The Life and Voyages of Americus Vespucius: With Illustrations Concerning the Navigator, and the Discovery of the New World

Baker & Scribner, 1846 - 431 Seiten

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Seite 169 - Incessant labouring round the stormy Cape, — By bold ambition led, and bolder thirst Of gold. For then from ancient gloom emerged...
Seite 401 - The love of Christ constraineth us, because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead; and that He died for all, that they who live, should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto Him who died for them, and rose again.
Seite 81 - Is there any one so foolish," he asks, " as to believe that there are antipodes with their feet opposite to ours ; people who walk with their heels upward, and their heads hanging down ? That there is a part of the world in which all things are topsyturvy : where the trees grow with their branches downward, and where it rains, hails and snows upward ? The idea of the roundness of the earth...
Seite 397 - PEEP of DAY ; or, a Series of the Earliest Religious Instruction the Infant Mind is capable of receiving. With Verses illustrative of the Subjects.
Seite 404 - Taylor, the reader will see chiefly "an illustration of the work of the Holy Spirit in awakening, renewing, and sanctifying the heart.
Seite 403 - ... feels in the narrative, and driving away the profitable reflections which it suggests to the mind. It is very seldom that we meet with a book so entirely free from blemishes of this kind, as the one before us. It is the simple portrait of an amiable, enlightened, and devotedly pious Christian, drawn by a most judicious and faithful hand. The young Christian who is just commencing his course, and whose temptations and trials are sometimes leading him to despondency, will read this book with thankfulness...
Seite 400 - Wilderness," is one of the most beautiful sketches in our language. It is in every respect a finished production — a picture complete in all its parts, that for a time captivates the affections, enchains the powers of the mind, and fills the soul with the most exalted conceptions. The Church is represented, under the various circumstances of her earthly allotment, leaning on the arm of her Beloved, and deriving all her strength from this unfailing source. The chastened but glowing fancy, elegance...
Seite 404 - ... example of Christian experience and practice, unsophisticated by any of the dogmas of scholastic divinity. Mrs. Taylor was an humble, sincere, fervent, and consistent Christian, in sickness and in health, living and dying, exemplifying the truth, power, and preciousness of our holy religion. Intellectually, she was a woman of high order ; and her early and devoted piety, her patience and resignation in affliction, her victory over death, all demonstrate that she was a witness of the washing and...
Seite 404 - James, ------.--25 COUNSELS TO THE YOUNG, by Rev. A. Alexander, DD, 25 SELF CULTIVATION, by Tryon Edwards, - - 25 EARLY PIETY, by Rev. Jacob Abbott, 25 THE CHRISTIAN POCKET COMPANION, selected from the works of President Edwards and others, 25 The above four vols.
Seite 404 - In these days of degeneracy, her memoir is a most timely publication, showing, as it does, an eminent example of Christian experience and practice, unsophisticated by any of the dogmas of scholastic divinity.

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