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(Parts 800 to 999)


Part 800 801

802 803 804 805 806 807

Department of the Air Force Seal.
Admission of labor union representatives contractor employees to Air Force

Authority of Armed Forces personnel to perform notarial acts.
Disposition of personal property.
Mortuary affairs.
Life insurance solicitation.
Disclosure of unclassified records.
Issuing Air Force publications and forms outside the Air Force.


810 Sale or release of motion picture and sound track stockfootage. 811 Sale of documentary still photographs. 812 User charges. 813 Schedule of fees and charges for copying, certifying and searching records. 813a Providing Air Force reference room service to the public. 814 Responsibility of the contractor. 815 Persons authorized medical care. 816 Service club program. 817 Credit Unions. 818 Personal commercial affairs. 819 Providing environmental services to nonmilitary agencies and individuals. 819a Selling aviation fuel and oil for contract, charter, and civil aircraft.


820 Air Force bands. 821 Mission and functions of the 4520th Aerial Demonstration Squadron,

"Thunderbirds". 822 Unidentified flying objects (UFO). 823 Iindividuals and organizations authorized commissary store privileges. 824 Air Force participation in public events. 825 Air Force newspapers, base guides and directories. 825a Gifts to the Department of the Air Force. 826 Gifts to individuals of the Air Force.

Part 827a Release of information on accidents. 828 Rewards for recovery of lost Air Force property. 829 Organizing and operating off-base patrols. 830 Professional entertainment program in overseas areas. 831 Awards to entertainers and sponsors of entertainment units. 832 Employment of Civil Air Patrol. 833 Air Force relations with industry. 834 Selecting architect-engineers for professional services by negotiated con

tracts. 835 Information policies and procedures. 836 Release of information relating to criminal proceedings. 837 Support of non-Government organizations. 838 Granting temporary use of real property. 839 The Scientific and Technical Information (STINFO) program.



841 842 843 845 846 847

Releasing information for litigation and appearance of witnesses before

civilian courts and other tribunals.
Paternity claims.
Administrative claims.
Statutory reimbursement for land.
Counsel fees and other expenses in foreign tribunals.
Private indebtedness and support of legal dependents.
Authentication of official Air Force records for admission into evidence.


850 851 852

Safeguarding classified information.
Protection of USAF resources.
Industrial security.



856 858 859 860 861

Use of Air Force installations by other than U.S. Department of Defense

Aircraft arresting systems.
Orientation flights.
Non-Air Force pilots flying Air Force test aircraft.
Contractors' flight operations.
Air Force aero clubs.


865 866

Personnel Review Boards.
Boards of officers for conducting investigations.


870 871

Air Force Reserve Officers' Training Corps (AFROTC).
Deferment of Air Force ROTC cadets.

Part 872 873 874

Air Force Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps.
Air Force ROTC Flight Instruction Program (FIP).
Air Force ROTC subsistence allowance and rates of commutation in lieu of

Delay in active duty for AFROTC graduates.



880 Medical, dental, and veterinary care from civilian sources. 881 Appointment of officers in the United States Air Force or as Reserves of

the Air Force. 882 Decorations and awards. 883 Apprehension and arrest. 884 Delivery of Air Force personnel to U.S. civilian authorities for trial. 885 Appointment of officers in the Regular Air Force. 886 Equal opportunity and treatment of military personnel. 887 Issuing certificates in lieu of lost or destroyed separation certificates. 888 Enlistment in the Regular Air Force. 888a Enlistment of nonprior service personnel in Ready Reserve unit programs. 888b Enlistment in the Air Force Reserve. 888c Career Reserve status for Reserve Officers and active duty service commti

ments for officers and warrant officers. 889 Absence without leave and desertion.

890 891

Employment policies.
Security program.


901 Appointment to the USAF Academy.
902 USAF Officer Training School (OTS).
905 Medical service officer procurement programs for in-service training.
906 Medical service early commissioning program.
907 Delayed enlistment program.
908 Medical education of Reserve Air Forces officers.
909 USAF training for Air Force contractor employees.



