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l'age Assaults-continued.

Bail--continued. (5.) Indictment, Plea, &c.

65 (8.) Under commitments for misde11. Of Aggravated Assaults...... 66. 1496


109 (1.) In Churches, &c.

67 (9.) Form of the recognizance, &c. 110. 1500 (2.) In the King's Palace or Presence 67 III. When bail may be taken by the other (3.) In Courts of Justice 68 courts at Westminster .....

111 (4.) Upon Privy Counsellors, Peers, IV. When by the justices of gaol deClergymen, &c. 69 livery

112. 1500 (5.) Upon Magistrates, Constables

V. Of Personating bail

112 and Officers, in the execution of Bailiff. ...

113 their duty.....

69. 1496 | Bailment. See Larceny. (6.) By Servants on their Masters.. 72 | Bakers

114 (7.) On account of Money won at

Ballast. See Rivers.

ib. | Banishment. See Libel.
(8.) Upon other Persons and under Banks of Rivers, Canals, &c.

116 other Circumstances... ib. Bank of England ..

ib. Assay Marks. See Bullion and Forgery Bank Notes

118 111 (1.) (F) (a) Bank post bill

119 Assembly, unlawful. See Riot,Combi- Bankers...

120 nation.

Bankers' Notes. See Forgery. Assessed Taxes. See Taxes.


ib. Assizes.

73. 1497 I. Indictments for felony and misdeAttachment..


120. 1500 Attainder

80 II. Commitments by the commissioners 124 Act of

84 III. Discharge by habeus corpus... 128 Attaint, Writ of

ib. | Bank Stock. See Forgery. Attempts and Endeavours..

85. 1497 Banns of Marriage. See Bigamy. Attorney, I. Statutes relating to ....... 87 | Baron and Feme. See Wife. II. Privileges and Liabilities ..

88 | Barratry Autrefois Acquit,


131 I. Where it may be pleaded by the same Bastards ....

132. 1501 party.

Battery. See Assault, I. (1.) Averment of the manner and Battel ......

136 circumstances of the acquittal.. 90. 1498 Bawdy-house

ib. (2.) Of the identity of the party and Beadles. See Arrest, II. the offence..

92. 1498 Beasts. See Cattle.-Dogs. Il. Where it may be pleaded by a dif- Bedford Level. See Banks of Rivers.-ferent party


Public Works. III. Practice and proceedings on the plea


1502 97. 1498

And see Brewers. Autrefois Attaint 98 Bees

138 Convict

99. 1498 And see Larceny, III.

Beggars. See Street Acts.-Vagrants.

Behaviour. See Surety.

Bell Metal. See Larceny, III.

Benefit of Clergy. See Clergy. Bail 100 | Bent

139 1. When bail may be taken by justices Berwick-upon-Tweed...

ib. of the peace...

100. 1499 BigamyII. When by the Court of King's Bench

I. Definition of the offence. ... ... 140. 1506 (1.) Under commitments by the King

II. Of the statutes relating to it ... 141 or the Privy Council...

103 III. Indictment, trial, and evidence 143. 1506 (2.)

by either house of par- Bills of Exchange. See Forgery, III.
104 | Birds

151 (3.) by the superior courts 105 Birth. See Evidence, II. (4.) - by inferior courts.... 106 | Bishop. See Peer. (5.) for treason ib. Black Act

ib. (6.) for murder and manBlasphemy

ib. slaughter .....

107 Bleaching Ground. See Larceny, IV. (7.)

for other felonies 108 Blood, Corruption of. See Attainder.




Blowing Horns. See Street Acts.

Capias. See Process.

152 Capital Punishment ....

201. 1512

Bonds. See Forgery, III.





And see Indictment, V.

Borough. See Corporation.

Cards and Dice




And see Forgery, III.

Breach of Trust. See Attorney.-Embez-




And see Larceny, II.


ib. Catholics. See Roman Catholics.Dis-

Breaking. See Burglary, I.


Prison. See Escape.Prison-


breaking.-- Rescue.

I. Feloniously killing or maiming.. 203. 1513

open Doors. See Arrest, III.

II. Cruelty to, in general

205. ib.


154 III. Regulations as to slaughtering 205. 1516

And see Beer.

Central Criminal Court ..



