Annual Report of the Commissioner of Insurance of the State of Wisconsin

Reports for 1894-1914 have each pt. issued as separate vol.: pt. 1. Fire and marine insurance; pt. 2. Life and casualty insurance; 1897-1914, pt. 3. Local mutual fire insurance.

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Seite 1091 - ... no officer, agent, or representative shall have such power or be deemed or held to have waived such provisions or conditions unless such waiver, if any, shall be written upon or attached hereto, nor shall any privilege or permission affecting the insurance under this Policy exist or be claimed by the insured unless so written or attached.
Seite 1091 - This policy is made and accepted subject to the foregoing stipulations and conditions, together with such other provisions, agreements, or conditions as may be endorsed hereon or added hereto, and no officer, agent, or other representative of this company shall have power to waive any provision or condition of this policy except such as by the terms of this policy may be the subject...
Seite 1085 - All insurance companies or associations shall, upon the issue or renewal of any policy, attach to such policy, or indorse thereon, a true copy of any application or representation of the assured which, by the terms of such policy, are made a part thereof, or of the contract of insurance, or referred to therein, or which may in any manner affect the validity of siich policy.
Seite ix - In this state containing any provision limiting the amount to be paid in case of loss below the actual cash value of the property...
Seite 728 - State, city, county, or other taxes and assessments; commissions, brokerage and other charges due and to become due to agents and brokers, on premiums paid and in course of collection; return premiums and re-insurance 31 , 878 40 Total amount of all liabilities, except net surplus..
Seite 1087 - If fire occur the Insured shall give immediate notice of any loss thereby In writing to this company, protect the property from further damage, forthwith separate the damaged and undamaged personal property, put it in the best possible order, make a complete inventory of the same, stating the quantity and cost of each article and the amount claimed thereon...
Seite 1089 - ... as near as the same can be made applicable, conform to the type and form of the New York Standard Fire Insurance policy...
Seite 319 - All other demands against the company, absolute and contingent, due and to become due, admitted and contested, viz.
Seite 539 - In force on the 31st day of December of the preceding year — Written or renewed during the year Fire risks. Premiums. Total Deduct those expired and marked off as terminated. In force at the end of the year Deduct amount re-insured Net amount in force December 31, 1885.
Seite ix - ... maintain rates therein, and for them and such companies represented by them to enter into any lawful contract or agreement to so establish and maintain rates so made; provided, however, that all such schedules of rates shall at all reasonable times be open to the inspection of the assured. It is hereby made the duty of the commissioner of insurance of this State to enforce compliance...

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