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Haldane's Tour through Scotland
Hall's Bampton Lectures
Halloran's Occasional Poems
Hanway's (Mary Ann) Elliner, or

the World as it is

Harpe, De La, on Revolutionary


Hay'a (Mary) Emma Courtney

• Victim of Prejudice

Hayter's Assize Sermon
Henshall's Specimens and Parts
Henshall & Wilkinson's Domesday 425
Holman's Votary of Wealth 301
Howlett's Sermon before two Vo-
lunteer Corps 51
1 Thanksgiving Sermon $a

Horsleys Critical Disquisitions 397

Hull's Defence of the Cassarean

Operation 5«
Hutton's (Dr. Charles) Course of

Mathematics 16a (Rev. Mr.) Sermon at Lin-
coln 309

413 Ring's Britannia Triumphant


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Knox's Considerations On the Lord's

Sapper 128
Kotzcnue's Reconciliation 155
Kouebue's Virgin of Lbc Sun, by

Miss f'lumpticc 439


Lawfulness of Defensive War con-
sidered 185
Letter to a College Friend 181

■ Member of the Irish Par-
liamcnt 3°5

■ the Pope 306
Letters from the Army of Buona-
parte 86

Letters from a Traveller to the

Abbe Barruel 55°

Libcrtix-S, a Novel »9s

Lloyd's Letter to the Anti-Jacobin

Reviewers 18S

Ludlam's Theological Essays 279


M'Cormick's Memoirs of Burke 198
Manners'* s Lady) Review of Poetry 435
Marsh's Politicks of England and

France 513
Minto's (Lord) Speech on the Union 43
Monthly Review forFebruary, 1779 ^6
Morse's Anniversary Thanklgiviug

Sermon 578

Neutrality of Prussia 175
New Annual Register for 1794


Observations on the Right Hon. J.

Forster's Speech 306

- Mr Holliday's Life

of Earl Mansfield, Sec. "7<J

Paine's Age of Reason 338
Pallas's Journey to the Southern

Provinces of Russia 531
Penn'sConjccturesonthewordFIuj 284
m Remarks on the Eastern Ori-
gination of Mankind 283
PiSkerton's History of Scotland, 113,248
Polwhele's History a! Devonshire 467
■ Letter to Pr. Hawker 451

. Old English Gentleman 171

——— Sketches in Verse 174
Prince the, of the Nineteenth Cen-
tury 540

Randall's (Anne Frances) Letter to

the Women of England 144

JUmel's Narrative of the Depor-
tation of the French Deputies ,518

Rankin's Importance of Religious

Establishments 23

Report of the Society for Bettering

the Condition of the Poor 45s

Revolution, a Poem

Rife, Progress, ice. of French Prin-
ciples 259

Robinson's (Mrs.) False Friend 39

Ruding on Coinage 168

Rush's Observations on the Yellow

Fever 58$


Sizar, a Rhapsody 54
Smith's lconographia Scotiei 423
Somerville's Reign of Queen Anne

33i 4*i 3^

Sonnini's Travels in Egypt 557
Southev's Joan of Arc J20

——.— Poems (Vol. II.J 12|
Stavorim:»'s Voyage to the East-
Indies 2°Y

Talker's Poetical Extracts 43S

Tax upon Income 17S

Tooke's Diversions of Purley 9, 37 7


Unitarian Morning and Evening

Prayers i8»

Unsexcd Females, a Poem 27

Van Braam's Embassy to China 24*
Vancouver's Voyage to the Pacific

Ocean. &c. 138
Vclthehn (Count) on the Gold-dig-

Ants and Griffons £37
View of the Conspiracy againstSoeial

Order 67
Voyjge to Guiana and Cayenne 541


Wakesield's New Testament «a
Walker's Elements of Geography 325
Wells's (Helena) Letters on Female

Education 3*7

Step Mother 4»V

What is She? A Comedy 15O
White's St. Guerdon's Well 47T
Williams's Thanksgiving Sermon 174
Wollastoa't Country Parson's Ad-
dress 3>9
Wrangham's Visitation Sermon 69
Wrangling Philosophers 46
Wright on the Monopoly of small

Farms 483
Wright's Reply to Wright 481





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Clerlcus'j Letter on the Conduct of

Rectors 74

—— Strictures on the Reviewers 79

Conjectures on the Author of Ju-

nius's Letters 346

Correspondents, Notices to

ill, 24O, 368, 496

Conntermine's (Tom) Letter on the

Quakers 77

■ Reply to Examiner 483


Daniel, a Prophecy of, applied to

the French, by Fatidicus 116

Debating Society, Description of a 98

Dissenters, Defence of the, by G. 84
■ Letter ou the, by A. 351

» whether they aro unfa-

vourable to Monarchy, decided 90


F.aaminer's Defence of the Quakers 11 j


Fall of Cifalpina 363

First of August, 1798, Lines on the 367

France, an Elegy 103


Haldane's (Rev. Mr.) Lett«r to the

i-d.tur 341

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Letter on the Conduct of Rectors,

by a Friend to the Church of

England 75

'on the Jacobinism of —

Collegt, Cambridge, by a

Friend to Truth 87

—— on Mr. Romaine, by a

Friend to the Establishment f 6

Literary Fund, Account of sot

Literary Intelligence 112, 240


Margarctfon's Letter on St. John'i

College, Cambridge 35J

Methodists, Letter on the, by the

Shade of Hooker 354

Methodist Ordinations, Account of 358

Miso-Fanaticus on Cadogau's Dis-

courses 211

the Methodists 349

iMuic. .. Account of the Mainclouc

Government 121



In our first Preface we had occasion to congratulate our readers aud ourselves on the partial success of our labours, as evinced in the dissolution of one of our political and religious opponents, the Analytical Review, premising, at the same time, that we were too well acquainted with the active principle of JacoBinism, to expect, from the destruction of a powerful advocate, any long cessation of its efforts for the attainment of its end. It speedily rose, Phenix-likej out of its own ashes, under the denomination of tlie New Analytical Review, endued with the same malignity of spirit, the same activity of exertion, and the same inveteracy of hatred to existing establishments; thereby verifying our prediction, that " the spirit of Jacobinism, though vanquished in one shape, will rise up in another." But, notwithstanding its pompous boast, that it was no "subject of partial or temporary concern," it strutted and fretted its "hour upon the stage, and then was heard no more." Thanks to the meliorated spirit of the times, imputable to causes easily traced, after a short existence of only six months, this democratic viper, of whose venom we have exhibited some notable specimens, (and many more have we to exhibit,) expired. The improvement of the public mind, thus evinced in the discouragement experienced, in the present day, by publications of a pernicious tendency, contrasted with their very extensive circulation but a short time since, affords the most satisfactory grounds of consolation

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