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Without a second, or without a uige
Truth would you teach or save anaing land
All fear, none aid you, ani lew understand
Painful preeminence! yourself to vien
Above life's weakness, and is comiats 100.

Bring then these blessings 10 a strict account:
Make fair deductions: see to what they mount:
How much of other each is sure to cust;
How each for other oft is wholly lusti
How inconsistent greater sous with these :
Hor sometimes lie is riskid. and always ease:
Think, and it still the things thy envy call.
Say; vould'st thou be the inan to whom thes fall?
To sigh for ribbands it thou art so silly.
Mark how they grace Lord Umbra, or Sir Billy
Is yellow dirt ihe passion of thy lite?
Look but on Gripus, or on Gripus' wife.
If parts allure thee, think how Bacon shined
The wisest, brightest, meanest of mankini:
Or ravish'd with the whistling of a name,
See Cromwell damnd to everlasting fame!
If all, united, thy ambition call,
From ancient storv, learn to scorn them all.
There, in the richi the honord, famed. and great.
See the false scale of happiness complete!
In hearts of kings, or arms of queens who lay,
How happy! those to ruin, these betray.
Vark by what wretched steps their glory grows,
From dirt and sea-iveed as proud Venice rose ;
In each how guilt and greatness equal ran,
And all that raised the hero sunk the man :
Now Europe's laurels on their bron's beholti,
But stain'd with blood, or ill exchang'd for gold :
Then see them broke with toils, or sunk in ease,
Or infamous for plunderd provinces.
O wealth ill-fated! which no act of fame
E’er taught to shine, or sanctified from shame!
What greater bliss attends their close of life?
Some greely minion, or imperious wife,
The irophied arches, storied halls invade,
And haunt their slumbers in the pompous shade.
Alas! not dazzled with their noon-tide ray,
Compute the morn and evening to the day ;



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