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Eave O my soul this baser World below,

O leave this dolefull dungeon of wo,
And soare aloft co that supernal reft
That makech all the Saints and Angels bleft:

Lo there the God-heads radiant throne

Like to ten thousand Suns in one !
Lo there thy Saviour dear in glory dight
Ador'd of all the powers of Heavens bright:
Lo where that head char bled with chorny wound,
Shines ever with celeftial honor crownd:

Thar hand that held the Icornfull reed
Makcs all the fiends infernall dread.

That back and side that ran with bloody ftreams Daunt Angels eyes with their majestick bcames; Those feet

once fastened to the cursed tree Trample on death and hell, in glorious glec.

Those lips once drench' withgall do make
With their dread doom the world to quake.

Behold those joyes thou never canft behold;
Those precious gates of peari,those Streets of gold,
Those streams of Life, those trees of Paradise
That never can be seen by niortal eyes :

And when thou seest this state divinc,
Think that it is or fhall be thinc.

See there the happy troups of pureft sprights
That live above in endlets true delights ;
And see where once thy self fhalt ranged be,
And look and long for immortalitie :

And now before-hand help to sing
Allelujahs to Heavens King.


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Books printed for, and to be sold by, Jokx Crouk, at

the Sign of the Ship in St Pauls Church-yard, Nnales veteris & novi Termenti, A viro Reverend. Facolo uflerio Archiepisco Armachano.

Folio. The Annals of the old and New Testament, with the Synchronismus of Heathen story to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, by James usher D.D. Arch-Bishop of Armagh and Primate of Irelard.

Folio. The Antiquities of Warwikeshire illustrated & beautified with. Maps, prospects, and puurtractures, by william Dugdale.

Folio. Hymens Preludia or Loves Malter piece being the gth. and 10th., parts of Cleopatra.

Folio. The History of this Iron Age; wherein is set down the Original of all the wars and contmotions, that have happened from the year of God 1500.Illuftrated with the figures of the most Renowned parfouis of this Time.

Folio. The History of the great and renowned Monarchy of China. Fol. The holy History,containing excellent observations on the Remarkable passages of thc old Testamenr, written Originally in French by N. Carfsins.1. and now rendred into English by à Person of Honour. 4.

Ejusdem de textus hebraici Veteris Teftamenti variantibus Lcctionibus ad Lodovicum Capellum Epistola.

Quarto, ufferii de 70. Interpretum versione syntagma. Quarto. Montagues Miscellanea Spiritualia.

4. fecond part. A Treatise of Gavelkind both name and thing, shewing the true Esynology, and derivation of the one, the nature, antiquity, and Orig:nal of the other, by william Sonner.

Qua rto The Holy Life of Mounfier de Renty a late noble man of France. 8.

Certain discourses viz. of Bałylon the present See of Rome, of laying on of hands, of the old forme of words in Ordination, of a fet forme of praver, being the judgment of the Late Arch-Bishop of Armagh and Primate of Ireland by N. Bernard, D. D. Octavo.

The Character of England with reflections upon Gallus Caftratus.

The French Gardiner,instructing how to cultivate all sorts of Fruirtrecs, with directions to dry and conserve them in their natural. An accomplished peice illustrated with sculpture. By wbum also all minner of Books are to be fold brought from begond the Seas.


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