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Over 10, 000 Prize Questions and Answers, Bible Enigmas, Acrostics, Quotations, Facts, and

Statistics, with many valuable

Ready Reference Tables,
WITH KEY, including Blackboard or Slate Illustrations, Bible

Studies. Concert Fxercises, and Prayer Meeting outlines,
designed to incite in old and young a greater desire to

"Search the Scriptures."-JOHN V. 89.




This collection of treasures, new and old, is the grand summary of a large experience in devising methods and incentives to interest chilären and those of older growth in Bible study. It contains only such questions or exercises as are founded upon the Bible and answered in it, and such as would excite in tho mind of Bible readers and seekers after truth a curiosity to know how, when, where and under wbat circumstances they occurred.

To secure these, a vast range of Biblical literature has been searched, and the leisure hours and painstaking labor of many years have been devoted to the undertaking.

“An ingenious help and a pleasant guide to an acquaintance with the Bible."-Christian at Work.

In one large 12mo volume, 806 pages. Price, $2.00. E. B. TREAT, Publisher, 771 Broadway.


By Rev. HOLLIS READ, A.M., Late Missionary of the American Board to India; author of “God in History;" “India and its People," etc.

REVISED EDITION. The author has here given the character, influence, and power of Satan, with historical outlines of his work in the abuse and perversion of every good, as shown in the ruinous effects of the apostacy in the affairs of the world, from Adam's fall, through Bible times, the early Church, the Middle Ages, to the present day.

Here are illustrated the misuse and abuse of Learning, Science, Wealth, Honors, Civil and Social Positions, the Press, Ambition, Poetry, and Song; Customs and Fashions, and all the vast resources of Nature and Art, contributing, when rightly used, to man's highest and best interest.

These are substantiated by facts and figures and thrilling incidents the more awful because true, making up a volume of unusual interest to the scholar and gen. eral reader, “not fictitious, yet stranger than fiction."

Rev. Theo. L. Cuyler, D.D., of Brooklyn, says: The chapter on the ravages and ruin of strong drink is alone worth the price of the book. A vast deal of valuable information can be got from Mr. Read's ingenious compilation of facts from the dark side of human history. It is a suggestive book for ministers and Sunday-school teachers. Crown Octavo Volume, 510 Pages, Reduced

from $3.00 to $2.00. E. B. TREAT, Publisher, 771 Broadway, N. Y.

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“Behold (LUKE 2-10)I bring you GLAD TIDINGS of great joy, which shall be to all people."



PRAYER MEETING TALKS, Entitled Glad Tidings delivered in New York from verbatim reports revised and corrected, with full Index to Anecdotes and Illustrations, in. cluding the life and labors of D. L. Moody.

This volume is issued in compliance with the numerous and repeated reqnests for the publication in a permanent and popular form of Mr. Moody's Addresses at the Hippodrome, in this city. The reports (from stenographic notes) have been carefully revised and corrected, and are believed to constitute the only complete and adequate publicatior. of Mr. Moody's Sermons, either in this country or England. - The New York Daily Tribune.

Moody is a power without being peculiar. He is straight and plain, like the way to Heaven which he preaches.Cincinnati Journal and Messenger.

They are the fullest and best reports that have been made.- New York Observer.

It will prove a treasure in every Christian home.- Newa York Christian Advocate.

504 12mo pages, extra cloth, $1.50. This series of Sermons are issued in 3 Volumes and are uni.

form in style and entirely different in subiects and matter. Glad Tidings, Moody's New York Sermons, 504 pp. $1.50. Great Joy, Moody's Chicago Sermons, 544 pages, $1.50. To all People, Moody's Boston Sermons, 508 pages, 1.50.

Introduction by Rev. Joseph Cook, of Boston. E. B. TREAT, Publisher, 771 Broadway, New York.



A Popular Treatise on the Functions and Diseases of Woman: with the most Approved Hygienic and Medical Treatment.

Member of the New York County Medical Society, &c.



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My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.' Hosea iv., 6.

Its Object is to give information pertaining to the different phases of woman's life, as girl, maiden, wife, and mother by correcting evils and abuses and indicating in plain common-sense language what to do and how to đo it in promoting health, prolonging life, and treating disease, by suggesting remedies adapted to their home treatment.

:;It is the privilege of every woman to know these things and not depend on others or grope in darkness and mystery to be followed by its attendant sorrows and misèvres,

. The most : delicate topics are discussed with such chasteness of language that it cannot offend the most fastidious. No information has been given or illustration. introduced; for the purpose of panderiog to a: perverted: taste or corrupt imagination.

This book is offered to the public. in the confident. belief that it will be found much superior to any similar works yet published.

Dr J. G. Holland, Author, and late Editor of Cen. tury Magazine, wrote the Author concerning the first edition:

Toys popular treatise, “Woman's Hand-Book in Health arid Disease" is remarkably well adapted to popular use" antt usefulness. Such a book, I am sure, cannot be too widely disseminated among those for whom it is designed. -400 pages, 65 illustrations in a supplementary pocket...

[Price, $2.00. AGENTS WANTED. Copies sent by mail on receipt of price. E:B.TREAT, Publisher, 771 Broadway, New York.

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By JOHN ESTEN COOKE, of Va. Formerly of Gen. Stuart's STAFF, Author of “Surry, of Eagle's

Nest," "Life of Stonewall Jackson," Life of “Gen. Lee," &c.

The design of this work is to present a graphic and picturesque view of some of the striking scenes and personages of the late war in the South-adventures of the writer, narratives of scouts, elaborate personal portraits of STUART, HAMPTON, ASHBY, MOSBY and other Confederate celebrities, with anecdotes and details. The author's position on the staff of Gen. Stuart gave him an opportunity of seeing and knowing personally the men of whom he writes; of witnessing some of the most striking scenes of the war-and of these he speaks as an eye witness and participant, and not as one compiling facts from books.

In one handsome octavo volume of 600 pages, illustrated with steel portraits and battle scenes, from original designs. Substantial Cloth Binding, $4, PriceReduced to $2.75. WANTES E. B. TREAT, Pub. 771 Broadway, N. Y.

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