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8 OCT 85

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HIS Book, like the Fifth, consists of extracts from Standard

Authors, with the exception of lessons on such subjects as Thrift and Temperance, which have been specially

written to meet a felt want. In the preparation of the book, the aim has been not only to introduce the pupil to some of our best authors, but to supply a bright, varied, and useful course of reading.

Poetry Lessons specially intended for Recitation are marked with an asterisk in the list of contents.

The Lessons have been furnished with copious spelling Lists and explanatory Notes; also with exercises on the use of prefixes and affixes, on the analysis of sentences, and in composition. A complete list for revisal of the more difficult words in the book will be found at the end.

The Publishers beg to thank Messrs Longman for permission to use the lessons on ‘Travelling in the Seventeenth Century,' and the 'Progress of Civilisation,' from Macaulay's History of England ; Messrs Macmillan for the lesson on the 'Two Breaths,' by C. Kingsley; Messrs Smith, Elder, & Co. for lesson on “ The Virginians, by Thackeray ; Messrs Routledge for ‘Charge of the Light Brigade,' by W. H. Russell ; Messrs Geo. Bell & Sons for lesson on the ‘Art of Discouragement,' by Sir A. Helps ; Mr Murray for lesson on 'The Laplanders,' by Lord Dufferin; and Messrs Ward & Lock for the use of ‘Song of the Shirt.'

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