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October 1812.

Portrait of Field-Marshal his R. H. the Duke of York, K. G. 3: K.B.

Map of Purt of North Holland.


Forfeiture of Honor by breach of

Parole ............. 55


On the Guerilla troops ..... - 58

His Royal Highness the Duke of York 71
Major-General Robert Crawford - - 18 An account of a recruiting Depôt to

be formed at Sierra Leone and

CAMPAIGNS in the PENINSULA 23 Goree for the enlistment of Men

of Colour, for the completion and

POETICAL ESSAYS on MILITARY augmentation of the West Iodia


regiments -.... ... 61

Extracts from the “Battle of Albu | List of Consolidated Depots, with the

era," by the Author of the “ Bat-

names and rank of officers com-

tles of the Danube and Barrosa," 28 || manding them -..-...- 62

The Battle of Albuera, by Wm. T. Portuguese Army ---...--- 69

Fitzgerald, Esq. ........ 36 Allowance made to officers who are

permitted to provide their own Pas-

MILITARY CORRESPONDENCE. sages, and join their Regiments on

Letter the 1st, of Instructions to Of-

command at home or abroad - - 63.

ficers, Civil and Military, going out Desertions from the French Army - 64

to Lisbon, or on Foreign Service 38 Prisoners in France ........ 64

Letter the 2d Do. Do. 40 Major-General - Crawford's aecount

Letter the 3d Do. Do. 12 of the action near Almeida - - - 65

On the present Mode of paying the

Staff .....:-.--..- 45 || General Orders, Army Regulations,

A plan for raising immediately a corps Circulars, and Courts Martial - . 68

of Sharp Shooters - ....... 49

On the frequency of Soldiers' Mar GAZETTES- Military and Naval
riages, and Children of private

Dispatches from the 1st of Sept.

Soldiers ............ 52 | 1812 -.---......... 84

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