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MARK XII. Then went the Pharisees,| 12 And they left him and and took counsel how they 13 went their way. And they might entangle him in his send unto him certain of the

And they sent out Pharisees, and of the Herounto him their disciples with dians, to catch him in his the Herodians, saying ; 14 words.

And when they Master, we know that thou were come, they say unto art true, and teachest the him; Master, we know that way of God in truth, neither thou art true, and carest for carest thou for any man; for no man; for thou regardest thou regardest not the per

not the

person of men, but 17 son of men. Tell us, there- teachest the way of God in

fore, what thinkest thou ? is truth; is it lawful to give

it lawful to give tribute unto tribute to Cesar, or not? 18 Cesar, or not? But Jesus 15 shall we give, or shall we

perceived their wickedness, not give ? But he, knowing

and said; Why tempt ye their hypocrisy, said unto 19 me, ye hypocrites ? Shew them; Why tempt ye me? me the tribute money. And bring me

a penny, that I they brought unto him a 16 may see it.

And they 20 penny. And he saith unto

brought it. And he saith them ; Whose is this image unto them ; Whose is this

; 21 and superscription? They say image, and superscription ?

unto him ; Cesar's. Then And they said unto himn; saith he unto them; Render

17 Cesar's.

And Jesus antherefore unto Cesar the swering, said unto them; things which are Cesar's ; Render to Cesar the things

and unto God the things that are Cesar's, and to God 22 that are God's. When they the things that are God's. · had heard these words, they

And they marvelled at him. marvelled; and left him, 18 Then come unto him and went their way.

the Sadducees, which say The same day came to there is no resurrection ; him the Sadducees, which and they asked him, saying ;

say that there is no resurrec- 19 Master, Moses wrote unto 24 tion; and asked him, saying;

us, - If a man's brother die, Master, Moses said ; "If a and leave his wife behind man die having no children, him, and leave no children, his brother shall marry his

that his brother should take wife, and raise up seed unto his wife, and raise up seed 25 his brother." Now there 20 unto his brother.” Now

were with us seven breth- there were seven brethren; ren; and the first, when he and the first took a wife,


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LUKE XX. And they watched him, and sent forth spies, which should feign themselves just men; that they might take hold of his words, that so they inight deliver him unto

the power and authority of 21 the governor.

And they asked him, saying ; Master, we know that thou sayest and teachest rightly, neither acceptest thou the person of

any, but teachest the way of 22 God truly. Is it lawful for

us to give tribute unto Ce23 sar, or no ? But he perceiv

ed their craftiness, and said

unto them; Why tempt ye 24 me? Shew me

a penny ; whose image and superscrip

tion hath it? They answer25 ed and said ; Cesar's. And

he said unto them ; Render therefore unto Cesar the things which be Cesar's;

and unto God the things 26 which be God's. And they

could not take hold of his words before the people ; and they marvelled at his answer, and held their peace.

Then came certain of the Sadducees, which deny that there is any

resurrection, and they asked 28 him, saying ; Master, Moses wrote unto us,

man's brother die, having a wife, and he die without children, that his brother should take

his wife, and raise up seed 29 unto his brother." There

were therefore seven breth


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MARK XII, had married a wife, deceas- and dying left no seed. ed; and, having no issue, 21 And the second took her left his wife unto his broth- and died, neither left he any

Likewise the second seed; and the third likealso, and the third, unto the 22 wise. And the seven had 27 seventh. And last of all the her, and left no seed. Last 28 woman died also. There- of all the woman died also.

fore, in the resurrection, 23 In the resurrection therewhose wife shall she be of fore, when they shall rise,

the seven? for they all had whose wife shall she be of 29 her. Jesus answered and them ? for the seven had said unto them ; Ye do err, 24 her to wife. 1

And Jesus not knowing the scriptures, answering, said unto them ;

the power of God. Do ye not therefore err, 30 For in the resurrection they

know not the neither marry, nor are given scriptures, neither the powin marriage, but are as the 25 er of God? For when they

angels of God in heaven. shall rise from the dead, 31 But as touching the resur- they neither marry, nor are

rection of the dead, have ye given in marriage, but are not read that which was spo- as the angels in heaven.

