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* Signifies that the Act relates exclusively to Ireland.

ACCEPTANCES of Bills of Ex-
change, Regulation of Cap. 78
Accountants (Public), altering and abo-
lishing certain Forms of Pro-
ceeding in the Exchequer and
Audit Office, relative to, and
making further Provision rela-
tive to passing the Public Ac-
counts ; and rendering perpetual
54 G.S. for the effectual Ex-
amination of the Accounts of
certain Colonial Revenues 121
Acetous Acid exported, altering the
Drawback on - 102
Admiralty (Courts of), for better
regulating, and also for regu-
lating certain Proceedings in
the Court of Session connected
therewith - - 39
African Company, abolishing, and
vesting all the Forts, Possessions
and Property of, in the King 28
Alderney (Island), regulating the Im-
portation of Rum into - 94
Ale, altering and amending Excise
Duties on - - - 22
America (North), regulating the Fur
Trade of, and establishing a
Criminal and Civil Jurisdiction
in certain Parts of - 66
Apprenticeship, declaring valid certain
Indentures of - - 32
Appropriation of Supplies 4 & 122
Army, annual Act for Payment of 9 Rates to Innkeepers for quarter-
ing - - - - 25
Assessed Taxes, continuing several
Acts for relieving Persons com-
pounding for Assessed Taxes,
and amending Acts relative to
Assessments and Compositions
for - - - 113!

Assize (Clerk of), in Ireland, regulating
the Office of - Cap. *54 of Bread, altering and amend-
ing 59 G. 3. concerning - 50
Assizes, regulating the Attendance of
Jurors at, in certain cases 46
Attornies, indemnity Act for - 5

— amending several Acts for

the Regulation of - 46
explaining and amending

7G. 2. (I.), for regulating the
Payment of the Fees of - *17

Bank of England, providing for the
Resumption of Cash Payments
by - - - - 26

of Ireland providing for the

Resumption of Cash Payments
by - - - - *27 establishing Agree-
ment with, for advancing
500,000/. Irish Currency; and
empowering the Governor and
Company of, to enlarge the
Stock of the said Bank to
3,000,000/. - m - *72
Bankrupts (fraudulent), in Ireland,
Punishment of, abolished, and
other Punishments imposed in
lieu thereof - - *40
(Commissioners of), repeal-

ing 5 G. % requiring their Meet-
ings to be held at Guildhall,
and for building Offices for
their Meetings; and for the
more regular Transaction of the
Business in Bankruptcy 115

Beer, altering Laws imposing certain
Excise Duties on - 22

Bills of Exchange, regulating the Ac-
ceptance of - - 78

Boatmen, preventing Frauds and De-

predations by, on Merchants,
Ship Owners and Underwriters
Cap. 75 & 76
Bounties on Silk Manufactures ex-
ported, granting - 11

— extending to Ireland

*101 |

» on the Deep Sea British

White Herring Fishery, repeal-
ing - - - - 79

. on Stuffs made of Silk and

Mohair, or of Mohair and
Worsted - 91

Bread, altering and amending 59 G. 3.
regulating the Assize of - 50

Capital Punishment of privately stealing
in Shops, &c, in Ireland, abo-
lished, and other Punishments
imposed in lieu thereof *34
of fraudulent Bank-
rupts, in Ireland, abolished, and
other Punishments imposed in
lieu thereof - - *40

Cash Payments by the Banks of Engr
land and Ireland, making further
Provision for the gradual Re-
sumption of - 26 & *27

Caversham (Oxon), amending 1 G. 4.
enabling Wm. Blackall Simonds
Esq. to sell or mortgage his
Interest in the Impropriate Rec-
tory of, free from the Claims of
the Crown - - - 86

Charitable Purposes, authorizing the
Exchange of Lands, &c. subject
to Trusts for, for other Lands,
&c. - - 92

Cinque Ports, for preventing Frauds
and Depredations by Boatmen
and others in the Jurisdiction
of - - - - 76

Clarence (His Royal Highness the Duke
of), enabling His Majesty to
make further Provision for 119

Coals, used in the Mines and Smelting
Works of Cornwall and Devon,
extending the Drawbacks on,
and allowing a Drawback on the
Duties on Coals used in drain-
ing Coal Mines in the County
of Pembroke » - 67

repealing so much of several

Acts to prevent the excessive

Prices of Coals, as relates ttf
Coal Yards, established at the
Public Expence, in Dublin and
Cork - - Cap. *68

Coasting Trade, amending several Acts
concerning 97

Cochineal, free Importation of, per-
mitted 14?