155 Certificates. See Evidence, II. (1.)
1. As to undue favour or influence in Certiorari



ib. I. Where it

, lies

206. 1525

II. As to the corrupt sale and disposal

II. For what causes granted

208. ib.

of offices...

157 111. At whose instance


III. As to elections of members of par-

IV. Of the practice of applying for it

liament, &c. ....


210. 1526


V. Of the effect of it

213. 1527

1. Punishment for injuries to

163 VI. Of the return


II. What are public bridges 164. 1508 VII. Of the costs ..

217. 1527

III. Who are bound to repair 165. ib. Chains


IV. Indictment, pleas, evidence, &c. 171. 1509 | Challenge to fight


V. Certiorari..


of Jurors. See Jury.

Brokers. See Annuity.- Embezzlement.


220. 527

Bubble Act
176 Chance-medley

Building Act

ib. Chancery Proceedings. See Evidence, II.

176. 1509.

Suitors. See Forgery, III.
Bull-baiting. See Cattle.

Chapel. See Church.
Bullock. See Cattle.Larceny, III.

Character. See Evidence.

Bullock-hunting. See Cattle.



179. 1510 I. At common law


I. What is a breaking

180. ib.

II. By the stat. 7 & 8 G. 4. c. 29. 229. 1528

II. What is an entering


ib. III. By other statutes


III. What is the mansion or dwelling-

IV. Indictment, evidence, &c. 233. 1528


185. ib. Chelsea Hospital .


IV. Whose dwelling-house it shall be

And see Forgery, III.
laid to be

188. 1511 Chester. See Wales.
V. Of the time of committing the of- Children

235. 1531



And see Infant.

VI. Of the intent....

193 Child-stealing


VII. Of the indictment, pleas, evidence, Chimney Sweepers. See Apprentices.


194. 1512 Chose in Action. See Larceny, III.

Burial of the Dead

198. ib. Christian Religion. See Religion.
Burning. See Arson.

in the hand
199 I. Disturbance of Divine Service



II. Offence of not going to Church. 239
Butter and Cheese
ib. Churchwardens


Buttons ..

200 Cinque Ports


Buying of Titles. See Champerty.

City. See Venue.

Clergy, benefit of

242. 1533




Clerks. See Larceny, V.

Calendar of Prisoners


of Assize

245. 1533

Calico Printers. See Servants, II.

of the Crown Office


Canals. See Banks of Rivers.

of the Peace

246. 1533

a 2


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tion, IV.

Page Clipping. See Coin.

Commission day

255 Clothes. 249 Commitment

ib. Coals 250 I. The cause of the commitment.

ib. Coffee Shops

1534 II. The form of the commitment .. 257. 1568 Coin

250. ib. III. To what prison, and at whose ex1. Offences relating to the King's cur

pense the commitment must be rent gold and silver coin


261. ib. (1.) Counterfeiting gold and silver

IV. As to the execution of the warrant coin.....


and the discharge of the prisoner 265 (2.) Colouring pieces of coin or metal 1539

See Gaol and Justice.
(3.) Impairing gold or silver coin .. 1541 Common Prayer. See Church, I.-
(4.) Buying, selling, &c. of counter-

feit coin
1542 Commons, House of

267 (5.) Importing counterfeit coin

1543 Compassing. See Treason. (6.) Uttering counterfeit coin ... 1545 Compensation to Officers, &c. See Ar(7.) Possession of counterfeit coin .. 1548

rest, V.- Constable.- Costs.- Re(8.) Making, mending, &c. of coin

wards. ing tools

1549 Competency of Witnesses. See EviII. Offences relating to the King's cur

dence, I.–Forgery, VI. rent copper coin

Compounding Offences

268. 1568 (1.) Counterfeiting copper coin 1551 | Concealment of Birth. See Bastard. (2.) Buying, selling, &c. of counter

of a Will. See Will.
feit copper coin

of Coining Tools

(3.) Uttering counterfeit copper coin 1552 Concealment of Felony. See Misprision.
(4.) Possession of counterfeit copper Confederacies. See Combinations.-Con-


spiracies. (5.) Making, mending, &c. of coin

Confession. See Evidence, I.-Convicing tools

III. Offences relating to foreign coin- Confidential Communications-
1. Foreign coin made current in Eng-

See Evidence, I.-Libel, III.
ib. Conies

271. 1568 2. Foreign gold and silver coin not Conspiracy

271 made current in England

ib. 1. Of conspiracies to injure the public
(a) Counterfeiting foreign gold or

273. 1568
silver coin
ib. II. To injure individuals

277. 1569
(6) Importing counterfeit foreign

III. Of the indictment

279. ib.
gold or silver coin ....
1554 IV. Of the trial and evidence

(c) Uttering counterfeit foreign Constable.
gold or silver coin
ib. I. Antiquity and origin of the office ..

