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King? The chief priests

answered ; We have
16 king but Cesar. Then de-

livered he him therefore unto them to be crucified. And they took Jesus, and

led him away. And as they led him away, 17 And he bearing his cross they laid hold upon one Si- went forth into a place called mon a Cyrenian, coming out the place of a skull, which of the country, and on him is called in the Hebrew, they laid the cross, that he 18 Golgotha; where they cruci

might bear it after Jesus. fied him, and two other with 27 And there followed him a him, on either side one, and

great company of people, 19 Jesus in the midst. And and of women ; which also Pilate wrote a title, and put

bewailed and lamented hiin. it on the cross. And the 28 But Jesus turning unto them, writing was ; 66 JESUS

said ; Daughters of Jerusa- OF NAZARETH, THE lem, weep not for me; but KING OF THE JEWS.”

weep for yourselves and for 20 This title then read many of 29 your children. For, behold, the Jews, for the place where

the days are coming in the Jesus was crucified was nigh which they shall say ; Bles- to the city; and it was writsed are the barren, and the ten in Hebrew, and Greek, wombs that never bare, and 21 and Latin. Then said the

the paps which never gave chief priests of the Jews to 30 suck. Then shall they be- Pilate; Write not ; The

gin to say to the mountains ; King of the Jews; but that

Fall on us; and to the hills ; he said ; I am King of the 31 Cover us. For if they do 22 Jews.

Pilate answered ; these things in a green-tree,

What I have written, I have what shall be done in the 23 written. Then the sol32 dry?

And there were diers, when they had crucialso two other, malefactors, fied Jesus, took his garments, led to be put to death with (and made four parts, to evhim.

ery soldier a part,) and also And when they were come

his coat.

Now the coat was to the place which is called without seam, woven from Calvary, there they crucified 24 the top throughout. They him, and the malefactors ; said therefore among them

one on the right hand, and selves ; Let us not rend it, 34 the other on the left. Then! but cast lots for it, whose it




MARK XV. him now come down from the chief priests, mocking the cross, and we will be

among themselves with the 43 lieve him. He trusted in scribes, said ; He saved othGod; let him deliver bim

ers, cannot he save himself? now, if he will bave him ; 32 Let Christ, the King of ls

for be said ; I am the Son rael, descend now from the 44 of God. The thieves also cross, that we may see and

which were crucified with believe. And they that were

him, cast the same in his crucified with him, reviled 45 teeth.

Now from the 33 him. And when the sixth hour there was dark- sixth hour was come, there

ness over all the land, upto was darkness over the whole 46 the ninth hour. And about land, until the ninth hour.

the ninth hour Jesus cried 34 And at the ninth hour Jesus with a loud voice, saying ; cried with a loud voice, sayEli, Eli; lama sabachthani? ing ; Eloi, Eloi ; lama sathat is to say ; My God, my bachthani ? which is, being

God; why bast thou for- interpreted ; My God, my 47 saken me? Some of them God; why hast thou forsa

that stood there, when they 35 ken me? And some of them

heard that, said ; This man that stood by, when they 48 calleth for Elias. And heard it, said ; Behold, he straightway one of them ran, 36 calleth Elias.

And one ran and took a sponge, and fill- and filled a sponge full of ed it with vinegar, and put vinegar, and put it on a reed, ,

it on a reed, and gave him and gave him to drink, say. 49 to drink.

The rest said ; ing ; Let alone ; let us see Let be; let us see whether whether Elias will come to Elias will come to save him. take him down.

Jesus, when he had 37 And Jesus cried with a cried again with

loud voice, and gave up the voice, yielded up the ghost. ghost.

a loud



JOHN XIX. said Jesus; Father, forgive shall be. That the scripture them; for they know not might be fulfilled, which what they do.

And they

saith ; "

They parted my parted his raiment, and cast raiment among them, and for 35 lots.

And the people my vesture they did cast stood beholding; and the lots.” These things thererulers also with them derided fore the soldiers did. him, sayiny; He saved oth- 25 Now there stood by the cross ers, let hiin save himself, if of Jesus, his mother, and his

he be Christ, the chosen of mother's sister, Mary the 36 God.