ken unto you by God, say- 26 And as touching the dead, 32 ing ; “I am the God of that they rise, have ye not

Abraham, and the God of read in the book of Moses, Isaac, and the God of Ja- how in the bush God spake cob?” God is not the God unto him, saying ; “I am the

of the dead, but of the liv- God of Abraham, and the 33 ing. And when the multi- God of Isaac, and the God

tude heard this, they were 27 of Jacob ? ” He is not the astonished at his doctrine. God of the dead, but of the

But when the Pharisees living. Ye therefore do had heard that he had put 28 greatly err. the Sadducees to silence, the scribes came, and

they were gathered togeth- having heard them reason35 er ; then one of them, which ing together, and perceiving

was a lawyer, asked him a that he had answered them

question, tempting him, and well, asked him ; Which is 36 saying; Master, which is the first commandment of

the great commandment in 23 all ? And Jesus answered 37 the law ? Jesus said unto him ; The first command- Thou shalt love the ment of all is ;

o Lord thy God with all thy Israel, the Lord our God is heart, and with all thy soul, 30 one Lord ; and thou shalt


And one



66 Hear,

LUKE XX. ren; and the first took a wife

a and died without children. 30 And the second took her to

wife, and he died childless. 31 And the third took her;

and in like manner the sev

en also; they left no chil32 dren, and died. Last of

all the woman died also. 33 Therefore in the resurrec

tion, whose wife of them is

she ? for seven had her to 34 wife.

And Jesus answering, said unto them; The children of this world marry,

and are given in marriage; 35 but they which shall be ac

counted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neith

er marry, nor are given in 36 marriage ; neither can they

die any more; for they are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God,

being the children of the 37 resurrection. Now that the

dead are raised, even Moses shewed at the bush, when he calleth the Lord, the God of Abraham, and

the God of Isaac, and the 38 God of Jacob. For he is

not a God of the dead, but

of the living ; for all live un39 to him.

Then certain of the scribes answering, said ;

Master, thou hast well said. 40 And after that, they durst

not ask him any question at all.



MARK XII. and with all thy mind." love the Lord thy God with 38 This is the first and great all thy heart, and with all 39 commandinent. And the thy soul, and with all thy

second is like unto it; mind, and with all thy

“ Thou shalt love thy neigh- strength.” This is the first 40 bour as thyself.” On these 31 commandment. And the

two commandments hang all second is like, namely this; the law and the prophets.

« Thou shalt love thy neighWhile the Pharisees were bour as thyself.” There is gathered together, Jesus ask- none other commandment 42 ed them, saying; What 32 greater than these. And

think ye of Christ? whose the scribe said unto him ; son is he? They say unto Well, Master, thou hast said

him ; The son of David. the truth, for there is one 43 He saith unto them; How God, and there is none oththen doth David in spirit call 33 er but he ; and to love him

: 44 him Lord ? saying; “ The with all the heart, and with

LORD said unto my Lord; all the understanding, and Sit thou on my right hand, till with all the soul, and with

I make thine enemies thy all the strength, and to love 45 footstool.” If David then call his neighbour as himself, is

him Lord, how is he his son? more than all whole burnt46 And no man was able to an- offerings and sacrifices.

swer him a word; neither durst 34 And when Jesus saw that any man, from that day forth, he answered discreetly, he

ask him any more questions. said unto him ; Thou art not 23 Then spake Jesus to the far from the kingdom of multitude, and to his disci- God.

man after 2 ples, saying; The scribes that durst ask him any

and the Pharisees sit in Mo- 35 question. And Jesus 3 ses' seat. All, therefore, answered and said, while he

whatsoever they bid you ob- taught in the temple ; How serve, that observe and do ; say the scribes, that Christ but do not ye after their 36 is the son of David ? For

works; for they say, and do David himself said by 4 A not. For they bind heavy the Holy Ghost ;

Ghost; “The burdens, and grievous to be LORD saith to my Lord; borne, and lay them on men's Sit thou on my right hand, shoulders ; but they them- till I make thine enemies thy selves will not move them 37 footstool.” David there

with one of their fingers. fore himself calleth him s But all their works they do Lord ; and whence is he for to be seen of men. They

then his son ? And the


And no

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