(a) Custody of counterfeit foreign

II. Who are liable to serve

284 gold or silver coin

1555 III. How appointed and how punishable 3. Offences relating to foreign copper

for refusal to serve ......

286. 1570 coin not made current in England

IV. Power and Duties..

288. 1572
(a) Counterfeiting foreign copper V. Indemnity and Protection..... 292. 1572
1556 VI. Of the Expenses of the Office

(6) Custody of counterfeit foreign Constitution. See Libe!.

ib. Construction of Statutes. See Statutes. IV. Of Principals and Accessories


of Words. See IndictV. Indictment and Venue

1557 VI. Trial 1560 Contagion.

296 VII. Evidence ib. Contempt

297. 1572 VIII. Provisions for the discovery and

Contra Pacem. See Indictment, II.
seizure of counterfeit coin and coin-

Contra Formain Statuti. See Indict-
ing tools, and for the disposal of

1565 | Conventicle. See Dissenters. Colliers

251 Conveyances, Fraudulent. See Cheats, III. And see Servants.


301. 1573 Combinations

I. General Requisites

302. 1573 I. Affecting the government ..... 251. 1567 II. The Information

306 II. Of workmen in particular trades 253. 1567 III. The Summons.


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copper coin

ment, II.

mient, II.



356 337



359 361 364 367


Declarations of Deceased Persons. See
IV. The Appearance and Defence 316 Evidence, IV.
V. The Evidence ...

317. Dedication of a Highway. See Highway. VI. The Adjudication ..

322 Deeds, Stealing. See Larceny, III. Convicts. See Transportation.

Forging. See Forgery, III. Copies of Documents. See Evidence.

And see Evidence, II. Copper. See Coin and Larceny, III.

Deer Coppice. See Arson, I.

Demurrer Copy of Indictment. See Indictment,

Deodand. See Coroner, Ill.

Depositions. See Evidence, II.
Copyhold Court Rolls. See Forgery, Ill. Description. See Addition.Burglary.-
Cordage for Shipping.

328 Evidence.Forgery.- Indictment.--MisCorn

328. 1573 nomer.-Murder.-Property.--Variance. Coroner

ib. ib. | Deserters I. How Appointed

329 Destroying Property. See Mischief.— Riot. II. Duties, Jurisdiction, and Inquisition

Dice. See Cards and Dice.-Gaming,

331. 1574 Forgery, III. III. Of the Deodand

335 Diploma. See Evidence, II. IV. Fees

337 Discontinuance... V. How Punishable for Neglect of Duty 338 Disorderly House Corporation

339. 1574 Dissenters.. Corruption of Blood

340 Distress... Costs

340. 1578 Distringas. See Process. Cottages..

343 | Disturbance of Public Worship. See Cotton Factories

344. 1579 Church, 1.Dissenters. Counsel

344. 1580 Diversion of Highway. See Highway, II. Counterfeiting. See Coin.-Forgery.

Divisible Averments. See Evidence, IV.

345. 1580 Dividend Warrants.
346. ib.

See Forgery, III.

346. 1530 Divorce. See Bigamy. Courts of Justice. See Assault.

Dock Yards. See Arson, I.-Larceny, IV. Court Rolls. See Evidence, II.

Dogs Coventry Act



348 Drafts for Payment of Money. See ForCriticism. See Libel, III. Crops, Growing. See Arson, I.

Drivers. See Highway. Cross-examination. See Evidence, I.

Driving Furiously. See Highway.-ManCruelty

349 slaughter.-Stage Coaches. to Animals. See Cattle, II.

Driving Cattle Improperly. See Cattle. Cursing and Swearing

349 | Drunkenness... Curtilage

350 | Ducking Stool. Customs..

352. 1581 | Duel. See Affray-.Challenge.-ManCustos Rotulorum

352 slaughter, II.-Murder, V. Cutting and Maiming. See Maiming.

Duplicity. See Indictment, II. Cyder. See Beer.

