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2d Sessions

1 No. 114

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Memorandum to the Secretary of State -------------


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Statement of the Doctrine.

The six prime points of the Doctrine.----------

Historical background of the Doctrine...

Intercolonial wars.---

Relations with France.--------

Jefferson forecasts certain elements of the Monroe Doctrine, 1793.

Genêt's mission.---

American system of neutrality---

French decrees and British orders in council, 1793–1795.

Washington's farewell address --

Rupture with France.---

Adams announces certain principles of the Monroe Doctrine

“War” with France -

British policy vis-à-vis Spanish colonies, 1798.

Acquisition of Louisiana -----

Hawkesbury discusses Louisiana.-

King discusses the Floridas.---

Madison objects to transfers of territories.

Further British expression.--

Jefferson objects to transfer of territory ---

Navigation of the Mississippi.--------

American proposal to acquire New Orleans and the Flori

Possible British occupation of New Orleans.

Marbois' suggestion to sell the whole of Louisiana..

Treaty of purchase--------

British approval of purchase..

Summary of principles developed to 1803..

Summary of events from 1802 to 1814.

Revolution in the Spanish Americas----

Résumé of events in Europe. ---

The Grand Alliance and the Holy Alliance-

Mémoire (June 20, 1791) of Louis XVI..

Leopold II's proposed action against France--

Count Kaunitz's circular instruction -------

Declaration of Pillnitz, August 27, 1791..

French constitution of 1791.-------

Alexander proposes a European league against France, under the

auspices of Russia and England..

Pitt's reply to Alexander ---

England and Russia make a treaty of alliance..

Kutusov's proclamation of January 1, 1813..

Russia-Prussian treaty of February 28, 1813.--

Historical background of the Doctrine-Continued.

The Grand Alliance and the Holy Alliance-Continued.

Proclamation of Alexander and Frederick William, March 25, 1813..

British position.-------

Treaty of Chaumont.---

Treaties of Paris -------

Di Borgo accurately foresees American policy

British-Austrian treaty of 1815.

British-French treaty of 1815.----

The Holy Alliance------------

Conference at Aix-la-Chapelle..---

British position.------

The conference and the Spanish American colonies

Monroe on the conference.-----

Gallatin's report on the conference.-.

Conference at Troppau.----

Preliminary protocol of Troppau.

British attitude.---

Adjourned conference at Laibach..

British attitude-------

Conference at Verona----

Alexander's attitude.----

French occupation of Spain.--------

The correspondence between the United States and Russia, 1820–1823.

The correspondence regarding Cuba, 1822–1823.

The correspondence between the United States and Great Britain, 1823.

The correspondence of Monroe, Jefferson, and Madison.

Discussions in the Cabinet-------

Monroe's message to Congress.----

Contemporaneous discussions and interpretations of the Doctrine.------

Instances which might be considered or have been considered as falling

within the purview of the principles announced in the Monroe



Colombia -------


Cuba and Porto Rico.---

Colombia and Mexico.--

Neutralization of Cuba.-





Argentine Republic.-----






Bay of Honduras.


Cuba --------


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