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Ot out of a vain affe&ation of my own Glory, which I know how little it can avail

when I am gone hence; but out of a

sincere desire to give glory to my God, (whose wonderful Providence I have noted in all my wayes ), have I recorded some remarkable passages of my fore-past life: what I have done is worthy of no

thing, but silence and forgetfulness ; but what God hath done for me, is worthy of everlasting and thankfull Memory.

I was born Julii 1. 1574. at five of the clock in the Morning, in Bristow-Park, within the Parish of Abby de la Zonch, a Town in Leicester-sbire, of honest and well allowed Parentage : my Father was an Officer under that truly Honourable and Religious, Henry Earlof Huntingdon, President of the North, and under him had the Government of that Market Town, wherein the chief Seat of that Earldome is placed ; My Mother Winifride, of the House of the Bambridges, was a woman of that rare San&ity, that (were it not for my Interest in Nature,) I durft say, that neither Aleth, the mother of that just Honour of Clareval; nor Monica, nor any other of those pious Matrons, antiently famous for Devotion, need to difdain her admittance to comparison; She was continually exercised with the affli&tion of a weak Body, and oft of a wounded Spirit, the Agonies whereof, as she would oft recount with much paflion ; profelling that the greatest bodily ficknesses were but Flea-bites to chose Scorpions, fo from them all, at laft she found an happyand comfortable deliverance, and that not with out a more then ordinary hand of God; For on a time being in great distress of Conscience, she thought in her Dream, there ftood by her a grave Personage, in the Gown, and other Habits of a Phyfitian, who enquiring of her estate, and receiving a sad and que.


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