Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel Manufacturers, Metallurgists, Mine Proprietors, Engineers, Shipbuilders, Scientists, Capitalists ..., Band 37

Perry Fairfax Nursey
Knight and Lacey, 1842

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Seite 590 - ... any new and original impression or ornament, or to be placed on any article of manufacture, the same being formed in marble or other material, or any new and useful pattern or print, or picture to be either worked into or worked on, or printed, or painted, or cast, or otherwise fixed on any article of manufacture...
Seite 590 - ... any new and original design for a manufacture, whether of metal or other material or materials, or any new and original design for the printing of woollen, silk, cotton, or other fabrics...
Seite 498 - When no unguent is interposed, the friction of any two surfaces (whether of quiescence or of motion) is directly proportional to the force with which they are pressed perpendicularly together ; so that for any two given surfaces of contact there is a constant ratio of the friction to the perpendicular pressure of the one surface upon the other.
Seite 488 - In all cases, even though the composition of the water seems to bring it within the conditions of safety, now stated, an attentive examination should be made of the water, after it has been running for a few days through the pipes. For it is not improbable that other...
Seite 343 - We are of opinion that if the result produced by such a combination is either a new article, or a better article, or a cheaper article to the public, than that produced before by the old method, that such combination is an invention or manufacture intended by the statute, and may well become the subject of a patent.
Seite 349 - ... to the health. But as it approaches the metropolis, it becomes loaded with a quantity of filth, which renders it disgusting to the senses, and improper to be employed in the preparation of food.
Seite 39 - In the new instrument the indication that it would make by drawing on a card, would be that of the difference subsisting between the plenum above, and the exhaustion beneath the piston of the engine, during its descent, and ascent, wherefore it would indicate on one card as much as two ordinary Indicators can do on two cards, if they are applied one to the top and the other to the bottom of the cylinder of the steam-engine; in that case each Indicator shows on its own card what the elastic force...
Seite 315 - ... texture. A large anchor, which had been in store for more than a century at Woolwich Dock-yard, and was supposed to be made of extremely good iron, had been recently tested as an experiment, and had broken instantly with a comparatively small strain; the fracture presented very large crystals. In this case, he believed the length of time which the anchor had remained in the same position had produced the same effects as magnetism and vibration. Mr. Lowe stated that at the gas-works under his...
Seite 476 - Strand, printer, for improvements in machinery used for printing with type, and in the construction of type for printing.
Seite 468 - The plate was gently warmed by passing a spirit lamp along its under surface; when cold, the plate was exposed to the vapour of mercury ; each piece had made its impression, but those made by the gold and the large medal were most distinct, not only was the disc marked, but the lettering on each was copied.

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