Captains of Industry ...: A Book for Young Americans, Band 1

Houghton, Mifflin, 1884 - 399 Seiten

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Seite 393 - ... either in method or interest. If all the volumes of the series ["American Commonwealths"] come up to the level of this one — in interest, in broad tolerance of spirit, and in a thorough comprehension of what is best worth telling — a very great service will have been done to the reading public. True historic insight appears through all these pages, and an earnest desire to do all parties and religions perfect justice. The story of the settlement of Virginia is told in full. . . . It is made...
Seite 111 - No, I have outlived the generation with which mutual labors and perils begat mutual confidence and influence. This enterprise is for the young — for those who can follow it up, and bear it through to its consummation. " It shall have all my prayers, and these are the only weapons of an old man.
Seite 372 - I was thinking upon the engine at the time and had gone as far as the Herd's house when the idea came into my mind, that as steam was an elastic body it would rush into a vacuum, and if a communication...
Seite 388 - Mr. Scudder's biography of Webster is alike honorable to himself and its subject. Finely discriminating in all that relates to personal and intellectual character, scholarly and just in its literary criticisms, analyses, and estimates...
Seite 390 - Mr. Woodberry has contrived with vast labor to construct what must hereafter be called the authoritative biography of Poe, a biography which corrects all others, supplements all others, and supersedes all others. — The Critic (New York). The best life of Poe that has yet been written, and no better one is likely to be written hereafter. This is high praise, but it is deserved. Mr. Woodberry has spared no pains in exploring sources of information ; he has shown rare judgment and discretion in the...
Seite 383 - CARL SCHURZ. 2 vols. Patrick Henry. By MOSES COIT TYLER. Gouverneur Morris. By THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Martin Van Buren.
Seite 383 - JOHN QUINCY ADAMS By John T. Morse, Jr. ALEXANDER HAMILTON By Henry Cabot Lodge. JOHN C. CALHOUN By Dr. H. Von Hoist.
Seite 388 - HENRY D. THOREAU." Mr. Sanborn's book is thoroughly American and truly fascinating. Its literary skill is exceptionally good, and there is a racy flavor in its pages and an amount of exact knowledge of interesting people that one seldom meets with in current literature. Mr. Sanborn has done Thoreau's genius an imperishable service. — American Church Review (New York). Mr. Sanborn has written a careful book about a curious man, whom he has studied as impartially as possible ; whom he admires warmly...
Seite 390 - BENJAMIN FRANKLIN." One of the most interesting and instructive volumes of the series, overflowing with instructive matter concerning the Bostonian whose name is so closely identified with the history of Philadelphia, and, indeed, with that of the whole country as it existed in his day. The pictures which are given of the momentous period in which he lived are full of vigor, and betray an astonishing amount cf research in many directions.
Seite 383 - Thomas Jefferson. By JOHN T. MORSE, JR. Daniel Webster. By HENRY CABOT LODGE. Albert Gallatin. By JOHN AUSTIN STEVENS. James Madison.

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