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The second trumpet effected by Alarick's taking Rome, and by his and Ataulphus's plundering the said City and its territories, and beginning A. D. 410. ver. 8, 9.

The third trumpet reaching from A. D. 442. to A. D. 452. effected by the Huns ravaging, under Attila, the Roman Empire, ver. 10, II.

The fourth trumpet reaching from A. D. 4542 to A. D. 476. effected by the fall of the Western Empire, Chap. viii. ver. 12.

The warning of the three woes, in relation to the three last trumpets ; in order to fhew the dreadfulness of then, ver. 13.

The fifth trumpet from A. D. 612, to A. D. 762. effected by the incursious of the impoftor Mahomet and the Saracens, upon the Roman Empire in the East and West, Chap. ix, X. 1-12.

The sixth trumpet, whose effects are,

1. The destruction of the Eastern Empire by the Ottomans, from A. D. 1356, to A. D. 1453, or A. D. 1460, ver, 13. to the end of the Chapter.

II. The reformation of the Church begun by Luther, A. D. 1517. Chap. x.

An Episode, Soewing the state of the Churcb during its second general period ; together with an account of the fall of the Eastern Church, Chap. xi. ver. 1-14

The seventh trumpet ; of whose effects there is forft given a summary view. Then follows

A Digression, giving,
I. A full account of the chief enemies of the
Church in her first general period, Chap. xii. to
ver. J. of Chap. xiii. And then,

II. A full account of the chief enemies of the
Church in ber second general period ; describing
first, ten Monarsbies arising out of the ruins of the
Roman Empire, which being corrupted, main-



tain idolatry, and persecute the true worshippers, Chap. xiii. ver. I-10.

And then describing, secondly, the corrupted Clergy setting idolatry under two heads --- the Bishops of Rome and Constantinople, Chap. xiii. ver. II. to the end of the Chapter.

III. Shewing some remarkable acts of Christ against the enemies of bis Church in her first general period, Chap. xiv. ver. 1-8. And,

Containing a warning to the Church against the false worsbip which wou'd be by her enemies set up in her second general period ; together with an encouragement to be faithful unto death, ver. 9-13.

IV. Shewing the several remarkable judgments to be inflicted upon the corrupted Christians in the second general period of the Church, and before the founding of the seventh trumpet.

The said judgments are, 1. The judgment of the harvest, ver. 14-16.

2. The judgment of the vintage, ver. 17. to the end of the Chapter.

3. The seven last plagues or chastisements; being religious judgments to be brought upon the corrupted Christians, arising merely from, and upon the account of their corruptions, and having their effect from within themselves : And in rclation to these plagues there is first given,

A general account of them, Chap. xv. and ver. i. of Chap. xvi.

And then a particular one, Chap. xvi.

The first plague upon the corrupted Church, the curie of wickedness, upon the account of the introduction of the worship of saints and images,

ver. 2.

The second plague, the first crusades in the pretended holy war for the recovery of the holy land, Chap. xyi. ver. 3. JANUARY 1731.



The third plague, the latter crusades for the said purpose, ver. 4.

An epipbonema upon plague two and three, ver. 57.

The fourth plague, the wars between the Popes and the Emperors of Germany, ver. 8, 9.

The fifth plague, the expulsion of the Eastern Emperors from their capital city by the Latins ; the expulsion of the Western Emperors from Rome and Italy; and the schisms in the West and East, ver. 10, II.

The sixth plague, the depopulation of the Grecian Empire by civil wars, introductory to the fall of that Empire, ver. 12.

An episode, discovering the chief agents in the Anti-christian Church, ver. 13-16.

The seventh plague, to the corrupted Church, the reformation of the Churcb by Luther, ver. 17. to the end of the Chapter.

V. The last part of the digression is the description and condemnation of Rome, the capital city of the idolatrous Church, Chap. xviii.

The way being thus prepard,

The effects of the seventh trumpet consider'd as the last woe upon the Anti-christian party, are next set forth.

And these are,

1. The utter destruction of Rome, and the lamentation of her mourners, Chap. xviii.

2. The joyful state of the reformed Churches upon that destruction, Chap. xix. ver. 1-4.

3. The conversion of the Jews, and fulness of the Gentiles, Chap. xix. ver. 5-10.

4. The extirpation of tyranny and idolatry in all the Romilh dominions, ver. 11. to the end of the Chapter.

5. The power of the Devil roftrain’d for a thousand years, Chap. xx. ver. 1-3.

After this, in relation to the second great part, or vision, follows,

Fourthly, The events belonging to the third general period of the Church, or to the Church in its triumphant state, viz.

1. The millenium, or the thousand year's reign of the saints on earth, during the time of Satan's restraint : Or,

The first resurrection the resurrection of the Martyrs and their reign for the said time without any interruption, ver. 4-6.

2. Satan loosed from his restraint ; and the last attempt, and the utter destruction of all the enemies of Christ, ver. 7-10.

3. The general refurrection and judgment, ver. 11. to the end of the Chapter.

After this follows, 1. A general description of the new Jerusalem, the metropolis of the triumphant Kingdom of Christ, Chap. xxi. ver. 1-8.

And then, 2. A particular description of the said city ; with an account of the persons who are to enter into it, or to dwell therein, ver. 9. to the end of the Chapter.

3. An account of the manner of the life of the inbabitants of the said city, Chap. xxii. ver. 1–5.

And then lastly follows, The epilogue, or confirmation of the whole prophecy, ver. 6. to the end.

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SERMONS on several Subje&ts, being the

continuation of the pofthumous Works of Samuel Clarke, D. D. late Rector of St. James's Westminster, published from the Author's MSS. by John Clarke, D.D. Dean of Sarum. Printed for James and John Knapton in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1730. Vol. V, VI, VII, and VIII.

S we have in a preceeding State of the Re

publick of Letters for July, 1730, given our readers the particular Subje&ts and Texts, which the learned Dr. Clarke chose to preach upon ; and at that time promis'd to give an account of the others, included in the fix volumes, as soon as they shou'd be printed off ; we therefore shall now do the like for the four volumes lately publishid.

SERMONS contain'd in Vol. V.

SERM, I. Of the miraculous birth of Christ.

(Preach'd on Christmas day.) Matt. i. 22, 23. Now all this was done, that it

might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying ; Behold, a virgin sball be with child and mall bring forth a son, and


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