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Mark you, now: Again the law
On defendant placed its paw,
Like a hand of iron mail,
And re-socked him into jail—
Which said jail, while so corraled,
He by sockage-tenure held.

Then the court met, and they tried
Lewis up and down each side,
On the good old-fashioned plan:
But the jury cleared the man.

Now, you think that this strange case
Ends at just about this place.
Nay, not so. Again the law
On defendant placed its paw—
This time takes him "round the cape
For affecting an escape; .
He, unable to give bail,
Goes reluctantly to jail.

Lewis, tried for this last act,
Makes a special plea of fact.
“Wrongly did they me arrest,
“As my trial did attest,
“And while rightfully at large.
“Taken on a wrongful charge,
“I took back from them what they
“From me wrongly took away.”

When this plea was heard,
Thereupon the state demurred.

The defendant then was pained
When the court was heard to say
In a cold impassive way,
“The demurrer is sustained.”

Back to jail did Lewis go,
But as liberty was dear,
He appeals, and now is here,
To reverse the judge below.
The opinion will contain
All the statements that remain.


As a matter, sir. of fact.

Who was injured by our act,
Any property or man? -
Point it out, sir, if you can.

Can you seize us when at large
On a baseless trumped-up charge,
And if we scape, then say
It is crime to get away—
When we rightfully regained
What was wrongfully obtained?

Please-the-court sir, what is crime?
What is right and what is wrong?
Is our freedom but a song—
Or the subject of a rhyme?


When the State, that is to say
We, take liberty away—
When the padlock and the hasp
Leaves one helpless in our grasp,
It's unlawful then that he
Even dreams of liberty.

Wicked dreams, that may in time
Grow and ripen into crime.

Crime of dark and damning shape:
Then, if he perchance escape,
Evermore remorse will roll
O'er his shattered, sin-sick soul.


Please-the-court sir, if it's sin.
Where does turpitude begin?

opnion of THE COURT, PER CURIAyr.

We don't make law. We are bound
To interpret it as found.
The defendant broke away;
When arrested, he should stay.

This appeal can't be maintained
For the record does not show
Error in the court below,
And we nothing can infer;

Let the judgment be sustained.
All the justices concur.


Of the sheriff, rise and sing
Glory to our earthly king.

LAwYERS REPORTS, ANNOTATEL. ALL CURRENT CASES OF GENERA). VALUE AND IMPORTANCE DECIDFD IN THE UNITED STATES, STATE AND TERRITORIAL COURTS; WITH FULL ANNOTATION BY ROBERT DESTY, ED1ToI. EDMUND H. SMITH, REPORTER. Rocii ESTER, N. Y., THE LAwYERs CO-OPERATIVE PUBLISHING COMPANY. 1SS9.—We have 'received Book 2 of this work, which, in mechanical execution is equal if not superior to its predecessors, while in other respects it is presumably not inferior. This book comprises the first quarter of 18S9, and has a complete index, besides a resumé of the decisions, arranged according to subjects, under the following heads: Governmental and Political Relations. Commercial Relations. Contractual Relations. Fiduciary Relations. Domestic Relations. Social Relations. Property and Property Rights and Remédies. Damages for Torts. Criminal Law.

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BEFor E AND AT TRIAL.-W HAT SHOUL1, BE DONE BY COUNSEL, SolicitoR AND CLIENT. By Richard HARRIs, Author of “Hints on Advocacy." “Illustrations in Advocacy,” “Farmer Bumbkin's Law Suit," etc., etc., etc First American (from the second English) Edition. BY JAMES M. KERit. Editor American and English Railroad Cases: American and English Corporation Cases: Benjamin on Sales, etc. For sale by Williamson Law Book Co. (Successors to Williamson and Higbee), Rochester, N. Y.

This is a handsomely printed volume of 400 octavo pages. We have received it too late for more than a mere mention in this number. We may have occasion to say more about it. hereafter.

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