Records of the Geological Survey of India, Bände 1-10

Includes the Annual report of the Geological Survey of India, 1867-

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Seite 174 - ... diamonds would probably far more than compensate for the greater expenditure incurred. In the country to the south of Sambalpur, in Karial and Nowagarh, where rocks of similar age occur to those of the Barapahar hills. I have failed to find any traditional record of diamonds having ever been found or searched for.
Seite 175 - On the contrary, the boulder bed, including, as it does, such a large proportion of materials directly derived from the metamorphic rocks, might naturally be expected to contain gold. In the original description of the Talchir coal-field the following passage occurs:—" Gold is occasionally washed in the Tikaria River, and was also a few years since obtained from the sands of the Ouli.
Seite 174 - ... eight or nine months, than would be possible in the case of the washings in the bed of the Mahanadi itself. According to the accounts received by me, the southern channel of the Mahanadi used not to be emptied in the Raja's time ; but from various causes I should expect it to yield, proportionately, a larger number of diamonds than the northern.
Seite 173 - ... seek for diamonds, and in 1856 a notification appeared in the Gazette describing the prospect in somewhat glowing terms. For a short time the lease was held by a European, at the very low rate of two hundred rupees per annum; but, as it was given up voluntarily, it may be concluded that the lessee did not make it pay. The facts that the Government resumed possession of the rent-free villages, while the Raja's operations had been carried on without any original outlay, materially altered the case,...
Seite 172 - Stones," gives some particulars regarding the diamonds of Sambalpur, but the limited information at his disposal does not appear to have been very accurate. He records one diamond of 84 grains having been found within the period of British rule, but does not mention his authority. There are said to be a good many diamonds still in the hands of the wealthier natives in Sambalpur. Of course, large diamonds such as those above mentioned...
Seite 101 - Voyage d'exploration à la mer Morte, à Petra et sur la rive gauche du Jourdain.
Seite 174 - I believe would be found to be the case — close to the matrix, these streams would, I think, be found to contain facilities for obtaining a sufficient head of water for washing purposes! Such works would require but a few labourers, and could be carried on for a much longer period every year, say...
Seite 171 - ... of which nothing is known. Another diamond, in the possession of Narain Singh, is said to have weighed about a tola the equivalent of which, calculated as above, would be 45'35 carats. Already one of 16'5 carats has been mentioned as having been sent to Calcutta in 1766. One large but slightly flawed diamond, which I saw in the possession of a native in Sambalpur, was valued in Calcutta, after cutting, at Rs. 2,500. Mr. Emanuel, in his work on Diamonds and Precious * Thin description sufjKestB...
Seite 152 - Catalogue of the publications of the United States Geological Survey of the Territories. FV Hayden, geologist-in-charge.
Seite 168 - Raja's, who was in charge there, informed him that " it was his business to search in the River Hebe, after the rains, for red earth, washed down from the mountains, in which earth diamonds were always found.

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