The British Theatre; Or, A Collection of Plays: Which are Acted at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane, Covent Garden, and Haymarket ...

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1808

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Seite 8 - I am not insensible of the dangers that must attend such a journey. Trusting, however, in the protection of that kind Providence which has hitherto preserved me, I calmly and cheerfully commit myself to the disposal of unerring wisdom. Should it please God to cut off my life in the prosecution of this design, let not my conduct be uncandidly imputed to rashness or enthusiasm, but to a serious, deliberate conviction that I am pursuing the path of duty ; and to a sincere desire of being made an instrument...
Seite 21 - Robt. [to Mr. PLACID]. Sir, I shall be happy in your acquaintance; and I assure you, if you will do me the honour to meet me now and then at this house, you will find every thing very pleasant. I verily believe, that since I lost my wife, which is now about five months ago, I verily believe I have dined here three days out of the seven.
Seite 43 - The prisoner is your subject. There, misery, more contagious than disease, preys on the lives of hundreds: sentenced but to confinement, their doom is death. Immured in damp and dreary vaults, they daily perish; and who can tell but that, among...
Seite 41 - I heard the news in the fields—always have paper and a pencil about me, and composed the whole forty lines crossing the meadows and the park in my way home. [reads.] Oh Muse, ascend the forked mount. And lofty strains prepare, About a Baron and a Count, Who went to hunt the hare. The hare she ran with utmost speed, And sad, and anxious looks, Because the furious hounds indeed, Were near to her, gadzooks.
Seite 28 - The savage makes his fellow-savage welcome; divides with him his homely fare; gives him the best apartment his hut affords, and tries to hush those griefs that are confided in his bosom — While in this civilized city, among my own countrymen, even among my brother officers in the army, and many of my nearest relations, so very civilized they are, I could not take the liberty to enter under one roof, without a ceremonious invitation, and that they will not give me. I may leave my card at their door,...
Seite 66 - Oh, my dear Miss Wooburn — What! Sir Robert here too ! [Goes to Sir ROBERT and shakes hands] How do you do, Sir Robert? Who would have thought of seeing you here ? I am glad to see you though, with all my heart; and so I dare say is Miss Wooburn, though she may not like to say so. Miss Woo.
Seite 43 - To show my gratitude for your compliance with the request I have just made you, [Goes to a Table in the Library.] here is the bond by which I am empowered to seize on the greatest part of his estates in right of you : take the bond into your own possession, till your next husband demands it of you ; and, by the time you have called him husband for a few weeks, this tenderness, or delicacy, to Sir Robert, will be worn away. Enter HARMONY, hastily.
Seite 16 - But one trifle you forgot, which was, the certificate of my birth from the church-book.—You know in this country there is nothing to be done without it. At the time of parting from you, I little thought it could be of that consequence to me which I have since found it would have been. Once I became tired of a soldier's life, and in the hope I should obtain my discharge, offered myself to a master to learn a profession; but his question was, "Where is your certificate from the church-book of the...
Seite 41 - Do you mean, then, to ask his consent ? Har. Not absolutely his consent; but I will insinuate the subject to him, and obtain his approbation in a manner suitable to my own satisfaction.
Seite 32 - Baron. Believe me, this burthen presses on my thoughts so much, that many nights I go without sleep. A man is sometimes tempted to commit such depravity when young.—Oh, Anhalt!

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