Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, Band 91

D. Bottom, Superintendent of Public Print., 1896
Some vols. also contain reports of cases in the General Court of Virginia.

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Seite 196 - The general rule resulting from considerations as well of justice as of policy is that he who engages in the employment of another for the performance of specified duties and services, for compensation, takes upon himself the natural and ordinary risks and perils incident to the performance of such services, and, in legal presumption, the compensation is adjusted accordingly.
Seite 737 - ... of his vicinage, without whose unanimous consent he cannot be found guilty ; nor can he be compelled to give evidence against himself; that no man be deprived of his liberty except by the law of the land, or the judgment of his peers.
Seite 771 - No law shall embrace more than one object which shall be expressed in its title; nor shall any law be revived or amended with reference to its title, but the act revived or the section amended shall be re-enacted and published at length.
Seite 728 - That in all capital or criminal prosecutions a man hath a right to demand the cause and nature of his accusation, to be confronted with the accusers and witnesses, to call for evidence in his...
Seite 251 - To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said George Waid, Sr., and his heirs forever.
Seite 765 - Taxation shall be equal and uniform throughout the State, and all property, both real and personal, shall be taxed in proportion to its value, to be ascertained as directed by law. No one species of property, from which a tax may be collected, shall be taxed higher than any other species of property of equal value...
Seite 692 - The remedy must be plain; for if it be doubtful and obscure at law, equity will assert a jurisdiction. It must be adequate; for if at law it falls short of what the party is entitled to, that founds a jurisdiction in equity. And it must be complete; that is, it must attain the full end and justice of the case. It must reach the whole mischief, and secure the whole right of the party in a perfect manner, at the present time, and in the future; otherwise, equity will interfere and give such relief...
Seite 712 - The general principle in relation to contracts made in one place to be executed in another, is well settled. They are to be governed by the law of the place of performance, and if the interest allowed by the laws of the place of performance...
Seite 778 - ... except in pursuance of an appropriation by law; nor unless such payment be made within two years next after the passage of such appropriation act; and every such law making a new appropriation, or continuing or reviving an appropriation, shall distinctly specify the sum appropriated, and the object to which it is to be applied; and it shall not be sufficient for such law to refer to any other law to fix such sum.
Seite 547 - ... said circuit court for a new trial to be had in accordance with the views expressed in the said written opinion of the court.

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