Railway Locomotives and Cars, Band 6

Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corporation, 1838

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Seite 154 - And they said, Go to, let us build us a city, and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven ; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
Seite 42 - ... distribution of the different members of the apparatus into one cooperative body, in impelling each organ with its appropriate delicacy and speed, and above all, in training human beings to renounce their desultory habits of work, and to identify themselves with the unvarying regularity of the complex automation.
Seite 23 - Be it known that I, John Fitch, of Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia, the State of Pennsylvania, have invented a new and improved mode of preventing...
Seite 43 - By the infirmity of human nature it happens, that the more skilful the workman, the more self-willed and intractable he is apt to become, and, of course, the less fit a component of a mechanical system, in which, by occasional irregularities, he may do great damage to the whole.
Seite 42 - I conceive that this title, in its strictest sense, involves the idea of a vast automaton, composed of various mechanical and intellectual organs, acting in uninterrupted concert for the production of a common object, all of them being subordinated to a self-regulated moving force.
Seite 44 - ... with any of the said elementary parts after a short probation, and may be transferred from one to another, on any emergency, at the discretion of the master, Such translations are utterly at variance with the old practice of the division of labour...
Seite 43 - On the contrary, wherever a process requires peculiar dexterity and steadiness of hand, it is withdrawn as soon as possible from the cunning workman, who is prone to irregularities of many kinds, and it is placed in charge of a peculiar mechanism, so selfregulating, that a child may superintend it.
Seite 181 - I perceived that he imagined the presence of sulphur in the air to be the cause of blast furnaces working irregularly, and making bad iron in the summer months. Subsequently to this conversation, which had in some measure directed my thoughts to the subject of...
Seite 40 - MANUFACTURE is a word, which, in the vicissitude of language, has come to signify the reverse of its intrinsic meaning, for it now denotes every extensive product of art, which is made by machinery, with little or no aid of the human hand ; so that the most perfect manufacture is that which dispenses entirely with manual labour.
Seite 58 - ... the bays, lakes, rivers, or other navigable waters of the United States, from and after the said first day of October, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight ; without having first obtained, from the proper officer, a license under the existing laws, and without having complied with the conditions imposed by this act ; and for each and every violation of this section, the owner or owners of said vessel shall forfeit and pay to the United States the sum of five hundred dollars...

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