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Seite 466 - Five Years of a Hunter's Life In the Far Interior of South Africa. With Notices of the Native Tribes, and Anecdotes of the Chase of the Lion, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, &c.
Seite 254 - This bust is the size of life, and under it is read the following inscription : — " O restos e imagen del grande Colon, mil siglos durad guardados en la urna. Y en la remembrancia de nuestra nacion.
Seite 466 - The Whale and his Captors, or The Whaleman's Adventures and the Whale's Biography, as gathered on the Homeward Cruise of the Commodore Preble.
Seite 466 - Fresh Gleanings; Or, a New Sheaf from the Old Fields of Continental Europe. By IK. MARVEL.
Seite 84 - ... representing historical subjects. The hall of the House of Representatives is in the second story of the south wing. Its form is semicircular ; it is ninety-six feet long and sixty feet high, and has a dome supported by twenty-four columns of native variegated marble, whose capitals are of Italian marble. The chair of the Speaker occupies, so to say, the centre of the chord of the arc, the members' seats radiate back from the chair to the massive pillars. Congress is not sitting now. The Senate...
Seite 70 - London dead. Much good, some ill, he did; so hope all's even, And that his soul thro
Seite 474 - ROSCOE, illustrated by Cruikshank. Smollett's Works : Roderic Random, with Illustrations by Cruikshank ; Humphrey Clinker, with a Memoir of the Author by THOMAS ROSCOE, with Illustrations by Cruikshank ; Adventures of Gil Bias, translated from the French of LE SAGE, with a Memoir of the Author, by T. ROSCOE, with Illustrations by Cruikshank. Georgia Scenes. With Original Illustrations. 12mo? Muslin, 90 cents. Scenes at Washington. A Story of the Last Generation. By a Citizen of Maryland 12mo, Paper,...
Seite 479 - These historical works by Mr. Abbott have so much merit for the interesting- style in which they are written, and the beauty of their mechanical execution, that we place them at the head of the more unpretending histories.
Seite 32 - Other travelers say what they please of them, I am determined not to be prejudiced, but to judge of them exactly as I find them ; and I shall most pertinaciously continue to praise them (if I see no good cause to alter my present humble opinion), and most especially for their obliging civility and...
Seite 256 - On passing the vessels of war in the harbor, they all paid the honors due to an admiral and captain-general of the navy. On arriving at the mole, the remains were met by the governor of the island, accompanied by the generals of the military staff. They were then conveyed, in the utmost pomp, to the cathedral. Masses, and the solemn ceremonies of the dead were performed by the bishop, and the mortal remains of Columbus were deposited in the wall on the right side of the grand altar, where they still...

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