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E have paid $225.00 for this chance to talk to you and realize the importance of saying something "worth while" and which will prove of value to us both. As you will consult the World Almanac for a year, here is a message for each season.

Spring: In the seed business this means from January to June, but get
your order in early. Write for our Catalog (illustrated above: and
ready in January). When you get it study the Illustrated Contents in
the front. It is full of good advice. You will be glad to see that we

have done a lot of your thinking for you.

Summer: This is vacation time for city people, but it is "busy season"
for gardens. We issue "a little monthly talk about gardens" to those
who ask for it. Your free subscription can begin whenever you wish.
Write for a few back copies and see if you think them likely to prove

Fall: Bulbs, bulbs, and then more bulbs should be your thought in the
fall. Our Bulb Catalog is easily the most useful published, because-but
ask for it and see. It is usually ready in August: but we will put your
name down for a copy now. Shall we?

Winter: There are a lot of things to do for a garden in getting ready for
winter. We are planning a book about this. You can have a copy any
time after September 1st. It will prove a genuine surprise. Shall we
enter your name for one?

If you will send us ten cents we will forward you a package of
our African Daisy Hybrids, in many beautiful colors. This is
the most attractive novelty in recent years.* It will be well
worth the money; and our catalog will come with it. Write today.

We would like to say a lot more about this beautiful flower. But better send for the seed, and you will say it for yourself when it blooms.


(110 years in business in New York)

33 Barclay Street, through to 38 Park Place, New York

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