And the soldiers also wife of Cleophas, and Mary mocked him, coming to him, 23 Magdalene. When Jesus 37 and offering him vinegar, an therefore saw his mother,

saying; If thou be the King and the disciple standing by

of the Jews, save thyself. whom he loved, he saith unto 38 And a superscription also his mother ; Woman, behold

was written over him, in let- 27 thy Son! Then saith 'he to ters of Greek, and Latin, the disciple; Behold thy and Hebrew; “THIS IS mother ! And from that hour

THE KING OF THE that disciple took her unto 39 JEWS." And one of 28 his own home. After

the malefactors, which were this, Jesus knowing that all hanged, railed on him, say- things were now accomplish

ing ; Ifthou be Christ, save ed that the scripture might 40 thyself and us. But the other be fulfilled, saith ; I thirst.

answering, rebuked him, 29 Now there was set a vessel saying ; Dost not thou fear full of vinegar; and they

God, seeing thou art in the filled a sponge with vinegar, , 41 same condemnation ? And and

put it upon hyssop, and we indeed justly ; for we re- 30 put it to his mouth. When ceive the due reward of our Jesus therefore had received

deeds; but this man hath the vinegar, he said ; It is 42 done nothing amiss. And finished ; and he bowed his

he said unto Jesus; Lord, head and gave up the ghost. remember me when thou

comest into thy kingdom. 43 And Jesus said unto him ;

Verily I say unto thee, to

day shalt thou be with me in 44 paradise.

And it was about the sixth hour, and there was a darkness over all the earth, until the ninth





And, behold, the vail of 38 And the vail of the temthe temple was rent in twain ple was rent in twain, from from the top to the bottom; 39 the top to the bottom. And and the earth did quake,

when the centurion which 52 and the rocks rent, and the stood over against him, saw

graves were opened ; and that he so cried out, and

many bodies of the saints gave up the ghost, he said ; 53 which slept, arose, and came Truly this man was the Son of

out of the graves, and went into 40 God. There were also the holy city after his resur- women looking on afar off ; rection, and appeared unto

among whom

was Mary 54 many.

Now when the cen- Magdalene, and Mary the turion, and they that were

mother of James the less, with him watching Jesus, and of Joses, and Salome; saw the earthquake, and 41 who also, when he was in those things that were done, Galilee, followed him, and they feared greatly, saying ;

ministered unto him ; and Truly this was the son of many other women which

came up with him unto Jemen were there, beholding rusalem. afar off; which followed

Jesus from Galilee, minister-
56 ing unto him; among which

was Mary Magdalene, and
Mary the mother of James
and Joses, and the mother of
Zebedee's children.

55 God.

And many wo


When the even was come, 42 And now, when the even there came a rich man of was come, (because it was

45 hour.




48 man.


And the sun
darkened ; and the vail of

the temple was rent in the 46 midst. And when Jesus had

cried with a loud voice, he said ; Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. And having said thus, he gave up the ghost.

Now, when the centurion 31 The Jews therefore, (besaw what was done, he glo- cause it was the preparation ; rified God, saying ; Cer- that the bodies should not tainly this was a righteous remain upon the cross

And all the people the sabbath-day; for that that came together to that sabbath-day was a high day,) sight, beholding the things besought Pilate that their which were

done, smote legs might be broken, and their breasts and returned. that they might be taken 49 And all his acquaintance, and 32 away. Then came the sol

the women that followed him diers, and brake the legs of from Galilee, stood afar off, the first, and of the other beholding these things.

which was crucified with 33 hiin. But when they came

to Jesus, and saw that he

was dead already, they brake 34 not his legs ; but one of the

soldiers with a spear pierced his side, and forthwith came there out blood and water.

And he that saw it, bare record, and his record is true; and he knoweth that

he saith true, that ye also 36 might believe. For these

things were done, that the scripture should be fulfilled ;

66 A bone of him shall not 37 be broken.”

And again another scripture “ They shall look on him

whom they pierced.” 50 And behold, a man nam- 38 And after this, Joseph of

ed Joseph, a counsellor, a Arimathea (being a disciple


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