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Moft Excellent MAIESTY.

May it please your Majeftić,

Here needs no propheticall Spirit to difcern by a small Cloud, that there is a storm comming towards our Church, such a one, as Mall

not only drench onr plumes, but shake our peace. Already do we see the Skie thicken, and hear the winds whistle hollow afarr off, and feel all the Presages of a Tempest, which the late example of our Neighbours bids us fear. It boots not to perswade your Majesty to betake your self te your Chariot, to outride the Showre, fince your gracious compassion would not be wil. ling to put off the sense of a common evill: Rather let me take boldness to implore your Majesties seasonable prevention : Only the powerfull breath of your Soveraign authority can dispell these Clouds, and clear our Heaven, and reduce an happy Calme. In the mean time give leave to your well meaning Servants, to contribute their best wishes to the common Tranquillity. I see every Man ready to ranke himself unto a sides and to draw in the quarrel be affe&teth : I see no Man thrusting himself between them, and either holding, or joyning their hands for peace : This good ( however thankless.) Rr 2



office I have here boldly undertaken, shewing how injustly we are divided, and by what means may be made, and kept entire. A proje&t (which if it may receive life, and light from your gracious eyes, and shall by your Royall command be drawn into Speedy practise ) promiseth to free this noble and flourishing Church fronz a perilous inconvenience. Let it be no disparagement to so important a motion, that it falls from so mean a hand, then which, yet none can be more syncerely consecrated to the service of your Majesty and this Cburch, the mutuall happiness of both which, is dearer then life to

Your Majefties moft humble,

and faithful devoted Subject

and Servant




First Article




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must receive Gods

I wahtsoever

hitsoever God, mises in such wise as

who is the God they be generally set forth to us

of truth, hath inin holy Scriptures, and in our

gaged himself by doings, that will of God is to

promise to do, be followed, which we have ex- the fame he undoubtedly hath prefsely declared unto us in the willed, and will accordingly Word of God.

perform. Artic. of the Chu. 17.

2. There is no Son of Adam, to whom God hath not promi

fed, that, if he shall believe in Eft generalis, & conditionata Christ, repent, and persevere, voluntas, sen generalis promisio E- he shall be saved. vangelica,&c. docens promisfiones divinas foc ample&tendas esse, ut 80- 3. This generall, and unbis in facris literis generaliter pro« doubted will of God, must be pofitæ funt.

equally proclaimed to all Men

through the World without exD. Overal. de 5. Artic. in Bel- ception, and ought to be so regio controverfis. Art. 1.

ceived, and believed, as it is by him published, and revealed.

Eft quidem decretum hoc annuntiativum salutis omnibus ex æquo,

Gindifcriminatim promulgandum. Theol. Britan, Derdrac. in A&tis Synodi in I befibus heterodox. Ther. 1.


Tles. 5.

Gratiam communem & fufficien


All Men (within the Pale tem in mediis divinitus ordinatis, of the Church especially) have fi homines verbo Dei Spirituique from the mercy of God such Sancto deeffe noluerint,c,

common helps towards this beD. Overal. Artic. I.

lief, and Salvation, as that the

negleet thereof makes any of In Ecclesia, ubi juxta promiffum chem justly guilty of their own boc Evangelii, Salus omnibus offer- condemnation. tur, ea est administratio gratiæ quæ Sufficit ad convincendos omnes im- 5. Befides the generall will pænitentes incredulos, quod fra of God, he hath eternally wilCulpa voluntaria

, vel neglektu, led, and decreed to give a specizel contenipt« Evangelii perierint, all, and effcctuall grace to those, í oblatum beneficium amiserint. that are predestinate according Theel. Britan, Dordrac. de Art, 2. to the good pleasure of his will,

whereby they do actually be

lieve, obey, and persevere, chat Deinde in fecundo loco, ut fuc- they may be saved : so as the curreret bumanæ infirmitaii, úc. fame God, that would have all coluile addere Specialem gratiam Men to be saved, if they be

magis efficacem abundantem,qui- lieve, and be not wanting to his i bus placuerit communicandam, per Spirit, hach decreed to work

quam non folum poffint, fed etiam powerfully in lome, whom he aztu zelint, credant, obediant G hath particularly chosen, that perfecerent. D. Overal. Art. 1. they shall believe, and not be

wanting to his Spirit in whatloHe hach constantly decreed ever shall be necessary for their by his Counsel secret to us, to de- falvation. liver from curse and damnation those whom he hath chosen in 6. It is not the prevision of Christ out of Mankinde, and to faich or any other grace, or ad bring them by Christ to everlast- of Man, whereupon this deing lalvation, as Veflels made to crec of God is grounded, but honour ; wherefore they which the mecr, and gracious good be called according to Gods pur- will, and pleasure of God from posc by his Spirit working in all crernity appointing to fave them in duc season, they through those, whom he hath chofen it


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