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Rt. Hon. the Earl of Peter- Mr. Pouncy borough

Mr. John Pouncy
Rt. Hon. Lady Elizabeth Mrs. Pouncy

Captain Pouncy
Rt. Hon. Lady Julia Percy Mrs. Pouncy
Rt. Hon. Lady Agnes Percy Miss Pelhall
Rt. Hon. Lady Emily Percy Miss Pearse
Lady Peshall

Mrs. Ping
Rev. Samuel Peshall Mrs. Powney
Nathaniel Phillips, esq.

Mrs. Phillips Mrs. Pavne

– Parker, esq. Mrs. H. C. Plowden

Pimlott, esq. Miss Palmer

Miss Price Edward Popham, esq.

Mrs. Panton Mrs. Price, 3 copies

Mrs. Pearse Mrs. Pritchard

Phillips, esq. Miss Pritchard

Partington, esq. 2 copies Miss Pickard

Mrs. Partington S. Parsons, efq.

Dr. Parsons Mrs. Parsons

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Lady Rooke

W. Rose, esq. Rev. Mr. Rose, 3 copies

Miss Rose George Rofe, esq. M. P. 3 Tho. Robbins, esq. 3 copies copies

Mrs. Robbins, 3 copies
Mrs. Rose, 3 copies Denny Rolles, esq.
G. H. Rose, efq.

Mrs. Reinhold, 2 copies

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Rt. Hon. Lady Charlotte Mrs. Shaw
Spenser, 2 copies

Mrs. Seymore
Rt. Hon. Lady Anne Spen. Mrs. Senior, 3 copies
ser, 2 copies

Col. Strickland, 3 copies
Hon. Mr. Stewart

Mrs. Strickland
Miss Shipley

David Saunders, esg.
Mrs. Spenlove

Miss Short
Rev. W. Spenlove Mrs. Stanhope, 3 copies
John Spenlove, esq. Mr. Street
Russel Skinner, efq.2copies Mrs. Smith
Miss Scott

Miss Smith
Mrs. Sutherland

Mrs. Stewart, 12 copies
Miss Sutherland

Mrs. Scudemore, 3 copies Mr. Saunders

John Spurling, esq. 3 copies Mr. D. Saunders

Mrs. Spurling, 3 copies

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Right Hon. Lady W. E. Stephen Williams, efq. ? Worsley

copies Right Hon. Lady Caroline Charles Williams, esq. 3 Waldegrave

copies Sir Thomas Wheate, bart. Henry Williams, efq. 3 Miss Wheate, 3 copies

copies John Walter, esq. 3 copies Samuel Williams, esq. 3 Mrs. Anne Walter, 3 copies copies Rev. Nevill Walter

Mrs. S. Williams, 3 copies Mrs. Nevill Walter

Miss Charlotte Williams, 3 Miss I. Walter

copies Mrs. Walker, 3 copies Captain Robert Williams, Tho. Walker, esq. 3 copies 3 copies Mrs. Walker, 3 copies Charles Bigoe Williams, Robert Williams, esq. esq. 3 copies Robert Williams, esq. jun. Dr. Wall William Williams, efq. Mrs. Wall Mrs. Williams

Miss Helena Wells Miss Williams

Mrs. Woman, 2 copies Miss Harriot Williams Mrs. Willcox Miss Sophia Williams Mr. E. Willcox, 3 copies

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Mr. W. Willcox Mr. J. Wilcox Rev. Richard Warner Miss Warner Captain Wadsworth Mrs. Wadsworth Mrs. Wyld Mrs. Willson

Miss Willis
Mrs. Mulso Whitelock
Miss Wheeler
Miss Whale
G. Whale, esq.
C. Whale, esq.
Miss Wall
T. Willbraham, efq,


Rev. Archdeacon Young Rev. Dennys Young

Page 543




ERRATA. line

5, for begun read began. 54, 16, for scarce read scarcely.

5, for sketch read stretch. 65, · 25, for seem read seems.

š, after the word "revelation" place a comma.
1 242

17, for his read its.
143, - 16, after the word “ Saviour" a colon.
143, 17, after the word "prosperous” a coinma.
161, 3, for Joseph's well read Jacob's well.

1, for hence read whence.
168, 21, for retrace read correct.

14, leave out the word “not.” 234,

14, for for read in.
267, - 14, for exprefling their public attachment read publicly

expressing their attachment.
387, - 13, for confirm it read confirm her belief.
for power


powers. 547, lines 21, 22, for permitted only to befal the righteous read

which by permission alone can befal the righteous, 625, line 10, for the read their. 700, the first nine lines should be a continuation of the quotation

from Sir Isaac Newton,


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