Common Pleas (Court of), in Ireland,
regulating Proceedings in *53

Consolidated Fund arising in Great
Britain, continuing 59 G. 3. for
rendering available for Public
Service - . - - 95

Conway Bridge, appropriating Money
for building - - 35

Corn, Grain, Meal and Flour, repealing
several Acts regulating the Im-
portation and Exportation of,
and making further Provisions
in lieu thereof - - 87

Cotton Manufactures, continuing
23 G. 3. for the more effectual
Encouragement of - 12

Cotton Manufactures, removing Doubts
concerning the Allowances of
Duty paid on Irish Starch, im-
ported for and consumed in
preparing - 29

County Rates, explaining and amend-
ing several Acts relative to the
assessing, &c. of - 85

Courts of Justice. See Admiralty,
Common Pleas, Exchequer,
King's Bench, Session, Teinds.

Criminals (Lunatic), in Ireland, pro-
viding for the Custody of *33

Customs, Collectors of, in Ireland;
authorized to bring to Account
the Proceeds of Goods sold un-
der the Provisions of the Ware-
housing Acts - *103

(discharged Officers of), the

Commissioners of the Treasury
enabled to make a limited Pro-
vision for «■ - 116

Debtors (Insolvent), in Ireland, Relief
of - - - *59

Distillers of Spirits for Home Con-
sumption in Scotland; allow-
ing a Portion of the Duty
on Malt consumed by them,
&c. 82

Dividends of Lunatics residing out of
England, authorizing the Pay-
ment of - - Cap. 15

Draining Tiles, exempted from Duty


Dublin, continuing 50 G. 3. for the
better Management of the
Foundling Hospital at *117
Duties on Horses, continuing several
Acts for reducing 20 & 110
- Malt, Sugar, Tobacco, Snuff,

Foreign Spirits and Sweets;
and on Pensions, Offices and
Personal Estates, continuing
annual 3
■■■■ Merchandize imported into
Great Britain and Ireland, from
the East Indies, continuing
several Acts for imposing, and
increasing the Duties on Sugar
imported - - 106

Spirits, made in New South

Wales, empowering Governor of
that Colony to levy - 8
. Spirits (British) imported

into certain Parts of the District
ofLisburne - - 96
■■ Starch (Irish) imported into

Great Britain for the Cotton
and Flax Manufactures, re-
moving Doubts concerning the
Allowances of - 29
Wood and Timber, (certain

Exchequer (Court of), in Ireland, regu-
lating Proceedings in the Pleas
or Common Law Side of

Cap. *53



Commissioners for issu

ing,for carrying on Public Works
and Fisheries and Employment
of the Poor, empowered to
extend the time for Payment of
certain Advances - 111
Excise, continuing certain Excise
Laws relating to Crown Glass,
and to Flint and Phial Glass,
and to alter certain Laws con-
cerning Flint Glass - 13

• Laws concerning warehoused
Goods, amending - 105

- Duties on Beer and Ale,
altering and amending certain
Excise Laws, imposing 22

• Duties on Hops exported to
Foreign Parts - 100

- Duties on Tobacco, better
securing - - - 109

Exportation of Acetous Acid, altering
Drawback on - - 102
of certain Goods from

Sort? of,) imported, repealing
some, and imposing other Duties
and Drawbacks in lieu thereof

East India Company, regulating the
Appropriation of unclaimed
Shares of Prize Money, belong
ing to Soldiers or Seamen in the
Service of - - - 61
regulating Trade

to and from Places within the
Limits of the Charter of 65
- continuingDuties

on Merchandize imported from,
and increasing those on East
India Sugar - - 106
Election of Members of Parliament
. for Ireland, regulating the Ex
pences of *58
Exchange (Bills of), regulating the
Acceptance of - 78

1 & 2 Geo. IV.

