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Seite 402 - That no contract for the sale of any goods, wares, and merchandise, for the price of ten pounds sterling or upwards, shall be allowed to be good, except the buyer shall accept part of the goods so sold, and actually receive the same...
Seite 54 - Foreigners who are, or who may hereafter become bona fide residents of this State, shall enjoy the same rights in respect to the possession, enjoyment, and inheritance of property, as native born citizens.
Seite 516 - The books of every such corporation containing the accounts shall, at all reasonable times, be open for the inspection of any of the stockholders, and...
Seite 516 - ... of capital, and of the proportion, actually paid in, and the amount of its existing debts, which report shall be signed by the president and a majority of the directors...
Seite 638 - An act to authorize the formation of corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical or chemical purposes.
Seite 169 - Frauds, provides, inter alia, that no action shall be brought to charge any person upon any contract or sale of lands or any interest in or concerning them...
Seite 516 - The stock of every such corporation shall be deemed personal property, and be transferred only on the books of such corporation, in such form...
Seite 403 - When the mines form part of the general inheritance, they will, of course, be transferred along with the lands without being expressly mentioned in the conveyance ; but when they form a distinct possession or inheritance, a title to them must be established, without reference to the general title of the lands in which they are situated."—Bainbridge on Mines, p.
Seite 639 - If such treasurer shall neglect or refuse to comply with any of the provisions of this act, he shall forfeit and pay to the person presenting said written request the sum of fifty dollars, and the further sum of ten dollars for every twenty-four hours thereafter until such statement shall be furnished, to be sued for and recovered in any court having cognizance thereof.
Seite 101 - ... was converted, in lieu of horsehair, into a barrister's wig. The process followed to effect this extraordinary tenuity consists of heating the iron, and passing it through rollers of eight inches diameter, going at the rate of four hundred revolutions per minute, down to No.

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