Standards of conduct.


930 USAF sentry dog program.
930a Sentry/scout dogs.
931 Experimental animals.
932 Prevention and control of communicable diseases of animals.
933-999 [Reserved]


PART 800 DEPARTMENT OF THE (d) The band encircling the whole AIR FORCE SEAL

design bears the inscription “Department

of the Air Force" and "United States of Sec. 800.1 Purpose.

America." 800.2 Authority.

(e) The official Air Force colors, ultra800.3 Description and significance.

marine blue and golden yellow, are used 800.4 Use of the Seal.

in the Seal. Ultramarine blue is used for 800.5 Coat of Arms.

the circular background of the Seal, 800.6 Supply and issue. 800.7 Responsibility.

while the upper part of the Shield of the

Coat of Arms is light blue-representing AUTHORITY: The provisions of this Part 800

the sky. The lower part of the shield is issued under sec. 8012, 70A Stat. 488; 10 U.S.C. 8012.

white-representing the heraldic metal

silver. The thunderbolt is golden yellow SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 800

with flames in natural color. Alternate appear at 32 F.R. 9673, July 4, 1967, unless otherwise noted.

twists of white and light blue make up

the wreath of the crest; the eagle and $ 800.1 Purpose.

cloud are in their natural colors. The 13 This part describes the Department of stars are white, and the Roman numerals the Air Force seal, prescribes its use, and golden yellow. White, edged in golden tells when the seal may be reproduced in yellow with black letters is used on the whole or in part.

encircling band. $ 800.2 Authority.

$ 800.4 Use of the Seal. An official seal for the Department of

(a) Official policy. Use of the Seal or the Air Force is prescribed by 10 U.S.C.

any part thereof is permitted only as 8011. The President of the United States

authorized in this part, or as approved approved the Air Force Seal by Executive

by the Department of the Air Force in Order No. 9902, November 3, 1947 (12 FR

specific instances. Falsely making, forg7153).

ing, counterfeiting, mutilating, or alter$ 800.3 Description and significance.

ing the Seal—or knowingly using or posThe description of the Air Force seal

sessing with fraudulent intent any such and the significance of its various ele

altered Sealmis punishable by law (62 ments are as follows:

Stat. 714; 18 U.S.C. 506). (a) The coat of arms, in the center

(b) Authorized uses. The Seal or any portion of the seal, consists of two part thereof—in black and white, color, components:

monochrome reproduction, pictorial, or (1) The Crest includes the eagle, cloud sculptured relief—may be used formation, and heraldic wreath. The

follows: American bald eagle symbolizes the (1) Motion pictures and television: In United States and its airpower; the Air Force-approved training films, pubwreath beneath the eagle, composed of lic relations films, and official Air Force six alternate folds of metal and color, motion picture and television programs. repeats the principal metal and color

(2) Memorials and monuments: Those used in the shield, white (representing

erected by the Department of the Air silver) and light blue. The cloud forma

Force or for which both the purpose and tion behind the eagle depicts the creation of a new firmament—the Department of

design are specifically approved by Hq the Air Force.

USAF. (2) The shield, immediately below the

(3) Display: With any official Air eagle, is divided horizontally into two

Force exhibit. parts by a nebuly line representing (4) Wall plaques: By museums, miliclouds. The top portion of the shield tary societies, and governmental instibears the heraldic thunderbolt, which tutions, when specifically approved by portrays striking power through the

Hą USAF. medium of aerospace.

NOTE: When use of the entire Seal or any (b) The 13 encircling stars represent

part thereof is desired and the specific case the original 13 colonies.

is not covered in this part, request for ap(c) Roman numerals beneath the

proval will be forwarded through channels to shield indicate 1947, the year the Depart- USAFMPC (AFPMSAU), Randolph AFB Tex. ment of the Air Force was established. 78148.


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