be allowed for said service the Sheriff's

compensation. same fees as are allowed for similar services in civil cases ; and all witnesses attending before said Commissioners, by their order, shall be entitled to the same compensation and mileage as are allowed to compensation. witnesses in civil cases ; provided, no witness shall be excused from Proviso. attendance at the time and place mentioned in said order or subpæna, by failure of the officer making service thereof, to tender his fees in advance.

Sec. 9. The Board of Supervisors of Amador County, are here- Special tax for by authorized and required to assess a special tax of thirty cents on the hundred dollars on all taxable property of said county, to create a "Sinking Fund” for the liquidation of said debt ; said tax to be collected at the time, and in the same manner as other county taxes ; and said Supervisors are required to set apart from the “General Funds," of said county, a sum, which, added to the “Special Fund," shall be equal in amount to the one half of the entire General Fund” of said county; which “Fund” the Treasurer of Amador County, is required to set apart and reserve for the payment of said indebtedness of Amador County to Calaveras County, when ascertained in the manner above prescribed ; which said " Fund” shall be How appropriated to no other purpose than the extinguishment of said in- appropriated. debtedness : and the creation of which said “Fund” shall continue until said indebtedness be declared, and until an amount equal to Continuance. said indebtedness shall be set apart and reserved by said Treasurer as aforesaid.

Sec. 10. When the amount of said indebtedness of Amador Indebtedness to County to Calaveras County, shall have been determined by said Commissioners, they shall certify the same to the Auditor of said County of Amador, who, immediately on the receipt of such certificate, shall draw his warrant or order on the Treasurer of said County Warrant. of Amador, in favor of the said County of Calaveras, for the amount of said indebtedness, as certified by said Commissioners ; which warrant or order shall state upon its face, that it is for the indebted-statement. ness due from the County of Amador to the County of Calaveras, as determined by the Commissioners appointed by and under the provisions of this Act; and which said warrant or order, shall be delivered by said Auditor to the Treasurer of Calaveras County ; and shall be To whom paid by the Treasurer of Amador County out of the fund or moneys required to be set apart and reserved according to the ninth section of this Act.

Sec. 11. Should the Commissioners before designated, be unable Fifth Comto agree, in the discharge of the duties imposed by the provisions of missioner. this Act, they are hereby required and empowered to appoint a fifth Commissioner, which Commissioner, so appointed shall be a member of said Board of Commissioners, and a majority of said Commissioners shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and the Quorum. acts and doings of a majority of said Commissioners, shall be deemed the acts and doings of the whole Board of said Commissioners ; and if said Commissioners should fail, neglect or refuse to appoint the fifth Commissioner as provided in this section, it shall be the duty of the District Judge of the Fifth Judicial District, to appoint said fifth District

District Sndgo. Commissioner.

be certified,


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