The works of professor Wilson, ed. by prof. Ferrier, Band 2


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Seite 279 - SHUT, shut the door, good John ! fatigued, I said, Tie up the knocker, say I'm sick, I'm dead. The Dog-star rages ! nay 'tis past a doubt, All Bedlam, or Parnassus, is let out : Fire in each eye, and papers in each hand, 5 They rave, recite, and madden round the land.
Seite 100 - ... the fulfilment of their fear ; For he must die who is their stay, Their glory disappear. A Power is passing from the earth To breathless Nature's dark abyss ; But when the great and good depart What is it more than this — That Man, who is from God sent forth, Doth yet again to God return ? — Such ebb and flow must ever be, Then wherefore should we mourn ? 1 1806. VI. LINES WRITTEN, NOVEMBER 13, 1814, ON A BLANK LEAF IN 1 COPY OF THE AUTHOR'S POEM " THE EXCURSION," UPON HEARING OF THE DEATH...
Seite 416 - ... like lunacy. Under this uncertainty, I deemed it right to communicate to my parents, that, if I were to consider Lord Byron's past conduct as that of a person of sound mind, nothing could induce me to return to him.
Seite 405 - The sun had long since, in the lap Of Thetis, taken out his nap, And like a lobster boiled, the morn From black to red began to turn...
Seite 265 - ... if the intelligent faculty should be rendered more comprehensive, it would require only a different and apportioned organization, the body celestial instead of the body terrestrial, to bring before every human soul the collective experience of its whole past existence, and this, — this, perchance, is the dread book of judgment, in whose mysterious hieroglyphics every idle word is recorded...
Seite 279 - They rave, recite, and madden round the land. What walls can guard me, or what shades can hide? They pierce my thickets, through my grot they glide, | • By land, by water, they renew the charge, They stop the chariot, and they board the barge. No place is sacred, not the church is free, Even Sunday shines no Sabbath-day to me : Then from the Mint walks forth the man of rhyme, Happy! to catch me, just at dinner-time.
Seite 363 - Not that the poet has any scruples about the use of animal food. He acknowledges that it is for the good of the animals themselves that men should feed upon them.
Seite 4 - Gran' fun to fling a boatfu' o' harpooners into the air; or wi' ae thud o' your tail, to drive in the stern-posts o' a Greenlandman. Tickler — Grander fun still, James, to feel the inextricable harpoon in your blubber, and to go snoving away beneath an ice-floe with four mile of line connecting you with your distant enemies. Shepherd — But then whales marry but ae wife, and are passionately attached to their offspring. There, they and I are congenial speerits. Nae fish that swims enjoys so large...
Seite 319 - Come, bright improvement! on the car of time, And rule the spacious world from clime to clime ; Thy handmaid arts shall every wild explore, Trace every wave, and culture every shore.
Seite 357 - Mr. Southey brings to the task two faculties which were never, we believe, vouchsafed in measure so copious to any human being, the faculty of believing without a reason, and the faculty of hating without a provocation.

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