Great Britain to Ireland, and
from Ireland to Great Britain,
permitting by Cocket, Certi-
ficate, Let Pass or Transire 19

of Hops to foreign Parts,

regulating - - - 100
of Stuffs made of Silk

and Mohair, or of Mohair and
Worsted, granting Bounty on


_ of Silk Manufactures,

granting Bounty on - 11
Extended to Ireland - *101

Fees of Attornies and Solicitors in
Ireland, explaining and amend-
ing 7 G. 2., for regulating the
Payment of - - *17

(Gaol), in Ireland, Abolition of


Flax Manufacture, continuing 23 G. 3.
for the more effectual En-
couragement of - - 12

Flax Manufacture, removing Doubts,
concerning the Allowances of
O o Duty

Duty paid on Irish Starch im
ported for - Cap. 29

Flint Glass, altering certain Excise
Laws concerning - 13

Foundling Hospital at Dublin, con-
tinuing 50 G. 3. for the better
Management of - *117

Frauds on Merchants, Ship Owners
and Underwriters, for prevent-
ing - - - 75 & 76

Funded Debt, providing for the Charge
of the Addition to - 108

Funds in Ireland, permitting Transfers
of, to certain Funds in Great
Britain, for Three Years 73

Fur Trade of North America, regu-
lating - - - 66

Furnaces of Steam Engines, abating
the Nuisances of - 41

Gaol Fees, Abolition of 77
Glass, continuing and altering certain
Excise Laws with regard to 13
Grain. See Corn.

Grampound, (Borough,) indemnifying
Persons giving Evidence on the
Bill for disfranchising - 21

■ for disfran-
chising, and enabling the County
of York to send Two additional
Members to Parliament 47

Greenwich Hospital, Governors of, en-
abled to continue providing for
the Payment of Out Pensioners


Guernsey (Island of), regulating the
Importation of Rum into 94

Holyhead and London, improving the
Roads between - 30

Hops, regulating the Exportation of,
to Foreign Parts, and allowing
a Drawback of the Excise Duty
paid thereon - - 100

Horses, continuing several Acts for re-
ducing the Duties on - . 20

■ repealing the Duties on Hus-

bandry Horses, and making per-
petual several Acts for reducing
the Duties on Horses and Mules


House of Commons, excluding certain
Persons holding Judicial Offices
in Ireland, - - *44

Importation of Buck Wheat, granting
Duties on - Cap. 11

—— Cochineal and Indigo,
permitted free 14

* certain Articles into, and

Re-exportation thereof from,
certain Ports in Nova Scotia
and New Brunswick, making
perpetual 58 G. 2. for permit-
ting - 7

. Rum, regulating, into

the Isles of Jersey, Guernsey,
Alderney and Sark - 94
certain Sorts of Wood

and Timber, repealing Duties
on, and granting others 37

and Exportation of Corn,

Grain, Meal and Flour, repeal-
ing several Acts regulating and
making further Provisions in lieu
thereof - , - - 87
Inclosure Act (General), amending 23
Indemnity Act, annual - 5
Indentures of Apprenticeship, declaring
certain valid - - - 32
Indigo, free Importation of, permitted 14
Innkeepers, Rates to, for quartering
the Army - - 25

Insolvent Debtors, in Ireland, Relief of


Interest, in Ireland, explaining Acts
for reducing the Rate of 51

Isle of Man, allowing a greater Quan-
tity of Sugar to be imported
into - - - 104

Jersey (Island), regulating the Import-
ation of Rum into - 94

Judges Registrar, in Ireland, regulating
the Office of - - *54

Jurors, regulating the Attendance of, at
the Assizes, in certain cases 46

Justices of the Peace, amending 28 G. 3.
enabling, to act in certain cases
out of the Limits of their re-
spective Counties - 63

in and near the Metropolis, for

the more effectual Administra-
tion of the Office of - 118

King, enabling to make Provision for
Her Majesty the Queen - 1

enabling to make further Pro-
vision for His Royal Highness
the Duke of Clarence 119

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