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This is a handsome edition of the work of the great American Commentator, whose portrait and a sketch of whose life appear in this number of the LAW TIMES. It appears as part of the “Text Book Series,” which is published monthly by the Blackstone Publishing Company, at $15 per year. Appended to this volume are the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States.

Speaking of this work, the author says:

“Subsequent to the last edition issued under supervision of the author, important changes have occurred. Of the international questions by him so thoroughly discussed, some, arising anew from the peaceful intercourse and hostile conflicts of sovereign powers, have received further consideration and more authoritative decision. Within the nation still greater changes have taken place. In addition to the gradual progress of national progression, the country has recently been subjected to a great political revolution, whose causes may have passed into history, but whose effects are appearing in constitutional and legislative provision. Aside from this, the fabric of national and State legislation, which, at the author's death, had been reared upon the underlying principles of our legal system, has been extensively altered and increased; while the decisions by whose light he was guided, have been multiplied a thousand fold. Read without frequent reference to these changes, his work, originally remarkable for its fullness of treatment, would be inadequate to the exposition of American law."

The deficiency here adverted to the author supplies by notes, which add much to the value of the work.

TENURE AND TOIL; OR RIGHTS AND WRONGS OF PROPERTY AND LABOR. BY JOHN GIBBONS, LL.D., OF THE CHICAGO BAR. PHILADELPHIA: J. B. LIPPENCOTT COMPANY. 1888.This is a well-written book upon an important subject. The subject itself has been well considered and treated in an exhaustive manner.

Some idea of the scope of the work may be formed from the headings of its principal divisions :

Book I. The Right of Property and the History of Tenures.
Book II. The Origin, Growth, and Decadence of Feudal Tenures.
Book III. The Right of Property and the Stability of Tenures.
Book IV. Labor; its Wrongs and their Remedies.
Book V. Limitation of Ownership and Prohibition of Trusts.
Book VI. Distribution of Population and Division of Property.

The author devotes some of the chapters of the first book to Dr. Glynn, and two chapters of the third book to the fallacies of George's Land Tax theory, and to George's self refutation.

Discussing, as it does, in a calm and thoughtful manner, the great problem of the day, this work deserves to be extensively read and studied.

A TREATISE ON THE LAW AND PRACTICE OF FORECLOSING MORTGAGES ON REAL PROPERTY, AND OF REMEDIES COLLATERAL THERETO. WITH FORMS. BY CHARLES HASTINGS WILTSIE, OF THE ROCHESTER BAR. ROCHESTER, N. Y., WILLIAMSON LAW BOOK COMPANY, SUCCESSORS TO WILLIAMSON AND HIGBIE; 1889.—This work is published in a single volume of over a thousand pages. It is stated in the preface that it is not a second edition of the author's first treatise on "Parties to Mortgage Foreclosures and their Rights and Liabilities,” but that it is distinctively a new treatise; covering every part of the law and practice of foreclosing mortgages, from the complaint, through the distribution of surplus moneys, and including such collateral remedies as the appointment of a receiver.

"It is adapted to the practice of every State in the Union, and especially of those States where foreclosures are conducted by equitable actions and sales. Over eight thousand cases have been cited; about one-third of these have been taken from the reports of the State of New York. Every case cited has been tested and examined three different times, with a view to making the work accurate in details, as well as exhaustive, and as far as possible original."

Acknowledgment is made to James M. Kerr, Esq., (who will be recognized as a contributor to the LAW TIMES), for assistance in preparing a large part of the work; without whose assistance the author says, it would hardly have been possible to prepare the book with that exhaustive ness, completeness and accuracy by which it is characterized.

LAWYER'S REPORTS, ANNOTATED. BOOK III. ALL CURRENT CASES OF GENERAL VALUE AND IMPORTANCE DECIDED IN THE UNITED STATES, STATE AND TERRITORIAL COURTS; WITH FULL ANNOTATION, BY ROBERT DESTY, Editor. EDMUND H. SMITH, Reporter. Burdet A. Rich, Editor in Chief of the United States and General Digests, and the several Reporters and Judges of each Court, Assistants in Selection. Rochester, N. Y. The Lawyer's Co-Operative Publishing Company. 1889.

We have heretofore had occasion to call attention to the value of these reports. This volume is improved in mechanical execution, while in other respects it is presumed to be not inferior to its predecessors.

In the “Current Comment and Legal Miscellany," published in Philadelphia, is a very good sketch and portrait of our lamented and distinguished fellow citizen, Leonard Swett; but one may look the article through in vain for any evidence that he ever lived in Chicago, a place not once mentioned.

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