The poetical works of William M'Comb, Band 99

Hamlton, Adams, & Company, 1864 - 399 Seiten

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Seite 110 - I asked an inhabitant whether those children belonged to that part of the town, and lamented their misery and idleness. Ah ! sir...
Seite 110 - Ah ! sir, said the woman to whom I was speaking, could you take a view of this part of the town on a Sunday, you would be shocked indeed, for then the street is filled with multitudes of these wretches, who, released on that day from employment, spend their time in noise and riot, playing at chuck...
Seite 107 - With a smile of ineffable delight, such as gives fresh beauty to an angel's countenance, the mystic form replies—' Dost thou remember little ELIZABETH, who was in yonder world a Sunday Scholar in thy class ? Dost thou recollect the child who wept as thou talkedst to her of sin, and directed her to the cross of the dying Redeemer ? God smiled with approbation upon thy effort, and by his own Spirit sealed the impression upon her heart in characters never to be effaced.
Seite 109 - Knowst thou th' importance of a soul immortal ? Behold this midnight glory : worlds on worlds ! Amazing pomp! redouble this amaze ; Ten thousand add ; add twice ten thousand more; Then weigh the whole; one soul out-weighs them all, And calls th' astonishing magnificence Of unintelligent creation poor.
Seite 152 - I cannot but hope, that some new mortification of the chief supporters of Antichrist will then happen, and perhaps the French Monarchy may begin to be considerably humbled about that time: that whereas the present French King takes the sun for his emblem, and this for his motto, Nee pluribus impar...
Seite 110 - ... and cursing and swearing in a manner so horrid, as to convey to any serious mind an idea of hell rather than any other place.
Seite 120 - The report of the success of this school soon spread over the country, and in many places the illiterate adults began to call for instruction. In one county, after a public address had been delivered to them on...
Seite 111 - I could wish you were here to make enquiry into the effect. A woman who lives in a lane where I had fixed a school told me some time ago, that the place was quite a heaven upon Sundays, compared to what it used to be.
Seite 107 - Providence removed her from beneath thy care, before the fruit of thy labour was visible. The seed, however, had taken root, and it was the business of another to water what thou didst sow. Cherished by the influence of heaven, the plant of religion flourished in her heart, and shed its fragrance upon her character. Piety, after guarding her from the snares of youth, cheered her amidst the accumulated trials of an afflicted life, supported her amidst the agonies of her last conflict...
Seite 152 - But yet we are not to imagine, that this vial will totally destroy the papacy (though it will exceedingly weaken it) ; for we find this still in being, and alive, when the next vial is poured out.

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