Dwelling-house. See Arson.-Burglary.


Dying Declarations. See Evidence, I.

Murder, IX.

gery, III.

371 372


353 Damage to Property. See Mischief.

Dead Bodies ..

And see Anatomy.

373 Deaf and Dumb..

354. 1582 East India Bonds See Forgery, III. Death.

355 Ecclesiastical Courts. See Evidence, II. - And see Capital Punishment.

Egyptians. See Gypsies. Death-bed Declarations. See Evidence,

Elections .....

373 1.-Muriler, IX.

Election of Prosecutor.

374. 1582 Debating Societies. See Combination.- EmbezzlementDisorderly House.-Seditious Meeting's.

1. By Public Officers...

375. 1583 Deceit. See Cheats.

II. By Private Agents..

375. 1584



Page Embracery..

377 Evidence-continued. Emigration.

379 (2.) Of Hearsay Evidence ...... 451. 1600 Endeavours. See Attempts and Endea.

(3.) What Allegations must be proved

and what is a Variance........ 453. ib. Enemies, adhering to. See Treason.

(4.) As to the proof of negative AverEngraving false Plates. See Forgery.

ments ...

460 Engrossing. See Forestalling.

(5.) As to the Evidence being confinEnlistment. See Foreign Enlistment.

ed to the point in issue 462. 1601 Entry, what is, in Burglary. See Bur- Examinations

467 glary, II.

Examination of Witnesses. See EviEntries in Books. See Evidence, IV.

dience, 1. Equity Proceedings. See Evidence, II.

Exceptions, Bill of

467 Error ...

379. 1585 Exchequer Bills. See Larceny, III. and Escape..


Forgery, III. I. By the party himself.

ib. Exchequer Suitors. See Forgery, III. II. Suffered by an Officer or other Person Excise

467, 1603 having the custody of the Offender.. ib.

And see Assault, II., Conviction, II.,
III. As to Retaking the Prisoner..... 385 Forgery, III.
IV. Of the Indictment, Evidence, and Excommunication..

470. ib. Punishment.. 386 Execution

471. ib. Escheat..


And see Punishment. Estreat.

389 Expenses. See Costs. Evidence

ib. Exposure of the Person. See Indecency. I. Of Parol Evidence or Witnesses


474. 1604 (1.) Of the Evidence of Accomplices

390. 1585 (2.) Of the Competency of Witnesses-

(a) Want of Religious Principle or

393 / Factors. See Embezzlement.
(6) Infamy of character
394 Fairs

1604 (c) What Interest disqualifies 397. 1586 False Bills of Parcels. See Thames. (3.) Of the requisite Number of Wit

Imprisonment. See Assault. nesses....

403 Oaths. See Perjury. (4.) Of the Examination of Witnesses

Making. See Coin.-Forgery. (a) Of Privileged Communications


476. 1605 404, 1586

And see Forgery, III.
(6) Of the general practice as to the

Pretences and Tokens. See Cheats,
Examination of Witnesses and

II., and Pretences, False.
what Questions they are com-


477 pelled to Answer

408. 1586

And see Slander. (c) How the Credit of Witnesses

Weights and Measures. See Cheats. may be impeached.... .413. 1587 Fear, Putting in. See Robbery, II. (5.) How the Attendance of WitFees

478 nesses may be enforced........419. 1588 Felo de se

478. 1606 (6.) Of the Remuneration and Pro- Felony

480 tection of Witnesses 421 Fences

482 (7.) Of Dying Declarations, 422. 1589

And see Mischief, IV. (8.) Of Confessions and Admissions Ferretz

482 423. 1590 Fetters

483 Mode of Proving Confessions 1595

And see Arraignment. JI. Of Written Evidence.

Fictitious Suit. See Barratry. (1.) Of Public Documents ...... 429. 1596 Fighting. See Affray.-Assault.-Man(2.) Exaininations and Depositions

slaughter.-Murder.Prize Fights. 435. 1596 Fine..

483. 1606 (3.) Of Private Documents 439. 1599 And see Highway, VI. III. Of Presumptive Evidence 441 | Fire.....

487 As to Acts of Public Officers 444. 1599 Arms..

ib. IV. General Rules of Evidence


488 (1.) The best possible Evidence must Fish and Fish-ponds..

488. 1609 be produced

445. 1599 | Fixtures. See Larceny, III.


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