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On the Desert. A Narrative of

Travel from Egypt through the Wilderness of Sinai to Palestine. By HENRY M. FIELD, D.D., New York. Author's Edition. With 16 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. Price 4s.

Caxon FARKAR says of this work :"I found it so interesting that I could not lay it doren till I had finished it."

MR. SPURGEON pronounces this "a book of the first order."

The Land of Greece. Described

and Illustrated. By CHARLES HENRY HANSON, Author of "The Siege of Troy, and the Wanderings of Ulysses,” etc. With 44 Illustrations. Imperial 8vo, cloth extra. Price Ss.

In this handsome volume, the present condition of the "historical localities" and ruins of Greece is well described, along with interesting sketches of their past history. The book will be found

us ful alike by teachers and students. In the Holy Land. By Rev. An

DREW THOMSON, D.D., F.R.S.E., Minister of Broughton Place Church, Edinburgh. With 18 Engravings. New Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. Price 4s.

The aim of the author has been to record such customs among the people, or to ob. serve such features in the scenery of the Holy Land, as shall be found to shed new

or increased light upon the Word of God. Kane's Arctic Explorations : The

Second Grinnel® Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin. With a Chart and 60 Woodcuts. Crown 8vo, cloth extra 4s.

Dr. Kane and his party, on the search for Franklin, were three years in the Arctic Regions. They had finally to abandon their ships, and escaped in boats and sledges. The narrative is a record of heroic endurance and courage,

and of proridential deliverances. Mountains and Mountain Climb

ing. Records of Adventure and Enterprise among the Famous Mountains of the World. Ву the Author of “The Arctic World Illustrated," etc. With 33 Engravings. Post 8vo, cl. ex. 4s.

A delightful record of mountaineering adrentures and experiences in all regions of the globe, with many beautiful illustrations.

Egypt Past and Present. De

scribed and Illustrated. With a Narrative of its Occupation by the British, and of Recent Events in the Soudan. By W. H. DAVENPORT ADAMS. With 100 Illustrations, and Portrait of General Gordon. Post Svo, cloth extra. Price 3s. 6d.

In this rolume are brought together the principal facts in connection with the history and monuments of Egypt. The illustrations are from authentic sources,

The Mountain. By Jrles MICHE

LET, Author of "The Bird,” etc. With 17 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. Price 4s.

A volume of graphic scord-pictures, along with beautiful engravings, of the most striking features of mountain senery, including glaciers, lakes, forests, the Alpine flora, ete. The scenes described lie mostly among the Swiss and Italian Alps, but there are also glimpses of the Tropics, and the mountains of Arctic ice.

Maury's Physical Geography of

the Sea. With 13 Charts and Diagrams. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. Price 4s.

A book of scientific information in Ti. gard to ocean depths, currents, tempera. ture, winds, etc.


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