Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Band 11


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Seite 135 - AN OUTLINE OF THE METHOD OF CONDUCTING A TRIGONOMETRICAL SURVEY. For the Formation of Geographical and Topographical Maps and Plans, Military Reconnaissance, LEVELLING, &c., with Useful Problems, Formulae, and Tables.
Seite 138 - Peschel's Elements of Physics. Translated from the German, with Notes, by E. WEST. With Diagrams and Woodcuts. 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. 21s.
Seite 125 - INSTRUCTIONS FOR PREPARING COMMUNICATIONS. The Communications should be written in the impersonal pronoun, and be legibly transcribed on foolscap paper, about thirteen inches by eight inches, the lines being three-quarters of an inch apart, on the one side only, leaving a margin of one inch and a half in width on the left side, in order that the sheets may be Lound.
Seite 124 - Memoirs and accounts of the Works and Inventions of any of the following Engineers : — Sir Hugh Middelton ; Arthur Woolf ; Jonathan Hornblower; Richard Trevithick ; William Murdoch (of Soho) ; and Alexander Nimmo.
Seite 334 - In electricity he has made a remarkable discovery; you write two or three words on a paper; he takes it with him into a room, and turns a machine enclosed in a cylindrical case, at the top of which is an electrometer, a small fine pith ball; a wire connects with a similar cylinder and electrometer in a distant apartment; and his wife, by remarking the corresponding motions of the ball, writes down the words they indicate; from which it appears that he has formed an alphabet of motions. As the length...
Seite 107 - In 1885 his name was placed on the Commission of the Peace for the borough, and he was made a County Magistrate in 1894.
Seite 307 - Schweiger soon after improved on this discovery, and found that by taking a silk covered copper wire, and coiling it round several times, the deflections of a magnetic needle suspended about it became extremely sensible. Fechner conceived the idea of adapting Oersted's discovery to telegraphic purposes, but...
Seite 121 - Navigation should be conducted, and the effects of the works upon the Drainage and Irrigation of the district.
Seite 132 - Plan for shortening the time of passage between New York and London...
Seite 134 - A Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy with an account of the processes employed in many of the most important chemical manufactures...

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