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MARK II. be whole need not a physi- eth with publicans and sin

cian, but they that are sick. 17 ners? When Jesus heard it, 13 But go ye and learn what he saith unto them; They

that meaneth ; "I will have that are whole have no need mercy, and not sacrifice.”

of the physician, but they For I am not come to call that are sick. I came not the righteous, but sinners. to call the righteous, but

Then came to him the sinners. disciples of John, saying ; 18 And the disciples of John Why do we and the Phari- and the Pharisees used to

sees fast oft, but thy disci- fast; and they come and 15 ples fast not? And Jesus

say unto him ; Why do the said unto them ; Can the disciples of John and of the children of the bride-cham- Pharisees fast, but thy disciber mourn, as long as the 19 ples fast not? And Jesus bridegroom is with them? said unto them; Can the But the days will come when children of the bride-chamthe bridegroom shall be ta- ber fast, while the brideken from them, and then

groom is

with them ? as 16 shall they fast.

long as they have the brideputteth a piece of new cloth groom with them, they canunto an old garment; for 20 not fast. But the days will that which is put in to fill it come, when the bridegroom up taketh from the garment,

shall be taken away from and the rent is made worse. them, and then shall they fast 17 Neither do men put new 21 in that day. No man sew

wine into old bottles ; else eth a piece of new cloth on an the bottles break, and the old garment; else the new wine runneth cut, and the piece that filled it up taketh bottles perish; but they put away from the old, and the new wine into new bottles, 22 rent is made worse. And and both are preserved. no man putteth new wine in

to old bottles ; else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred; but new wine must be put into new bottles.

No man

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While he spake these 22 And, behold, there cometh things unto them, behold, one of the rulers of the syn-l


LUKE V. are whole need not a physi

cian; but they that are sick; 32 I came not to call the right

eous, but sinners to repentance.

And they said unto him ; Why do the disciples of John fast osten, and make prayers, and likewise the disciples of the Pharisees ;

but thine eat and drink? 34 And he said unto them;

Can ye make the children of the bride-chamber fast

while the bridegroom is with 35 them ? But the days will

come, when the bridegroom shall be taken away from

them, and then shall they 36 fast in those days. And he

spake also a parable unto them ; No man putteth a piece of a new garment upon an old ; if otherwise, then both the new maketh a rent, and the piece that was taken

out of the new agreeth not 37 with the old. And no man put

teth new wine into old bottles; else the new wine will burst the bottles, and be

spilled, and the bottles shall 38 perish ; but new wine must

be put into new bottles; and 39 both are preserved! No

man also having drunk old wine, straightway desireth new; for he saith ; The old is better.

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MARK V. there came a certain ruler

agogue, Jairus by name ; and worshipped him, saying ; and when he saw him, he My daughter is even now 23 fell at his feet, and besought dead; but come and lay thy him greatly, saying ; My little hand upon her, and she

daughter lieth at the point of 19 shall live. And Jesus arose death ; I pray thee, come

and followed him, and so did and lay thy hands on her, 20 his disciples.

And, be

that she may be healed; hold, a woman, which was 24 and she shall live. And Jediseased with an issue of

sus went with him; and much blood twelve years, came people followed him, and

behind him, and touched the 25 thronged him. 21 hem of his garment. For certain woman, which had an

she said within herself; If i issue of blood twelve years,

may but touch his garment, 26 and had suffered many things 22 I shall be whole. But Je

of many physicians, and had sus turned him about, and spent all that she had, and was when he saw her, he said ; nothing bettered, but rather Daughter, be of good com- 27 grew worse, when she had fort; thy faith hath made heard of Jesus, came in the thee whole. And the wo

press behind, and touched man was made whole from 28 his garment. (For she said ; 23 that hour. And when

If I may touch but his Jesus into the ruler's

clothes, I shall be whole.) house, and saw the minstrels, 29 And straightway the foun

and the people making a tain of her blood was dried 24 noise, he said unto them ; up; and she felt in her body

Give place; for the maid that she was healed of that is not dead, but sleepeth. 30 plague. And Jesus immeAnd they laughed him to diately knowing in himself

But when the peo- that virtue had gone out of ple were put forth, he went him, turned him about in the in, and took her by the press, and said ; Who touchhand; and the maid arose. / 31 ed

my clothes ? And his 26 And the fame hereof went disciples said unto him ; abroad into all that land. Thou seest the multitude

thronging thee; and sayest

thou; Who touched me? 32 And he looked round about

to see her that had done 33 this thing. But the woman

fearing and trembling, knowing what was done in her,


25 scorn.


LUKE VIII. was a ruler of the

synagogue; and he fell down at Jesus' feet, and besought him that

he would come into his 42 house ; for he had one only

daughter, about twelve years of age, and she lay a dying.

But as he went, the 43 people thronged him. And

a woman having an issue of blood twelve years, which had spent all her living upon

physicians, neither could be 44 healed of any, came behind

him and touched the border of his garment; and imme

diately her issue of blood 45 stanched. And Jesus said ;

Who touched me? When all denied, Peter, and they that

were with him, said ; Master, the multitude throng thee, and press thee; thou


Who touched me? 46 Ard Jesus said ; Somebody

hath touched me; for I per

ceive that virtue is gone out 47 of me. And when the wo

man saw that she was not hid, she came trembling, and, falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him,

and how she was healed im48 mediately. And he said un

to her; Daughter, be of good comfort ; thy faith hath

made thee whole; go in 49 peace.

While he yet spake, there cometh one from the ruler of the synagogue's

and sayest

MARK V. came and fell down before

him, and told him all the 34 truth.

And he said unto her; Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go

in peace, and be whole of 35. thy plague.

While he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synagogue's house certain which said ; Thy daughter is dead; why

troublest thou the Master 36 any further ? As soon as Je

sus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue; Be

not afraid, only believe. 37 And he suffered no man to

follow him, save Peter, and

James, and John the brother 38 of James. And he cometh to

the house of the ruler of the synagogue, and seeth the tu

mult, and them that wept 39 and wailed greatly. And

when he was come in, he saith unto them; Why make ye this ado, and weep? the dam

sel is not dead, but sleepeth. 40 And they laughed him to

scorn. But when he had put them all out, he taketh the father and the mother of the damsel, and them that were

with him, and entereth in 41 where the damsel was. And

he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her ; Talitha, cumi; which is, being interpreted; Damsel, I say unto thee, arise. And straightway the darnsel arose and walked; for she was of



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